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a taxi in Morazan Park. On the top there is an atalaya, gazebos, swings and slides. Buy Matagalpa is known for its Indian Community, they are based mostly in El Chile, 18 kiometers from the city on the way to the town of San Ramon. They do their own cottom fabric and leather articles for sale. In Matagalpa you can also find these articles, as well as black ceramic unique in this region. Locally you can buy black ceramic, cowboy boots, guitars and violins local made. Close to the Cathedral there is an oil painting workshop where you can buy oil paintings with local motives like:nice coffee farms, ranches, oxen carts, carrying mules, campesinos, and mountain scenery, for reasonable prices. You can buy local fruits like bananas, pijibay, jocotes, oranges grapefruit, nisperos, mamey, etc. Walk around the town and take nice photographs of oxen carts, cowboys, loaded mules, women wearing their chals (rebozo), men with hats, guitar and violin (Polkas and Mazurcas). Pay them a tip to play you a music, and things that you can not find in your place of origin. Nature here is still like it was 100 years ago. Eat Try the "guirila." It's a thick tortilla made from young corn (which gives it a sweeter taste than normal tortillas) that resembles a Colombian corn arepa. Excellent with a fresh, salty cheese called "cuajada". While in Matagalpa you can eat traditional Indian cuisine, like: * "Nacatamal", it is a banana leave wrap upfilled with boiled Indian corn dough, a piece of meat(pork o chicken),flavoured with olives, raisin, tomatoes, onions and chili. * "Guirila", Indian word for tortillas made of very fresh little corn smashed, they are very tasty and aromatic. * Carne Asada or BarBQued beef or pork meat with roasted corn tortillas * "Platanitos con frijoles molidos", this is fried banana slices with smashed fried red beans. You should add chili to it for they are very tasty. * "Chrurrasco con chimichurri". They serve a big piece of tender BarBqued beef fillet, plus spice vegetable cream, white rice and salads. Accompanied with bread loafs or corn tortillas. * "Pescado a la Tititapa". Favorite of the Gods. Recently fished and fried Guapote (Snapper type fish), bathed on whole tomato slices and onions, served with rice and corn tortillas. Drink You can have a fresh roasted Matagalpa coffee cup cooked in a French brewer, in places like Selva Negra Mountain Resort, Cecocafen, etc. Matagalpa is also called "Capitol of Coffee", coffee growing was brought to Matagalpa by a woman, she was from the Black Forest in Germany, her name was Katharina Braun Elster, she was traveling in 1852 with her husband Ludwig Elster and 2 years old child (Wilhelm) from New York to San Francisco, but they changed plans and came to this mountainous Matagalpa country and bought a little farm (La Lima) from the Indians, she planted the first coffee seads in this region, once harvested their coffee came to be of the country the best quality, they exported it in oxen carts to Granada and from there in boats to Greytown port in the Carbbean,and from there to Germany. Very soon many people followed their steps, and aftee 150 years "Matagalpa Washed Coffee" has become world wide known, thanks to a brave and intelligent woman. If you go to pariso or tequila. Need a taxi number or car from downtown. Pariso 40 c's entrance fee Sleep Matagalpa is the major city in Central Nicaragua, and it has many different kinds of lodging places. You can find little inns from US$7 to more comfortable ones from $15 to $30 per person. In downtown area you find little hotels like: Soza, Moderno, Plaza. Few blocks from Cathedral you will find: *Fountainbleu Hotel *Lomas de Saint Thomas *Wamblam *Ideal *Caoba La Buena Onda Matagalpa - A great new hostel in central Matagalpa, with dorm rooms and private rooms at very affordable prices. Email: In the outskirts of the City you will find Campestre Barcelona (detras de Prolacsa), La Sombra (Carretera a La Dalia), and Selva Negra Mountain Resort ( Km 140 Carrtera Matagalpa a Jinotega), and other smaller ones. The breakfast included program is not much in usage in this area. *


to drown the insects before they can bite. Several shops on the island sell a local (made on Roatan), organic and environmentally friendly (so as to not damage the coral) oil repellent; a small bottle is around L15. This may work for some, but then you're covering in oil. Traffic is also something to be aware of. The roads are narrow and some people drive too fast. Just because you're a pedestrian doesn't necessarily mean they will give you the right of way. Use caution buying a bicycle


that offer ski and snowboarding equipment and clothing. Åre is full of small shops that offer locally made handicraft and various sovenirs. Don't miss Mountain Recycle which is a store that resells used ski and snowboarding equipment at great prices. * Mountain Recycle, Årevägen 70 The outstanding luxuary store in the village, Åre Guld (Åre Gold) for the ones who wants to buy weddingrings and local made jewels. * Åre Guld, Stationsvägen 16 Eat Eating out in Åre can be a real experience

Port Blair

Samudrika alt Govt. museum url email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content This is a govt. museum, ask anyone for directions. Autowala will take you there. * WikiPedia:Port Blair Dmoz:Regional Asia India Andaman and Nicobar Islands Localities Port Blair Commons:Category:Port Blair


at that year's local election (Romanian local election, 2012) for a third term, having resigned in 2008 to become Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Romania). Decisions are approved and discussed by the Local government (''consiliu local'') made up of 27 elected councillors. The city is divided into 15 districts (''cartiere'') laid out radially. City hall intends to develop local administrative branches for most of the districts. cellpadding "2" cellspacing "0" border "1" class "wikitable" ! style "background:#ccc"     ! style "background:#ccc" Party ! style "background:#ccc" Seats ! style "background:#ccc" colspan "12" Current Council - WikiPedia:Cluj-Napoca Commons:Category:Cluj-Napoca

Buenos Aires

station wagon The Peugeot 206 is also being produced in Villa Bosch, Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1999. The trims being manufactured are XR, XRD, XS, XT and XTD. The diesel powered versions use the naturally aspirated DW engine (PSA EW DW engine). Some of these versions are equipped with local-made engines in Jeppener, Buenos Aires previous_election1 28 October 2007 (Argentine general election, 2007) meeting_place Chamber of Deputies, Argentine Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina session_room Sala de la Cámara de Diputados.jpg Composition It has 257 seats and one-half of the members are elected every two years to serve four-year terms by the people of each district (23 Provinces (Provinces of Argentina) and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires)) using proportional representation, D'Hondt formula (D'Hondt method) with a 3% of the district registered voters threshold, and the following distribution: Otherwise patterned after Article One of the United States Constitution per legal scholar Juan Bautista Alberdi's treatise, ''Bases de la Constitución Argentina'', the chamber was originally apportioned in one seat per 33,000 inhabitants. The constitution made no provision for a national census, however, and because the Argentine population doubled every twenty years from 1870 to 1930 as a result of immigration (Immigration in Argentina) (disproportionately benefiting Buenos Aires and the Pampas area provinces), censuses were conducted generationally, rather than every decade, until 1947. Indec: Historia de los censos Commons:Category:Buenos Aires Wikipedia:Buenos Aires Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina Provinces Buenos Aires City


engine . Some of these versions are equipped with local-made engines in Jeppener, Buenos Aires * The key col of Mount McKinley (also called Denali) in Alaska (6,194 m) is a 56 m col near Lake Nicaragua (unless one accepts the Panama Canal as a key col; this is a matter of contention). McKinley’s encirclement parent is Aconcagua (6,960 m), in Argentina, and its prominence is 6,138 m. To further illustrate the rising-sea model of prominence, if sea level rose 56 m, North and South America would be separate continents and McKinley would be 6138 m above sea level. At a slightly lower level, the continents would still be connected, and the high point of the combined landmass would be Aconcagua, the encirclement parent. Note that, for the purposes of this article, man made structures such as the Panama Canal are not taken into account. The more common convention among the sources for prominence calculations is to ignore man-made alterations in the landscape, particularly for saddle heights. This convention is not universally agreed upon, and presents particular difficulties in the case of mountaintop removal. However for high-prominence peaks (and for low-prominence subpeaks with intact summits), the difference in prominence values for the two conventions is typically relatively small. If they were, the key col would be along the 26 m Gaillard Cut and McKinley would have a prominence of 6,168 m. thumb left a Parker Frontier Ball-point Pen (Image:Parker-frontier.jpg) From the 1920s to the 1960s, before the development of the ballpoint pen, Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In 1931 Parker created the Quink ("quick drying ink") which eliminated the need for blotting Quink, the ink developed by Parker . In 1941 the company developed the most widely used model of fountain pen in history (over $400 million worth of sales in its 30 year history) the Parker 51. Parker 51 history in Parker 51 on Books about Pens website Manufacturing facilities were set up over the years in Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, India, Germany (Osmia-Parker) and Argentina. Parker pens were frequently selected (often as favorite pens of the signers) to sign important documents such as the World War II armistices, and commemorative editions were sometimes offered. Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

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