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Salmon Arm

: salmon_arm Sturgis North's website There is also the annual Shuswap International Writers' Festival. Salmon Arm is home to a multiplex movie theatre (Salmar Grand) and a single screen theatre for movies and live stage performances (Salmar Classic); both are owned and operated by a non-profit community organization, the Salmar Community Association. Salmar Theatres Salmar Community Association website ref>

;Salmon Arm Observer, December 1, 2009 news article on Salmar Community Association plans for theatres Additionally, a community theatre society hosts plays and other live stage performances (Shuswap Theatre) Shuswap Theatre website in a building across the street from the Salmar Grand multiplex. The RJ Haney Heritage Park & Museum ref

Winkler, Manitoba

of agricultural machinery, tools and household items, as well as a meeting hall. Public culture is dominated by the church and religious belief, the city also lacks consumption-led regeneration. Public space is limited, and obscured by extreme lack of civil inattention. Winkler's main festival is the Harvest Festival and Exhibition. Held at the Winkler Parkland in mid-August, it features a parade, midway, live stage entertainment, fireworks, rodeo and more. Canada Day celebrations

Merced, California

located in Applegate, a live stage theater downtown (:Commons:Category:Merced, CA, Downtown), two first run movie theaters, The Mainzer Theater which is known for its historic and architectural value, County Courthouse Museum (:Commons:Category:Merced, CA, Historic Courthouse) circa 1889, the Merced Multicultural Arts Center and the County Library (:Commons:Category:Merced, CA, County Library). Though still growing, Merced has several shopping areas including

Fontana, California

serves as Executive Producer and host of HDNET's "CELEBRIDATE", scheduled to debut in October 2011. From 1999 to 2006, Lodge was the host of the syndicated dating show ''Blind Date (Blind Date (US TV series))''. Lodge has been the host of ''The Price Is Right Live!'' stage productions in Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area), Nevada and Atlantic City (Atlantic City, New Jersey), New Jersey and in July 2007, he began hosting a new game show called ''Camouflage (Camouflage (2007 TV series))'' on GSN (Game Show Network). He also served as fill-in host for Jim Rome, on ESPN'S Jim Rome Is Burning in December 2007. He can now be heard hosting "The Sports Lodge" every morning on AM 830 KLAA. Lodge was also on That's So Raven; he played the host on Termi Date on That's So Raven. He currently does a sport segment for the KTLA Morning News. DATE OF BIRTH March 12, 1960 PLACE OF BIRTH Fontana, California, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH In the late 1930s, Kaiser decided to build the West Coast's first fully integrated steel mill. In 1942, Kaiser built such a mill at Fontana, California, which is located 112 miles (180 km) west of the Eagle Mountain Mine. Today the Fontana mill site includes other successor mills and the Auto Club Speedway (formerly the California Speedway). Kaiser then purchased the idle mines from the Southern Pacific as a source of high-grade iron ore. This was a contingent strategy Kaiser used to utilize rail and raw materials for an industrial operation in a previously agricultural (pig farm) area. The '''Auto Club 400''' is a alias Born December 30, 1973 Fontana (Fontana, California), California death_date Several moderate-to-large-sized cities (Fontana (Fontana, California), Rialto (Rialto, California), Colton (Colton, California), and San Bernardino (San Bernardino, California)-the largest) are built on the ancient alluvial fan sediments left behind by Lytle Creek.

Bend, Oregon

2008 top100 index.html work CNN title 100 Best places to live and launch 2008: Top 100 This places Corvallis as the second best place in Oregon to launch a business. Portland, Oregon (#6); Bend, Oregon (#87) and Eugene, Oregon (#96) were also ranked in the top 100. He continues to work in film and tours with his wife in a multi-media live stage production called ''Let's Put On a Show!'' His first performance of this show after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack

Kent, Ohio

;Jeremiah Freedman." He is known for his extremely distinct voice and usually plays very laid-back, friendly characters. He retired from voice acting in 2005, and focused on his touring live stage show. He was also the announcer of "Kids WB's

West Palm Beach, Florida

of the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts thumb Harriet Himmel Theater in CityPlace (File:CityPlace Live Stage 2.JPG) '''Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts''': Built in 1992, the Kravis Center hosts performances of music, dance, opera and theatre. '''Florida Stage''': A professional theater company in residence at the Kravis Center. (Out of business) '''Norton Museum of Art''': is the largest art museum in Florida and also organizes traveling exhibits


at The Playhouse, The Arts Club and numerous theatres in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. The last live stage production he did was ''A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'', where he played Miles Gloriosus. He also performed in ''Henry IV'' and ''As You Like It'' at The Playhouse, as well as ''Dracula'' and ''Passion'' at The Arts Club. Post Army The rest of his life was spent in literary and political work. He was one of the original fellows


in the charity's inaugural live stage show, both as a stand-up and portraying a willing 'victim' in his partner Pamela Stephenson's act of sawing a man in half to create two dwarves (dwarfism). In the South African, Namibian, Zambian, Botswana and Zimbabwean context, the term '''Coloured''' (also known as '''''Bruinmense''''', '''''Kleurlinge''''' or '''''Bruin Afrikaners''''' in Afrikaans) refers to an heterogeneous ethnic group who

East Germany

World War II and was operated as a design school with some architectural facilities by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). This included live stage productions in the Bauhaus theater under the name of ''Bauhausb├╝hne'' ("Bauhaus Stage"). After German reunification, a reorganized school continued in the same building, with no essential continuity with the Bauhaus under Gropius in the early 1920s. Current information : english : Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau Bauhaus Dessau Foundation In 1979 Bauhaus-Dessau College started to organize postgraduate programs with participants from all over the world. This effort has been supported by the Bauhaus-Dessau Foundation which was founded in 1974 as a public institution. Several of the other countries it occupied that were not directly annexed into the USSR became Soviet satellite states (Satellite state). In East Germany after local election losses, a forced merger of political parties in the Socialist Unity Party ("SED") (Socialist Unity Party of Germany), followed by elections in 1946 where political opponents were oppressed. The New Zealand Government (w:New Zealand Government) is to investigate how 20-year-old top secret papers were released. They show that New Zealand (w:New Zealand) was spying on the communications of Argentina (w:Argentina), the Soviet Union (w:Soviet Union), East Germany (w:East Germany), France (w:France), Egypt (w:Egypt), Japan (w:Japan), North Korea (w:North Korea), Vietnam (w:Vietnam), Laos (w:Laos), the Philippines (w:Philippines), Fiji (w:Fiji), Tonga (w:Tonga), the Solomon Islands (w:Solomon Islands), South Africa (w:South Africa) and even the United Nations (w:United Nations) diplomatic cables. The union has also demanded equal pay for drivers in former East Germany (w:East Germany). Georg Milbradt (w:Georg Milbradt), chief negotiator for Germany's state governments, said that giving equal wages to the drivers in former East Germany would be extremely difficult. The accident occurred at Kindel Air Field, which is located south of Berlin (w:Berlin), near Eisenach (w:Eisenach). The aircraft involved was a Zlin Z-37 Cmelak (w:Zlin Z-37 Cmelak), a Czech (Czech Republic) built single-seater plane which had been used by authorities in former East Germany (w:East Germany) as a cropduster (w:cropduster). Host German Chancellor Angela Merkel reminisced that the end of the Cold War came as a total surprise. "The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall should remind us all what incredible luck we had with the reunification of Europe and Germany," commented Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany (w:East Germany), in Monday's edition of the ''Bild (w:Bild)'' newspaper.

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