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hired by locals and both sides in the Ivorian Civil War as soldiers, to guard vehicles, direct traffic, or patrol religious sites. This success fed into the growth of Benkadi groups in all parts of Ivory Coast, as the civil war and fragile peace made local organisation of security much sought after. In Abidjan and Bouaké. Donzo Ton leaders opened security offices, trading not only on their northern successes, but on a public perception of special (even magical) abilities of Donzow. Unemployed men from around the country came to Korhogo and Odienné, home of Benkadi leadership, to be initiated into a Donzo Ton, and thus have access to work as well-paid security guards. for this paragraph, see Bassett, 2004 On 29 June 2007 rockets were fired at Soro's plane at the airport in Bouaké. The Fokker 100 carrying Prime Minister Soro, members of his delegation, and 20 journalists was taxiing on the runway after landing when it was targeted by rocket (rocket propelled grenade) and Kalashnikov (AK-47) fire. One rocket struck and exploded in the cabin, one missed, and a third bounced off the fuselage and did not detonate. ''Rocket hits Ivory Coast PM's plane, kills four'' Wikipedia:Bouaké


Kleine url http: atlanta virginia-highland Content?oid 1229110 newspaper Creative Loafing date January 27, 2001 VIrginia-Highland wrestled with traffic and parking issues. Apartments affordable to students became more difficult to find. In 2000, a spat among organizers and a shakeup in the organizing committee made local headlines. Michael Wall, "Will Va-Hi's Summerfest


spread far beyond the north. Donzow became a common sight in towns and on the roads of Ivory Coast. They were hired by locals and both sides in the Ivorian Civil War as soldiers, to guard vehicles, direct traffic, or patrol religious sites. This success fed into the growth of Benkadi groups in all parts of Ivory Coast, as the civil war and fragile peace made local organisation of security much sought after. In Abidjan and Bouaké. Donzo Ton leaders opened security offices, trading not only on their northern successes, but on a public perception of special (even magical) abilities of Donzow. Unemployed men from around the country came to Korhogo and Odienné, home of Benkadi leadership, to be initiated into a Donzo Ton, and thus have access to work as well-paid security guards. for this paragraph, see Bassett, 2004 While Donzow became guards for hire in the unstable years before the 2002–2005 Ivorian Civil War, their network became associated with northern groups who led the rebel forces. The Donzo Ton, viewed as saviours by some in the south, were also seen as unsophisticated throwbacks to a pre-modern era by many in cosmopolitan Abidjan. Hellweg, 2004 The transnational and northern source of the Donzo Ton were seen to conflict with the ethnic nationalism of Ivoirité which feared the presence of Burkinabé (Demographics of Burkina Faso) labourers and immigrants from Mali as not being "true" Ivorians. Politically, it was Rassemblement des Républicains (RDR) (Rally of the Republicans) politicians from the north who first entrusted the Donzow with policing duties, and the Donzo Ton leadership became associated with the RDR. Nationalist Presidents Henri Konan Bédié, and later Laurent Gbagbo, condemned these armed Benkadi groups as regressive, divisive and dangerous. Bassett 2004 It was not surprising, then, when the September 2002 coup began the civil war, northern forces included many identifiable Donzow. One rebel group, the Mouvement populaire ivoirien du Grand Ouest (MPIGO) (Ivorian Popular Movement of the Great West) was thought to be one-fifth Donzow. Western Ivorian rebels arrive in Togo to sign truce, raising peace hopes. Agence France-Presse (AFP), 12 January 2003. This participation, while earning the enmity of many in the south, has made leaders of the Donzo Ton Benkadi network powerful figures whose support has been sought by Prime Minister (and former rebel leader) Guillaume Soro's Patriotic Movement of Côte d'Ivoire. Kuruma Lansine, public head of the Benkadi has become a political leader for standing by and speaking for "the dozos". Côte d'Ivoire: American Embassy's National Daily Press Review, 28 December 2007, quotes the RDR paper ''Le Patriote'' reporting Soro's meetings with "Dozos" and their leaders re-affirming their support. On 5 July 2010, the fifth Airbus A330-300 entered into service. Brussels Airlines increased their frequency to Abidjan (up to 6 weekly) and added Accra, Cotonou, Ouagadougou and Lomé as new destinations. * On 19 September 1989 UTA flight 772 (UTA Flight 772), a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 (registration N54629)operating the Brazzaville-N'Djamena-Paris CDG sector, was bombed 46 minutes after take-off from N'Djamena causing the aircraft to crash while flying over Niger . All 156 passengers and 14 crew members on board perished. UTA 772: The forgotten flight McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 N54629 For nearly 20 years, this incident marked the deadliest air disaster involving a French-operated airliner, in terms of loss of life. As of June 2009, it ranks as the second-deadliest (see Air France flight 447 (Air France Flight 447)). * 23 November 1996: Hijackers forced Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961, bound from Mumbai and Addis Ababa to Abidjan through many stops (including Brazzaville), to crash into the Indian Ocean. *On 26 August 2009, an Antonov An-12 of Aero-Fret (registered TN-AIA (aircraft registration)) crashed on approach (2009 Aero-Fret Antonov An-12 crash). The flight had originated from Pointe Noire Airport. The five Ukrainian (Ukraine) crew and one Congolese passenger were killed. Commons:Category:Abidjan Wikipedia:Abidjan


have tighter transit cop brigades focused exclusively on protecting the mass transit lines. Again, all these agencies are supervised by the PSBs of higher level. Early life Bai was born in Chengdu, People's Republic of China in 1966. Her father, Bai Yuxiang (白玉祥), was a musician in the People's Liberation Army, and later a music teacher. Her mother, Chen Binbin (陈彬彬), was a dancer, stage actress, and a literature teacher in Sichuan University; Bai's maternal grandfather was a military officer of the Kuomintang army, and thus was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. In the early 1980s, Bai Ling's parents divorced, and later remarried. Her mother remarried to the writer Xu Chi (徐迟), renowned for his report titled ''Goldbach's Conjecture'', about Chinese mathematician Chen Jingrun. Bai Ling has one older sister Bai Jie (白洁), who works for the Chinese tax bureau, and a younger brother Bai Chen (白陈), who emigrated to Japan and works for an American company. On February 17, a PRC force of about 200,000 supported by 200 Type 59, Type 62, and Type 63 (Type 63 light tank) tanks from the PRC People's Liberation Army (PLA) entered northern Vietnam. – The Political History of Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979, and the Chinese Concept of Active Defense The Chinese force consisted of units from the Kunming Military Region (later abolished), Chengdu Military Region, Wuhan Military Region (later abolished) and Guangzhou Military Region, but commanded by the headquarters of Kunming Military Region on the western front and Guangzhou Military Region in the eastern front. Suppressing the rebellion In the spring of 225, after reaffirming Shu Han's alliance with Eastern Wu, Zhuge Liang personally led the Shu generals south from Chengdu to suppress the rebellion with full preparations. Wang Lian (王連) advised Zhuge Liang against personally participating in the campaign, but Zhuge was worried that his generals were not competent enough to deal with the rebels by themselves. Ma Su suggested to Zhuge Liang that the campaign should focus on psychological warfare rather than conventional warfare in order to ensure that the defeated rebels would not rebel again, a suggestion which Zhuge readily accepted. Starring in the television drama ''Don't be a Cry Baby'' with Japanese star Kyoko Fukada and performing two concerts in Fukuoka (Fukuoka, Fukuoka), Japan in 1999, Kelly increased her Japanese fanbase. She released a new album, ''Love of Colours'' which sold over 300,000 in Hong Kong from 9 December 1999 to 2000, and was the best selling album in 2000. She also won "The most popular female artist" in 1999 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation. Her albums sold over 230,000 in Hong Kong in 1999, the best selling female artist in Hong Kong. 2001:Kelly released her remix album ''Kelly BPM Dance Collection'' in March , which sold over 150,000 copies. She embarked on another world tour, the "Paisley Galaxy World Tour" (陳慧琳花花宇宙世界巡迴演唱會), which started out with one show in Singapore and two shows in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. (She broke the record of best-selling Hong Kong singers' concerts in Malaysia.) Kelly came to North America, where she performed concerts in Chicago, Atlantic City, Los Angeles and Toronto all as a part of her world tour in May. She later returned to China for a tour where she performed in Guangzhou, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing. She released a Mandarin album, ''Flying'' (飛吧), in August. The album was the among the top 20 best-selling albums in Taiwan in 2001. Kelly's movie ''Calmi Cuori Appassionati'' (冷靜與熱情之間), released in November, 2001, grossed more than 30 billion yen (HKD$220,000,000) in Japan. The film broke the pre-sale ticket record in Japan. The film was ranked as the 67th best-selling movie in history of the Japanese box office, it was ranked at 98th best-selling movie in 2006 in Japan's box office history. Kelly won "Asian Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Female Artist" at the 2001 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation. Campuses Sichuan University's three campuses are located in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. The older ''Wangjiang'' campus (望江) is in central Chengdu, adjacent to the Jinjiang River and its tributary the Jiang'an River. The nearby ''Huaxi'' (华西) Campus is the site of the medical school. The ''Jiang'an'' (江安) Campus was built in 2003 in Shuangliu County about 12.5 km away from the older campuses; it covers an area of about 4.7 km² and has total floorage of more than 2.7 million m². Deng Ai then carried out his own plan with his son Deng Zhong (Deng Zhong (Three Kingdoms)) and troops and it turned out to be a great success. They eventually managed to enter Chengdu, and the Shu emperor Liu Shan surrendered. Zhong Hui and Deng Ai faced little opposition from Shu Han's forces, whose strategy was to draw the Cao Wei forces in and then close on them—a strategy that backfired, as the Cao Wei forces, much quicker than expected, lept past Shu Han border cities and immediately onto the important Yang'an Pass (陽安關, in modern Hanzhong, Shaanxi), capturing it. Still, Jiang Wei was able to regroup and block off the Wei forces from further advances—until Deng Ai led his troops over a treacherous mountain pass, descending on Jiangyou (in modern Mianyang, Sichuan), defeating Zhuge Zhan and heading directly for the Shu capital, Chengdu. Surprised by Deng Ai's quick advances and believing that Jiang Wei would be unable to return fast enough to defend the capital against Deng Ai, the Shu Han emperor Liu Shan surrendered to Cao Wei. During the campaign, in light of the successes, Sima Zhao had the emperor Cao Huan bestow on him the title of the '''Duke of Jin''' and accepted the Nine Bestowments. Jiannan (劍南) Yi Prefecture (益州, roughly modern Chengdu, Sichuan) defend against Tufan and tribes to the south thumb right 250px Xuanzong with Consort Yang on a terrace with their attendants, by Japanese artist Kanō Eitoku (Image:Kano Eitoku 007.jpg) (1543–1590) In 755, Yang Guozhong further provoked An, who was then back at his post in Fanyang, by surrounding An's mansion at Chang'an and arresting and executing An's staff members. An, in fear and anger, rebelled in winter 755, and quickly reached and captured Luoyang after defeating Feng Changqing's undersupplied army. Subsequently, Emperor Xuanzong, believing in reports from the eunuch Bian Lingcheng (邊令誠) that Feng was cowardly and that Feng's superior Gao Xianzhi was corrupt, executed both Feng and Gao and replaced Gao with Geshu in defending Tong Pass from An's advances. An declared himself emperor of a new state of Yan (Yan (Anshi)) at Luoyang, but with Geshu defending Tong Pass, An's advances stalled, while Tang forces commanded by Li Guangbi and Guo Ziyi made advances against An-controlled territory north of the Yellow River. Meanwhile, though, Yang Guozhong, fearing that Geshu had designs against him, convinced Emperor Xuanzong to order Geshu to attack despite Geshu's warnings that doing so was risky. Geshu was subsequently defeated by An's forward commander Cui Qianyou (崔乾祐), and Tong Pass fell. With An's forces advancing on Chang'an, on 14 July 756, 兩千年中西曆轉換 Emperor Xuanzong, with Yang Guozhong suggesting that they flee to Jiannan Circuit, abandoned Chang'an and fled with Gao Lishi, Yang Guozhong, Wei, Li Heng, Consort Yang, and her family

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accessdate 30 July 2007 archiveurl http: web 20070724090049 http: Press_Releases from_the_jam from_the_jam2.htm archivedate 24 July 2007 The 1998 Accord was also assembled in New Zealand at the very end of overall CKD (Complete Knock Down) car production due to the abolition of import tariffs on built cars which made local assembly uneconomic. 1,200 examples of the car (the mid-sized U.S


writing systems (except Karelian, Veps, Ingrian, Votic and Ter Sami). Some were made local co-official languages. Southern Russia is lined with Turkic, Mongolian, and Tungusic language; the northern with Finnic and Samoyed tongues. The southwest corner has a variety of Caucasian languages; the northeast has a few Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages. However, a smattering of Russian is will greatly aid travellers no matter where they are. The Russian Orthodox religion is one of the oldest branches


W. editor2-last Rall editor3-first Alan S. editor3-last Nies editor4-first Palmer editor4-last Taylor title Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics chapter Local Anesthetics page 311 edition 8 publisher Pergamon Press location New York year 1990 isbn 0-08-040296-8 shortly after amylocaine, and is the oldest man-made local anesthetic still in clinical use for injection. R. Minard, "

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to Tito. Roberts (1973) (#Roberts_1973), pp. 138-144 The Germans, in the meantime, became worried by the Partisans' growing strength and made local arrangements with Chetnik groups, though not with Mihailović himself. According to Walter R. Roberts, there is "little doubt" that Mihailović was aware of these arrangements and that he might have regarded them as the lesser of two evils, his primary aim being to defeat the Partisans. #Roberts_1973

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