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Pembroke, Ontario

facility, Festival Hall Center of the Arts. Festival Hall Center of the Arts. The facility is operated by a Consortium consisting of The City of Pembroke and the Townships of Petawawa and Laurentian Valley. This facility hosts various local productions and top Canadian artists during the year. Pembroke also is host to the annual Silver Stick Regional Minor League Hockey Tournament, which brings in several hundred children and youth on weekends

Medicine Hat

. *Downtown Medicine Hat is lit with 277 old-fashioned '''gas lights''' that burn around the clock. *'''Saint Patrick's Church''' is one of the largest continuously-poured concrete structures in the world, and a Heritage Site. It's a good example of "Gothic Revival" architecture *The city has opened a multi-million dollar arts and heritage center called '''The Esplanade''', which houses the municipal museum, an art gallery, and a state-of-the-art performance space for touring and local

productions, concerts, etc. *

Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse's Wood Street Centre offers smaller local productions. Whitehorse's arts and entertainment schedule is non-stop throughout the year, not only with local events and celebrations but Whitehorse also plays host to several major festivals which attract artists from all over Canada and internationally, including the Sourdough Rendezvous' (Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous) Ice Sculpture contest,

Jacksonville, Florida

illustrator. Interview on ''The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet'', March 8, 2007 In 1986, he moved with his first wife to Jacksonville, Florida. There, from 1986 to 1993, he appeared in local productions at Theater Jacksonville and The Players by the Sea and worked as a director and teacher at Flagler College. Early life Baroni was born in Jacksonville, Florida to an unwed Irish woman who came to the United States to have her baby


name "" The job losses came a year after MTV shutdown its local offices in Auckland, New Zealand. The current reundancies took place at its Sydney headquarters, resulting in the scaling back of local productions on the channel, with greater emphasis on productions from the US. In 1990, Olivetti had its own distribution network in New Zealand trough Essentially Software Ltd. (owned by Gary McNabb) located in Auckland and Wellington, where an Olivetti M300-100 16MHz PCs with 80386SX CPU were sold for NZ$7395 and used as graphical work station for design houses using CorelDraw as graphical program. The New Zealand distribution stopped in 1991 when Olivetti could not supply their PCs. Tirau is a major junction in the New Zealand State Highway network. Just south of the township is the intersection of State Highway 1 (New Zealand State Highway 1) and State Highway 5 (New Zealand State Highway 5), where traffic from Auckland and Hamilton split to go either to Rotorua (SH 5) or Taupo (SH 1). The term "westie" (westie (person)) or "westy" is not synonymous with bogan, although westies are often stereotyped as being bogans. "Westie" seems to predate bogan by some years, ref westie and originated in Sydney (Sydney, New South Wales) in the 1970s, to refer to people from that city's western suburbs. As Sydney's western suburbs are predominantly working class blue collar areas, the term connotes a predominantly working class blue collar person - someone with little education, little intelligence, little taste, and very limited horizons. Someone whose idea of a good time is meat pies, beer, cigarettes and playing the poker machines at the local football club. "Westie" is now in wide use in many cities and towns across both Australia and New Zealand, where it especially refers to the denizens of West Auckland. In South Australia, "Hackham Westie" denotes a resident of the notorious Adelaide suburb Hackham West (Hackham West, South Australia). Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland




The series was released on four DVD boxed sets from December 9, 2008

Buenos Aires

'' had seven seasons, one feature film, over 400 licensed products, two international remakes, two spin-offs (Spin-off (media)) and over 1 million tickets sold during its six seasons at Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires (the top-grossing live acts ever in the country). It was the first franchise in Argentina's television history and modified forever the way local productions were exported. To this day, it still on air in Latin America on cable channel Boomerang (TV network) Boomerang


been acting since she was seven years old, receiving professional training with Children's Theatre Arts. She earned theatre credits in local productions of ''Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs'', ''Grease'', ''Cinderella'', ''Mousetrap'' and ''Music Medley''. '''Crofton House School''', located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a private, non-denominational girls' day school. Gough also competed in two Winter Olympics, earning her best finish of 18th in the women's singles


such as ''The Eye'' (2002) and ''Infernal Affairs II'' (2003). Raintree Pictures also produced two English-language local productions, ''Chicken Rice War'' (2000) and ''One Leg Kicking'' (2001). '''Romance in the Rain''' ( ) is a Chinese (Culture of China) drama television series produced by Chiung Yao, a famous novelist in Taiwan. Romance in the Rain

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