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; 'Directorate Antiquities of Erbil's Guide' Brochure produced by General Directorate of Antiquities, KRG, Ministry of Tourism * Kurdish Textile Museum Culture Sports thumb Franso Hariri Stadium (File:Franso Hariri Stadium.JPG) The local major football team is Erbil SC which plays its football matches at Franso Hariri Stadium (named after the assassinated Assyrian politician Franso Hariri) which is based in the south part of central Erbil. Erbil SC


. * the local major grocers usually have a small international selection where one may find Dove chocolates, pasta and sauces, and pantry staples that have a long shelf life. If you look hard, some stores even carry New Zealand butter or French Brie and aged English cheddar cheeese and a decent selection of biscuits crackers. An occasional parcel of familiar can be intensely appreciated by an unadjusted western palate. Japanese food: Haibin Lu close to the RT Market (大润发) The famous American junk

Medicine Hat

for their hockey team; instead, Linden chose to stay in Medicine Hat and play with the local major junior team, the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL (Western Hockey League). Linden grew up watching the Tigers and idolized Lanny McDonald, who played


between Barrie and Penetanguishine on September 14 1927.


as Governor-General of the Sudan and ''Sirdar (Sirdar (Egypt))'' of the Egyptian Army, being promoted to Local Major-General on 22 December 1899. WikiPedia:Somaliland Dmoz:Regional Africa Somalia Somaliland Commons:Somaliland


relationship between the two countries ref>


is so much greater than where we disagree publisher date 2010-03-01 accessdate 2010-11-06 something which was not reported by local major news media. '''Operation Chavín de Huántar''' was a military operation in which a team of one hundred and forty-two commandos of the Peruvian Armed

South Africa

and ''Sirdar (Sirdar (Egypt))'' of the Egyptian Army, being promoted to Local Major-General on 22 December 1899. WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa


of Pakistan. They are also found in migrant Indian communities across the globe in countries of Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America. The Jat People & Dhillons in History - "Know Thy Roots" by Dr Amarjit Singh Dhillon Asia Most children learn an official version of their native language or learn a local major lingua franca (for example Standard Mandarin


The '''Ontario Arts Council''' (OAC) is a publicly funded Canadian (Canada) organization in the province of Ontario whose purpose is to promote and assist the development of the arts for the enjoyment and benefit of all Ontarians. Based in Toronto, OAC was founded in 1963 by Ontario's Premier (Premier (Canada)) at the time, John Robarts. Business career From 1981-1987 Humayun Akhtar worked in Toronto for Morneau Shepell Inc. as an Actuary. Shortly after his father General Akhtar Abdur Rahman passed away in a plane crash that also killed General Zia-ul-Haq (Zia-ul-Haq), Humayun along with his brothers decided to return to Pakistan. After years of professional experience in foreign corporations, the Akhtar Brothers bought the Pepsi Franchise (Franchising) upon their return to Pakistan. They have taken the franchise from near bankruptcy to being the standout company in the beverage industry. Success in Pepsi was followed by expansion into the sugar and textile industries. Today, Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Ltd is one of the largest producers of sugar in Punjab with three separate units in Kanjwani, Muzaffargarh, and Dera Ismail Khan. thumb left 230px Wilberforce circa 1917 (Image:Postcard Wilberforce Ontario.jpg) '''Wilberforce''' was established as "Pusey," a station on the Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway, and named for railway president Charles J. Pusey. This little railway had initially been built to carry iron ore from open pit mines at Irondale (Irondale, Ontario). Although the mines had closed, the railway had high hopes of extending to Bancroft (Bancroft, Ontario) and even higher hopes of reaching Ottawa. At Wilberforce where the railway skirted the southern shore of Pusey Lake, the Wilberforce Lumber Company put up a sawmill. In 1909 the Wilberforce mill was leased to James Lauder and Joseph Spears, of Toronto. The IB&O Railway was taken over by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1912. Messrs. Lauder and Spears along with Lucien B. Howland, (the former General Manager of the IB&O), looking for new business opportunities, acquired a sawmill on the new CNR (Canadian National Railway) line north of Parry Sound, Ontario. The three men eventually established the community of Lost Channel (Lost Channel, Parry Sound District, Ontario) in the Parry Sound District, and went bankrupt in the process

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