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Montgomery, Alabama

by the Andantes (The Andantes)), and "Alright" (1960). Williams and Romanowski (1988), pp. 32–38. Between these two releases, Albert "Mooch" Harrell replaced Pee-Wee Crawford. "Come On" was a local hit for the Distants, and the Warwick label picked the record up for national distribution. After the release of "Alright", Matthews appointed Williams the group leader, and the group was renamed ''Otis Williams & the Distants''. Though Otis Williams had a pleasant, but unremarkable, lead voice, he organized the group and so became the defacto leader, as he would later with the Temptations. Williams and Romanowski (1988), pp. 40. During his tenure in Montgomery he warned of the dangers of Irish (Irish American) immigration to the United States and the accompanying growth of Catholicism in a book, ''Our Country: Its Danger and Duty'' (New York, 1844). "If the devotees of this unholy faith have so rapidly increased within a few years to number TWO MILLIONS, how long will it take them to rival and exceed the American Protestants?", qtd. in Lipscomb 8-9. He fared well in Montgomery as a preacher, providing for a family consisting of a wife, two children, and two sisters, and owning two slaves. Lipscomb 13. Compelled by tuberculosis to retire from the ministry, he founded in 1849 the Metropolitan Institute for Young Ladies at Montgomery, Alabama. Lipscomb then served as the inaugural President (1856–1859) of the Tuskegee Female College of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Alabama (present-day Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama). Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Dreyfus was a graduate of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He is widely publicized for being the man who "invented" the commonplace mutual fund through direct marketing to the public. Jack Dreyfus - Maverick Wizard Behind the Wall Street Lion, ''Life Magazine'', 1964 Meanwhile, officials in Montgomery (w:Montgomery, Alabama), the place of her historic act of defiance, and Detroit (w:Detroit), her later home and deathplace, ordered that the first seat of every public bus will be reserved to honor Parks until her funeral, which is set for Wednesday. King was born on November 17, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama (w:Montgomery, Alabama). An actress, speaker and producer, King played Rosa Parks (w:Rosa Parks) in the ''King'' miniseries in 1978. She was also the CEO of Higher Grounds Productions, a company that produces events related to spirituality and which advertised King for speeches and performances.

Cape Verde

. Biography and career The Tavares brothers from New Bedford, Massachusetts, whose parents were of Cape Verde descent, started performing in 1959 as '''Chubby and the Turnpikes''' when the youngest brother was 9 years old. Future Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer appeared as the "token white-guy drummer" in an early incarnation of Tavares. Chubby and The Turnpikes signed with Capitol records in 1967 and had a couple of local hit records including "I Know The Inside Story"

Windsor, Ontario

R 168 67 02 12 87 Windsor, Ontario Windsor Jr. AA - Tony and The Tigers released (release (music)) the song "Turn It on Girl," which was a minor local hit (hit single) in Detroit, appeared on the show ''Hullabaloo (Hullabaloo (TV series))'' a couple times, December 20, 1965, hosted by Jerry Lewis, and April 4, 1966, hosted by their father, Soupy Sales. The band also appeared on the local Detroit Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) dance show '' Robin

Tulsa, Oklahoma

; David Gates " by Kim Summers, AllMusic, accessed January 26, 2007 Later, Gates released his first local hit single (single (music)), "Jo-Baby," a song he had written for his sweetheart, Jo Rita, whom he married in 1958 while enrolled at the University of Oklahoma. At Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma) he became a member of Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity. http:

The Bronx

Mack, the group added Sylvia Peterson, who at age 14 had sung with Little Jimmy & the Tops, sharing lead vocals with Jimmy on "Say You Love Me," the B-side of the Tops' 1959 local hit "Puppy Love." The group then began recording as the Four Pennies, with Peterson singing lead on "When the Boy's Happy." Over the course of 1963, the group gradually adopted the Chiffons name. Even with the 1956 repairs the New York City Department of Transportation


index.cfm?DisplayPage output.cfm&file_id 9217 Peter Blecha, Biography of "Rockin' Robin" Roberts, The arrangement, devised by Roberts with the band, included Roberts' ad-lib "Let's give it to 'em, RIGHT NOW!!". The Louie Louie Discography: Rockin' Robin Roberts Released on the band's own label, Etiquette, in early 1961, it became a local hit in the Seattle area, before being reissued and promoted by Imperial Records in Los Angeles. However, it failed to chart. Roberts was killed in an automobile accident in 1967. 07 09 1960 align left

Portland, Oregon

Louie ". For contractual reasons the single was credited to Roberts, but was performed by the whole band. Their recording became a local hit and was distributed nationally by Imperial Records, but did not make the national chart. However, its style, with its trademark ''1-2-3, 1-2, 1-2-3'' riff, Harrington, Joe S. ''Sonic Cool: The Life and Death of Rock 'n' Roll.'' Hal Leonard (2002), p. 95. ISBN 0-634-02861-8. inspired other groups

Jamaica biography It was produced (record producer) by Kong (Leslie Kong), with whom Cliff remained until Kong's death from a heart attack in 1971. Cliff's later local hit singles included "King of Kings," "Dearest Beverley," "Miss Jamaica," and "Pride and Passion." In 1964, Cliff was chosen as one of the Jamaican representatives at the World's Fair and Cliff soon signed to Island Records and moved to the United Kingdom UK


home country of Nigeria, but quickly spreading through western and southern Africa, and eventually making an impact in Europe as well. Its success owed much to lead radio track "African Queen", a guitar ballad with elements of West African folk music and hip-hop (Hip hop music). "Nfana Ibaga" also became a local hit. * ''3. The Birds of The Gambia'' (2nd edition, 1991) by M. E. J. Gore * ''4. The Birds of Nigeria'' (2nd edition, 1994) by J. Helgood, J. B. Heigham, Amberley M. Moore, Anne N. Nason, R. E. Sharland and N. J. Skinner * ''5. The Birds of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania'' by D. Schmidl Among Garrick's descendants are several grandchildren who have also dedicated themselves to public service. They include His Lordship Stanley Shenko Alagoa, Justice of the Nigerian Court of Appeal; His Excellency Kayode Ralph Garrick, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Nigeria to Brazil; Dr. Chike Gwam, international practitioner of paediatric and internal medicine; and Dr (Mrs) Abigail Funlayo Afiesimama (née Alagoa), a Linguist and university lecturer. '''Elizabeth Benson''' (Born 1966) is a Nollywood Actress whose rise started from the soap opera "Fortunes" in 1993. She later switched into home movies like "Glamour Girls" (1994), True Confessions and Izaga to mention a few. The Efik (Efik people) born acting diva is one of Nigeria's most prolific actresses and holds a degree in Dramatic Arts. She has worked with reputable Nigeria Filmmakers such as Lola Fani Kayode, Zeb Ejiro, Chuck Mike, Andy Amanechi, Tunji Bamishigbin and Lai Arasanmi. Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria

United States

and a Republican (Republican Party (United States)) in the United States House of Representatives. '''Barbara Lewis''' (born February 9, 1943) is an American (United States) singer (singing) and songwriter whose smooth style influenced rhythm and blues. Lewis' first single (single (music)) release in 1962, the uptempo "My Heart Went Do Dat Da," did not chart (record chart) nationally, but was a local hit single hit

'. The members were Arnie Silver, Mark Gordesky, Len Borisoff (Len Barry) (better known as Len Barry), Jerry Gross, Mike Freda and Jim Mealey (alias Danny Brooks). Their first single (single (music)) was "No, No, No", which was a minor local hit (hit record) for The Brooktones, who soon broke up. Summers and Dennis left the group, forming The Gems with Mark Stevens and Alan Horowitz in 1960. The remaining Brooktones signed to the Parkway (Cameo-Parkway Records) record label

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