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Ghoulam; tel. +212 3567-4344 - small Internet-café with 9 PCs, headphones and microphones. While chatting or surfing the web you can enjoy the local home-made joghurt ("raibe") or munch some sweets. Very friendly service who helps with all difficulties concerning the net and even gives some tips about chatting. It is open 7 days a week from morning to midnight (hours vary acccording to season). 4 dirham hour. Post Taza has three post offices, one at the Medina (vis-à-vis the Place

Cranbrook, British Columbia

. Prior to 2004, the middle schools were referred to as junior high schools housing grades (Educational stages) 8-10 rather than the current 7-9. However, due to declining enrollment the school district adopted the new system. There is also a local home-school network. The following 13 schools are located within Cranbrook. * Aqamnik Elementary School (private school) * Amy Woodland Elementary * Gordon Terrace Elementary * Highlands Elementary School (Cranbrook) Highlands Elementary School


tollfree fax hours price content Nice atmosphere, limited but very tasty menu. Free Wi-Fi. *

home based producers and from other local NGOs, watercolour post cards, and pictures made by art students from another NGO. Organic fruit shakes, green tea with fruits and vegetarian breakfast & brunch options. There is also a Khmer lady weaving using an authentic old loom. *

Antigua Guatemala

is small. If you leave the tourist areas, carry valuables conspicuously, or walk the streets at night, there is risk. This is especially true when the police change shifts. It is probably best to leave your passport in your hotel safe or local home and to carry a photocopy instead. If you are robbed, you will not need to go the consulate for paperwork. ATMs are available, so an ATM card should be carried for instant cash. Never resist an armed robbery anywhere in Guatemala, as criminals will not hesitate to use their weapons on uncooperative victims. Hiking the Volcan de Agua is highly discouraged. Numerous robberies and some kidnappings have occurred there. Most reputable tour operators do not offer this hike, as it is too dangerous. Some guides will take groups up, but it is not recommended unless they are armed and willing to give their lives in your defense (such as a police escort). If you have to travel much, a money belt can be strapped to your waist, and a simple wallet with few dollars can be handed to a robber if one is encountered. There are many places on your body and clothing to hide a few extra bucks or a credit card. Crime committed against women is often not publicized. While Guatemala might be a safe place for some, a woman might be safer riding on a crowded public bus than hailing a tuk-tuk or taxi from an unknown driver. Almost all bars and restaurants will be happy to call you a taxi. Asking the bar staff to call the taxi for you, instead of looking for one yourself, can be a good idea since the staff tend to know the drivers they are calling. Ask them what the price should be beforehand, and also ask them to confirm the price with the taxi or tuk-tuk when they arrive. In Antigua, many locals consider the buses safer than a tuk-tuk. In crowds, it is unlikely that you will be robbed. However, tuk-tuks have been blamed for taking tourists to obscure areas to rob them. If your bar or lodging arranges your tuk-tuk, it likely will be safer. During peak tourist times, like ''Semana Santa'' or any major festival in Antigua, pickpockets abound and it is wise to keep a hand on your wallet. When walking through the crowded market, keep your bags in front of you, since there are thieves who use razors to cut the fabric to gain access to the contents. If you plan to visit sights like "La Cruz" outside town, make sure you go with an officer of the tourist police who accompany tourists there at least once a day. The municipal water supply in Antigua is treated with chlorine. However, it is not completely safe. Still, drink ''agua del garrafon'' or ''agua embotellada'' (purified bottled water), and not ''agua del chorro'' (tap water). Some homes and restaurants have purified water in 5 gal bottles and serve it in glasses. Ask if the ice is made from purified water. If you are lucky, you will not have any illnesses in Antigua. However, most long-term visitors may encounter a case of food poisoning or bacterial or viral enteritis. The best way to treat it without a physician's intervention is to buy packages (''sobre'') of re-hydration solution (''solución de rehidratación oral''). It is a simple mix of potassium, sodium, and glucose. Most cases of food poisoning or intestinal infections can be blamed on street vendors with unrefrigerated sauces or paste, but home cooked meals can also be the cause. Street vendor food is cheap, but you should avoid it unless you have been eating it daily. A virgin stomach often cannot handle the common bacterial toxins found in unrefrigerated sauces, slaws, and cold marinades. Piping hot, wrapped, boiled food is likely safe, but might not be completely free of all toxins. It is best to avoid ''ceviche'' due to potential risk of bacteria like cholera. Fresh salads should not be consumed for concern of contaminated irrigation water. Strawberries have been known to pass hepatitis A due to contaminated irrigation water. If you prepared your own salad or strawberries, soaking in bleach solution or iodine is advised. All fruits should be washed or peeled before eating. Undercooked meat should be avoided due to encysted parasites, unless imported high grade beef is assured at a well-known restaurant. Fresh cream is often served at the table, but unless you are sure it is pasteurized or precooked by the family, it is best to avoid putting it on your food. Going barefoot or with sandals is the norm, however hiking with them or going barefoot might lead to "cutanous larva migrans", where hookworms larvae penetrate and cause itchy red curves and lines a few days later. Wear shoes and socks, if you walk off the pavement. Cope Laundry Laundry can be done by various ''lavanderias'' around town. You drop off your laundry, they weigh it and charge you a price per pound (not per kilogram, interestingly). The laundry is dried and available for pickup in 2-4 hr. Locals advise that you inventory your laundry, to be sure that none is lost or exchanged. Two full backpacks of clothes weighed about 16 lb. *


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Greater Los Angeles Area

. Although some stretches of the rivers are 'wild' and protected by being within the Angeles National Forest area of the San Gabriel Mountains, the coincidence of this fish's range and the Greater Los Angeles (Greater Los Angeles Area) metropolitan area, and flowing in concrete lined flood control channels, means that it is a vulnerable species to extinction.


;, a farm stand near Cades Bay. * If you can find any, try the local home-made '''Sarsaparilla''', which is very mildly alcoholic and supposed to be very good for you! Alcoholic drinks: * A popular cocktail is '''"Ting and Sting"''', which is Ting with the addition of Cane Spirit Rothschild (CRS), a locally produced white rum. * '''Carib Beer''' is a standard of course; '''Stag Beer''' is a more assertive and tasty beer produced by the same company. * '''Rum punches''' -- every hotel


by St. Albert (St. Albert, Alberta) and Sherwood Park (Sherwood Park, Alberta) among others. Walmart has operated in Canada since its acquisition of 122 stores comprising the Woolco division of Woolworth Canada, Inc (F. W. Woolworth Company) in 1994. As of July 2010, it operates over 300 locations (including 100 Supercentres) and employs 82,000 Canadians, with a local home office in Mississauga, Ontario. - Walmart Canada - Save Money Live Better. Retrieved July 22, 2010. Walmart Canada's first three Supercentres (spelled as in Canadian English) opened on November 8, 2006, in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), London (London, Ontario), and Aurora (Aurora, Ontario), Ontario. The 100th Canadian Supercentre opened on July 10, 2010, in Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), BC. In 2010, Walmart Canada Bank was introduced in Canada with the launch of the Walmart Rewards MasterCard. Wikipedia:Mississauga Commons:Category:Mississauga


format accessdate Subsequently, the remnants of the local Home Army HQ ordered all units to retreat to Rūdininkai Forest. It is estimated that by 18 July almost 6,000 soldiers and 12,000 volunteers reached the area. They were soon discovered by Soviet air reconnaissance and surrounded by the NKVD. Commanders decided to split their units and try to break through to the Białystok area. However, most of the Home Army forces were caught and interned. Death

, the members of the Provisional Administration took power from the withdrawing German troops and welcomed the advancing Red Army . However, most of them were arrested by the NKVD and either sent to Russia for interrogation, sent to the GULag or killed on the spot. During Operation Tempest, in 1944, the Council's local representatives and local Home Army commanders, as the representatives of the legitimate Polish government and the Polish Army, emerged from underground

Hamilton, Ontario

Mainstream rock singer Brian Melo (w:Brian Melo) has been crowned winner of Canadian Idol (w:Canadian Idol) 2007 (Season five). The 25-year old Hamilton, Ontario (w:Hamilton, Ontario) native sang in front of an audience at the Air Canada Place (w:Air Canada Place) in Toronto, Ontario (w:Toronto, Ontario). The show was two-hours. The transit authorities of Hamilton (w:Hamilton, Ontario) and Mississauga (w:Mississauga, Ontario) will show modified advertisements. The transit authority of Guelph (w:Guelph, Ontario) will show the ads in bus shelters, but the transit authority of Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario) will not because of the graphic nature. Tim Hortons was founded by Canadian ice hockey player Tim Horton (w:Tim Horton). The first store opened in Hamilton, Ontario (w:Hamilton, Ontario) in 1964. In July of 2007, there were over 2,700 locations in Canada and 500 in the U.S.. Cold Stone Creamery was founded in 1988 in Scottsdale (w:Scottsdale, Arizona), Arizona. There are over 1,400 operation, in locations such as Japan, South Korea and the U.S.. During the trial in Hamilton (w:Hamilton, Ontario), Aziga also faced 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault and was convicted in all but one of these charges. The 11th charge was replaced by conviction on a lesser charge of attempted aggravated sexual assault. The murder convictions mean that Aziga faces sentence for which he could not be paroled (w:parole) for 25 years.

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