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Brookfield, Wisconsin

. He quickly became active in both the free jazz and no wave punk rock scenes.His first band in New York in 1976 was an instrumental quartet with violin, drums and bass called Flaming Youth. After studying for a short time under David Murray, Chance formed The Contortions, who fused jazz improvisation and funk rhythms, with live shows often ending in violence when Chance would confront audience members. ref name "Strong" >

East York

East York, Ontario, Canada genre Noise Rock, Hardcore Punk '''Femme Fatale''' is a Canadain hardcore punk rock band (musical ensemble) from East York. The band is a solo (solo (music)) project for Jesse F. Keeler. Although it is considered a solo project, the band consists of seven people when playing live shows (concert). In the studio (recording studio), Keeler played all the instruments (musical instrument), sings (singing) all


and hostels and a wide range of nightclubs, restaurants and shops all over, and also live shows. Among other things, you can book yourself in a submarine trip, hire parachutes, pedalboats, waterbikes, slide through the waterfalls of two different waterparks or enjoy a night out with dinner show at the casino. Get in Get around See Do Buy Eat Drink Sleep *Villa rental in Calvia, Mallorca Villa for rent in the south-west of Mallorca, with pool. Go next wikipedia:Calvià


and one of Britain's largest refuse disposal sites at the appropriately named settlement of Mucking. Thurrock is also home to the Lakeside Shopping Centre. Attractions thumb The Dovecote at High House (File:Dovecote HHPP purfleet.JPG) There is one multiplex cinema attached to the Lakeside Shopping Centre, and the Thameside Theatre in Grays. Live shows are held at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet. Open space includes Chafford Gorges Nature Park, Langdon Hills Country

Delaware Valley

content Langhorne. 'Sesame Street' Themed Amusement Park. Park has water rides, parades, roller coasters, live shows, and Sesame characters walking around. Located across the street from the Sheraton Bucks County, and Oxford Valley Mall. Eat Drink Stay safe Go next WikiPedia:Delaware Valley Dmoz:Regional North America United States Pennsylvania


Hull , known for their energetic concerts and loyal fanbase (fan (person)). In various interviews bassist Dobbs has said it is due to their willingness to play almost any venue. Between April 2005 and 9 November 2006, they played over 150 live shows, including venues such as Trent Park Golf Club, The Square (The Square, Harlow), Harlow; Jersey Live; Summercase; The Underground (The Underground (Stoke)), Stoke-on-Trent; T in the Park and at the Reading and Leeds


; The band released three demos the following year; ''Seventh Blasphemy'', ''Morbid Rehearsals'' and ''Demonomancy'', and also gathered reputation for their live shows, which included pig heads and goats on stage.

Palmerston North

Darts of Love before joining The Mutton Birds, which he was part of from 1992-1998 (and again, returning for live shows, in 2001). In The Mutton Birds he contributed bass (Bass guitar), vocals (Singing), keyboard (Keyboard instrument)s and wrote a number of songs. After leaving the Mutton Birds, he acted as a producer and studio and touring musician before recording his first solo album, under the name Marshmallow (Marshmallow (band)) in 2002. Other musicians on the album included

Bend, Oregon

to play an intimate house concert, part of a growing trend of live shows." (3) "Gary Haber, owner of Freedom Farm just outside of West Liberty, in his "concert hall," the loft of a century-old barn." Found at ''Springfield News-Sun'' website. Accessed July 21, 2010. Recent uses Recently, Americana Unplugged established a house concert-type


: band bio.php accessdate 8 August 2011 later to become ''Isle of Dogs''. Rhim was drumming

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