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Longview, Washington

. A. Long High School , the Longview Public Library, the YMCA building and the Monticello Hotel (Monticello Hotel (Longview)). National Register of Historic Places A park, a bridge, and many buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, along with the Civic Center, that is a National Register Historic District. National Register of Historic Places listings in Cowlitz County, Washington NRHP listings for Longview - valign "top" *Berwind-Purcell House *Big Four Furniture Building – Built in 1924 for Lumberman's Bank. *Columbia Theater *First Christian Church *Lake Sacajawea Park *R. A. Long High School *Longview Bridge – Also known as the Lewis and Clark Bridge or Rainier Bridge. *Longview Civic Center Historic District valign "top" *Longview Community Church *Longview Community Church-Saint Helen's Addition *Longview Community Store *Longview Women's Clubhouse *Mills Building *Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building *Pounder Building valign "top" *Schumann Building *Sevier and Weed Building *J. D. Tennant House *Tyni Building *US Post Office – Longview Main *Washington Gas and Electric Building *Willard Building Government The city has 7 council members and a mayor as well as a city manager. -government Geography According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of headquarters 770 11th Ave. Longview (Longview, Washington), WA (Washington (U.S. state)) 98632 United States ISSN '''The Daily News''' is the primary newspaper of Longview (Longview, Washington), Kelso, Washington, and Cowlitz County, Washington. It is owned by Lee Enterprises, which acquired the newspaper with its 2002 purchase of Howard Publications. Howard, in turn, had purchased the paper in 1999 from Ted and John Natt, grandsons of John M. McClelland Sr., ending 76 years of McClelland-Natt family ownership. According to "R.A. Long's Planned City" by John McClelland Jr., McClelland Sr. purchased the paper, which began as a Long-Bell Lumber Company daily, from Robert A. Long, the lumber magnate and founder of Longview. Long founded both Longview and The Daily News in 1923. R. A. Long Robert A. Long (1850–1934) was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1873 Long moved to Columbus, Kansas and with a friend and a cousin, Victor Bell and Robert White, started a hay business. This was unsuccessful but there seemed to be a need for lumber so the three formed the R. A. Long & Company. After the death of Robert White the remaining two formed the Long-Bell Lumber Company in 1887 and the headquarters was moved to Kansas City. This was a very lucrative business and Long became a millionaire. His other milestones achieved were lumber baron, developer, investor, newspaper owner, town and city builder, being Longville, Louisiana and Longview, Washington, and philanthropist. In 1907 he built the R.A. Long Building, the first steel framed skyscraper, in Kansas City. The building was bought by City National Bank & Trust Company (UMB Financial Corporation) in 1940. Long was a founding member and president of the Liberty Memorial Association that secured funding for the memorial. James M. Kemper was treasurer as well as president of a bank. In 1911 he built Corinthian Hall, a 72 room mansion and in 1914 he built the Longview Farm.


flows through the town. History and construction The bridge which is in relatively good shape unites the two most important parishes in the town. The bridge is 140 meters long, high and has 12 visible arches. Although the bridge spanning the Minho (Minho River) in Ourense is longer and higher, this example of Roman (Roman Empire) architecture is even today a masterpiece of construction. '''Xinzo de Limia''' (elevation 620 metres; population of the concello 10,161 hab


; The Edmundston pulp mill is paired with a Twin Rivers Fraser Papers Progress Report 1980-Fraser's New off machine Blade coater Program paper mill directly across the Saint John River in Madawaska, Maine, one of only two such installation anywhere along the Canada–United States border through which liquified pulp slurry is piped. The pulp is shipped across the border through a mile-long high pressure pipeline (Pipeline transport) running


Plant is located north of the town. long high voltage line. File:Sisimiut-museum-colonial-manager-home.jpg thumb


Eskişehir-Ankara part of 533 km long High-speed train (High-speed rail) line from Istanbul (Turkey's largest metropolis) to Ankara (capital of Turkey) began. * – The Eskişehir-Ankara part

of 533 km long High-speed train (High-speed rail) line from Istanbul (Turkey's largest metropolis) via Eskişehir to Ankara (capital of Turkey), is expected to be opened in 2007 reducing the traveling time from 6–7 hours to 3 hours 10 minutes. * – The construction of a railway linking Turkey (Transport in Turkey), Georgia (Transport in Georgia (country)) and Transport in Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

594 km mi abbr on long high speed railway between Ankara and Izmir opens. * – The aging Hitachi


; Of this fortress there remains, after the earthquake of 29 February 1960, a restored long high wall that surrounds land that is not buildable. The view, however, is exceptional over the bay of Agadir and the ports. The old people of Agadir remember the famous "Moorish café" of the Casbah and its panoramic view. The hill bears the inscription in Arabic: "God, Country, King" which, like the walls, is illuminated at night. Old Talborjt Overlooking the waterfront and Wadi Tildi, this old district (whose name is sometimes spelled ''Talbordjt'') was once a shopping area and very lively with its large square where there was a weekly market, hotels, schools, mosque Talborjt 1930-1960 Wikipedia:Agadir commons:Agadir

Everett, Washington

Boeing's (Boeing) newest commercial aircraft, the 787 "Dreamliner" (w:Boeing 787), made its first test flight Tuesday in Everett, Washington (w:Everett, Washington) at 18:00 UTC. Boeing claims that the new 290+ seat wide-body (w:Wide-body aircraft), twin engine (w:Twinjet) jetliner is more fuel efficient than previous Boeing models.


is above Woodside station, on a high viaduct above Roosevelt Avenue. The station is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) wheelchair accessible, by means of elevator, escalator, and ramps. Platform and tracks This station has three 12-car long high-level platforms. The northern one, a side platform next to Track 1 of the Port Washington Branch, is generally used by westbound or Manhattan-bound trains. The central one, an island platform between Track 2 of the Port




''' ( ), is a 125 km-long high-speed railway line (high-speed rail) in the Netherlands to the Belgian (Belgium) border, with a branch to Breda. Together with the Belgian HSL 4 it forms the Schiphol–Antwerp high-speed railway. Originally scheduled to be in service by 2007, the first public operations began on September 7, 2009, after a ceremony on September 6.

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