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in the Tavoliere delle Puglie, Lucera was the capital (capital city) of Capitanata and of the County of Molise from 1579 until 1806. Climate The city is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers, with extreme temperature changes during the day, and mild winters, although due to its proximity to the Daunian mountains the temperature can drop to values below Wikipedia:Lucera commons:Lucera



subtropical climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Cwa'') and is largely mild and humid. Winter is short, mild and dry, with a January average of . Rainfall is light in winter and can be heavy in summer, and more than 70% of the annual total occurs from


and imports through the city port, though on a much smaller scale as restoration is not yet totally complete, even though three decades have passed since the end of the war. Residents originally from Khorramshahr have also slowly been returning to the city, rebuilding their houses and businesses. Climate Khorramshahr has long, hot summers and mild, short winters. The mean temperature in summer is 35 degrees celsius, maximum temperature in summer could soar up to 48 degrees Celsius while


as the Jinsha River. Below Yibin, the Yangtze is known in Chinese as the ''Chang Jiang'' or "Long River." As with the rest of the Sichuan Basin, Yibin has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Cwa'') with high humidity year-round; winters are short and mild while summers long, hot, and humid. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from in July and August


is rare. Summers are long, hot and humid, with highs often exceeding . Rainfall is light in winter and can be heavy in summer, and more than 70% of the annual total occurs from May to September. The annual frost-free period across most of the prefecture lasts from 252 to 300 days, and there are only 1,100 hours of sunshine annually, which is not even 30% of the possible total.


. Education One of Annaba's most notable educational institutions is Annaba University. As of 2004, there are over 40,000 students enrolled. http

Trail, British Columbia

live music Thursdays in July and August. During long hot summer days, Gyro Park is extremely popular with locals and visitors to the area who enjoy a day at the beach. "The Onions" and other popular river currents that wind between the rocks on the East banks of the Columbia River, are a popular summer magnet for river activity

Paso Robles, California

of these two types of climates, but the primary climate is defined by long, hot, dry summers and brief, cool, sometimes rainy winters. Paso Robles enjoys long-lasting, mild autumns and occasional early springs, giving the region a unique climate suitable for growing a variety of crops (ranging from primarily grapes, to olives, to almonds and other tree nuts). The city receives an average annual rainfall of about 14.71 inches (374 mm) per year, and most of this precipitation falls


on in Chenghai District. The city is located at the mouths of the Han (Han River (Guangdong)), Rong (:zh:榕江 (广东)) ( ), and Lian Rivers. Climate Shantou has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Cfa''), with short, mild to warm winters, and long, hot, humid summers. Winter begins sunny and dry but becomes progressively wetter and cloudier. Spring is generally overcast, while summer brings the heaviest rains

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