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Sunbury, Pennsylvania

is a world-known roller coaster design and manufacturing firm and lists its contact address in Sunbury, though it is located outside of the city limits. Sunbury Motor Company is a family owned and operated company since 1915; it is on North 4th Street. Education thumb right 200 px Map of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Public School Districts (Image:Map of Northumberland County Pennsylvania School Districts.png) The local public school system is the Shikellamy School District

point increase from 303 points in August 2000. Residents have a selection of alternative schools. By law, the local public school must provide transportation to schools within of the borders of the school district at no charge to the student. 24 PS 17-1726-A Transportation to charter schools Parochial schools

the area and encouraged resettlement, which continued after the war. Brattan Caldwell and his family fled to Lancaster County and did not return to their land until after Sullivan's Expedition. Caldwell obtain legal rights to the land he has settled in 1784 following the second Treaty of Fort Stanwix. The local public school system is the Shikellamy School District, with administrative offices in nearby Sunbury (Sunbury, Pennsylvania). Shikellamy High School has a 78% graduation

Bracebridge, Ontario

Park, Stoneleigh, Uffington and Vankoughnet. Transportation thumb left 200px The Bracebridge Towne Express trolley, sponsored by Santa's Village, provides the town with local public transport. However, it only makes trips to Santa's Village on Sunday afternoons during the summer season. (Image:Bracebridge Town Express.jpg) The Bracebridge railway station (Bracebridge, Ontario railway station) no longer receives service as the Ontario Northland Northlander line was discontinued

Puerto Ángel

lagoon in which visitors can see crocodiles, turtles and numerous birds in its mangroves. Slightly inland is the El Paraíso fresh water spring and the Los Reyes waterfalls at Chacalapa. thumb left Cafe Maya housed in a palapa (File:CafeMayaZipolite.JPG)




Gallery File:Kaposvár.jpg The city centre File:Kaposvár Csiky Gergely Színház.JPG Csiky Gergely Theatre File:Kaposvár vasútállomás.JPG The railway station File:Kaposvár TIT székház.JPG The Hungarian Scientific Knowledge Society File:Kaposvár pénzügyi palota.JPG Palace of Finances of Kaposvár File:Kaposvár Esterházy Pál portré.JPG The portrait of Pál Esterházy, the generous espouser of the city File:Rippl-Rónai múzeum.jpg The County Hall of Somogy and the Rippl-Rónai Museum File:Kaposvár Bors Napkerék.JPG A statue in the city centre File:Kaposvár Arany Oroszlán patika.JPG Arany Oroszlán (Golden Lion) Pharmacy File:Kaposvár A Haza Kis Polgárainak.JPG House for the homeland's petty bourgeois File:Kaposvár Mária oszlop.JPG The Rococo Maria Column is one symbol of the city File:Kaposvár rendőrkapitányság.JPG Police Office of Kaposvár File:Kaposvár 1956 emlékmű.JPG The monument of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 File:Kaposvár Berzsenyi Dániel Általános Iskola.JPG Dániel Berzsenyi Elementary School File:Kaposvár Temesvár utca.jpg Temesvár street File:Kaposvar House of Rippl-Ronai.jpg House of József Rippl-Rónai File:Kaposvári Egyetem 2011.JPG University of Kaposvár File:Desedacivertanlegi.jpg Lake Deseda is one of the most beauteous lakes of Somogy County See also * University of Kaposvár * Roman Catholic Diocese of Kaposvár * Csiky Gergely Theatre * Lake Deseda References

Muang Sing

Office. Get around To get around Muang Sing tuk-tuks are readily available at the morning market. Bicycles can be rented in town. There is no local public transport in town. See *


railway line or a form of local public transport. '''Ritva Tuulikki "Kike" Elomaa''' (born 25 July 1955 in Lokalahti (Uusikaupunki)) is a retired professional female bodybuilding champion and pop singer from Finland. IFBB Hall of Fame profile birth_date birth_place Uusikaupunki, FIN (Finland) draft 97th overall

Paraíso, Tabasco

in places. A rail line between the Dos Bocas port and Villa Chontalpa is under construction. There is an intercity bus terminal and local public transport consisting of vans, small buses and taxis. Chiltepec has a population of about 3,700 people, located 18 km outside of the municipal seat. Its main economic activities is the growing of coconut, fishing and tourism. ref name "encmuc" >

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

-to-government negotiations to open markets for U.S. companies. * Negotiating with foreign governments to ensure adequate spectrum (electromagnetic spectrum) for national defense, public safety, and U.S. business needs. * Promoting efficient use of federal radio spectrum and encouraging the development and implementation of new and emerging telecommunications technologies. * Performing long-term research to explore uses of higher frequency spectrum. * Working with Federal, state, and local public safety

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

of open recreational space on the south end of Lake Winnebago. Year-round activities include a whitetail deer exhibit. Summer activities include flower displays, boating, picnics, and weddings within the park's picturesque landscape. From April 15 to October 15, the Lakeside Park Lighthouse, built in 1933, and its observation tower are open. Visitors can take rides on a miniature train and an antique carousel. The park also contains four jungle gyms and a petting zoo. A steam locomotive stands at the Main Street entrance to the park, donated by the Soo Line in 1955. Lakeside Park hosts a holiday event featuring a "dancing lights" display, The Annual "Dancing Trees" Christmas Light Show in Fond du Lac decorations and music. Buttermilk Creek Park is a large, grassy, hilly park containing an amphitheater, two jungle gyms, and a sledding hill. Other parks include: Taylor Park and Pool, Butzen (Danbury) Park, Jefferson Park, Fairgrounds Park and Pool, and Playmore Park. Lottery winnings and the "Miracle Mile" right thumb 200px Ma and Pa's on the "Miracle Mile" (Image:Miracle Mile Fond du Lac.JPG) In the 1990s, several grocery and convenience stores on a stretch of South Main Street in Fond du Lac sold large winning Wisconsin Lottery tickets, resulting in that part of Main Street being dubbed "The Miracle Mile." The first ticket, sold by Sentry Grocery Store (now closed), was for over $100 million and was won on July 7, 1993, by then Sabish Junior High (now middle school) English teacher, Les Robbins, and his then-fiancee, Colleen DeVries. On August 5, 2006, Ma and Pa's Grocery Express, which is in the heart of the Miracle Mile, sold the only winning Powerball ticket for $209 million. The ticket was claimed on September 22, 2006 by 100 factory workers from Sargento Cheese in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Transportation Airports *Fond du Lac County Airport Rail Fond Du Lac is the headquarters of the Wisconsin Central Railroad (Wisconsin Central Ltd.). It was part of the Soo Line (Soo Line Corporation) until 1987. Mass Transit Fond du Lac Area Transit is the local public transit operator in the city. The first public transit in Fond du Lac was a privately-owned streetcar service in the 1880s; it converted to busses from 1944 to 1967. http: departments.iml?DeptID 30&DeptPage 50 After several private operators, the bus system ceased operations in 1967. The current city-owned transit system began operations in 1973. http: departments.iml?DeptID 30&DeptPage 50 Roads and highways class "wikitable" style "width:60%" - 25px (Image:US 41.svg) U.S. 41 (U.S. Route 41 in Wisconsin) Northbound, US 41 routes to Oshkosh (Oshkosh, Wisconsin). Southbound, US 41 routes to Milwaukee via Lomira (Lomira, Wisconsin). US 41 is a freeway bypassing Fond du Lac on the west side with 5 interchanges serving the area. The interchanges are at US 151, Hickory St, Hwy D Military Rd, Wis 23 Johnson St, and Hwy OO Winnebago St. The interchange for Wis 175 Main St was removed when the new US 151 Bypass was built. - 25px (Image:US 151.svg) U.S. 151 (U.S. Route 151) Southbound, routes to Waupun (Waupun, Wisconsin), Beaver Dam (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) and Madison (Madison, Wisconsin). Northbound, routes to Chilton (Chilton, Wisconsin) and Manitowoc (Manitowoc, Wisconsin). Formerly running through the city, the highway was bypassed to the southeast of Fond du Lac in the mid-2000s via a grade-access expressway. - 25px (Image:WIS 23.svg) WIS 23 travels west to Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) via Ripon (Ripon, Wisconsin), and east to Sheboygan (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) via Plymouth (Plymouth, Wisconsin). - 25px (Image:WIS 175.svg) WIS 175 travels south near US 41 (U.S. Route 41 in Wisconsin) and consists of most of the route US 41 took before the construction of the US 41 freeway. - 25px (Image:US 45.svg) US 45 (U.S. Route 45) travels north to Oshkosh

John W. Reynolds (John W. Reynolds (Wisconsin governor)), former state attorney general (Wisconsin Attorney General), says bluntly that organized crime has a strong network across the state, centered in Milwaukee (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Kenosha (Kenosha, Wisconsin) and Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin). The district attorneys of all three counties staunchly deny the existence of such a thing in their bailiwicks, even though it has been an open secret for years. Many local public officials

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