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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

September 2011. A particular concern was that NSP would accelerate conservation programs in the six MEUNS towns (Lunenburg (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia), Mahone Bay, Riverport (Riverport, Nova Scotia), Canso (Canso, Nova Scotia), Berwick (Berwick, Nova Scotia) and Antigonish (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)), reducing town revenues, while lagging in its own service area to preserve its own revenues, possibly as part of a takeover strategy to bankrupt small utilities. The proposal for a small $12 year charge and was approved by the regulator. Departing Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in December 2000 on a 19-month, around the world voyage, Younghusband became a crew member of the barque ''Picton Castle (Picton Castle (ship))''. On board were the captain and 9 other professional crew members, along with 35 trainees including Younghusband. Although he was the narrator of the program, he also had to act as bona-fide member of the crew who was required to live under 19th-century conditions. During the voyage, the footage was aired (beginning in June 2001) as a 16-part documentary on Life Network, and later on other networks like the UK incarnation of the ''Travel Channel''. Topsail Entertainment, which produced the series, later went on to produce the popular series Trailer Park Boys. Younghusband had made a guest appearance on the Topsail-produced series Black Harbour in 1998. During Father Le Loutre’s War, the conflict continued. The Mi'kmaq attacked New England Rangers in the Siege of Grand Pre and Battle at St. Croix. Upon the founding of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Broussard and the Mi'kmaq conducted numerous raids on the village, such as the Raid on Dartmouth (1751), to try to stop the Protestants migration into Nova Scotia. (Similarly, during the French and Indian War, Mi’kmaq, Acadians and Maliseet also engaged in numerous raids on Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to stop the migration, such as the Raid on Lunenburg (1756).) Winthrop Pickard Bell. (1961). ''The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia''; Mather Byles DesBrisay (1895). ''History of the county of Lunenburg''. Le Loutre and Broussard also worked together to resist the British occupation of Chignecto (Isthmus of Chignecto) (1750) and then later they fought together with Acadians in the Battle of Beausejour (1755). Faragher, John Mack, ''A Great and Noble Scheme'' New York; W. W. Norton & Company, 2005. pp. 110–112 ISBN 0-393-05135-8 (As early as the summer of 1751, La Valiere reported, approximately 250 Acadians had already enrolled in the local militia at Fort Beausejour.) Faragher, p. 271

Islamic Courts Union

robberies and drug (illegal drugs)-dealing, as well as stopping the showing of what it claims to be pornographic (pornography) films in local movie houses. Somalia is almost entirely Muslim, and these institutions initially had wide public support. The early years of the courts include such outfits as Sheikh Ali Dheere's, established in north Mogadishu in 1994 and the Beled Weyne court initiated in 1996. They soon saw the sense in working together through a joint committee to promote security

Parma, Ohio

was the target of light-hearted jabs by local movie show hosts Ghoulardi, Big Chuck & Little John (Big Chuck and Little John), and The Ghoul (Ron Sweed), due to its central European and, most specifically, Polish (Poles), make-up. Ghoulardi, the horror host of late night Shock Theater at WJW-TV, Channel 8, in Cleveland, Ohio from January 13, 1963 through December 16, 1966, made a series of shorts called "Parma Place" and focused on an alleged love of white socks

Memphis, Tennessee

are from the Memphis area, including Justin Timberlake, Ruth Welting and Kallen Esperian. The Metropolitan Opera of New York had its first tour in Memphis in 1906; in the 1990s it decided to tour only larger cities. Metropolitan Opera performances are now broadcast in HD at local movie theaters across the country. Visual art In addition to the Brooks Museum and Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis plays host to two burgeoning visual art areas, one city-sanctioned


performers. The term ''dancehall'' has also come to refer to a subgenre of reggae that originated around 1980. Dylan makes further reference to the song in his 2004 autobiography ''Chronicles Volume One'': "On the way back to the house I passed the local movie theater on Prytania Street, where ''The Mighty Quinn (The Mighty Quinn (film))'' was showing. Years earlier I had written a song called "The Mighty Quinn" which was a hit in England, and I wondered what the movie was about. Eventually I'd sneak off and go there to see it. It was a mystery, suspense, Jamaican thriller with Denzel Washington as the Mighty ''Xavier Quinn'' a detective who solves crimes. Funny, that's just the way I imagined him when I wrote the song The Mighty Quinn, Denzel Washington." commons:Jamaica


was named National Artist of the Philippines for Music. Levi Celerio was born on April 30, 1910 in Tondo (Tondo, Manila), Manila. He received a scholarship to the Academy of Music in Manila and became the youngest member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. He wrote several number of songs for local movies, which earned for him the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Film Academy of the Philippines. Celerio has written lyrics for more than 4,000 Filipino folk song folk


in the local movie theatre, much against the wishes of his mother, who took to smelling him on his return for traces of the disinfectant that was sprayed in cinemas of the time. Stone, ''Spanish Cinema'', p. 114 He never finished his studies. At age thirteen, he had to begin to work in order to help his family. He had a number of different jobs in his home town, trying a multitude of trades before following


to France; the movie ''Enter the Dragon'' starring Bruce Lee was playing at the local movie theatre. Bas could not get in because he was just 11 years old and the movie was rated 18+, so he and his friend snuck into the theatre and after the movie he became addicted to martial arts. Official biography His conservative parents didn't allow him to pursue it at first. He started to train boxing


is a sugar plantation which is part of the Antilles. The story recounted is suggestive of the French (France) archipelago of Guadaloupe. Early life Rutten was born in Tilburg, Netherlands and became interested in martial arts at age 11 after his family went on vacation to France; the movie ''Enter the Dragon'' starring Bruce Lee was playing at the local movie theatre. Bas could not get in because he was just 11 years old and the movie was rated 18

United States

José Lima (w:José Lima), a former baseball (w:baseball) pitcher for Major League Baseball (w:Major League Baseball)'s Houston Astros (w:Houston Astros), Detroit Tigers (w:Detroit Tigers), Los Angeles Dodgers (w:Los Angeles Dodgers), New York Mets (w:New York Mets), and Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals) (all in the United States (w:United States)) died suddenly at his Los Angeles home this morning of a heart attack (w:heart attack). He was 37 years old. His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and his family.

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