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Champaign-Decatur CSA

with the Champaign Urbana Theatre Company, to post box-office showings of popular films, current artistic films, live musical performances (both orchestral and popular), and other types of shows. First commissioned in 1921, it originally served as a venue for both film and live performances, but became primarily a movie house in the 1950s. Occasional live events were held during the 1970s and 1980s, including a live production of "Oh, Calcutta" and performances by George Benson

, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Missing Persons (Missing Persons (band)), and the Indigo Girls. GKC Corporation closed the Virginia as a movie house on February 13, 1992, with the final regular film being Steve Martin's "Father of the Bride". The theatre once again began holding regular live performances when it was leased to local gospel singer David Wyper in 1992. The Champaign-Urbana Theatre Company was formed to perform major musicals and opened their first season with "The Music Man" that June. Control passed to the Virginia Theatre group in 1996 and the theatre became a non-profit public venue. The Champaign Park District assumed control of the facilities in 2000. Its original Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ Virginia Theatre Wurlitzer. Retrieved on 2013-08-17. has been maintained by Warren York since 1988 and is still played regularly. The Art Theater in downtown Champaign began as Champaign's first theatre devoted to movies, the Park, in 1912, and is a small venue showing films not normally playing at the box office. The theatre is the only single-screen movie theatre with daily operation as a movie theatre in Champaign-Urbana. The Virginia, which hosts Roger Ebert's Annual Overlooked Film Festival, is also single-screen, but only opens for special showings and events. Rapp and Rapp's 1914 Orpheum Theatre Category:Metropolitan areas of Illinois Category:Geography of Champaign County, Illinois Category:Geography of Ford County, Illinois Category:Geography of Piatt County, Illinois Category:Geography of Macon County, Illinois Category:Regions of Illinois


. The democratic regime would in fact decorate her far more than the dictatorship. During the 70s Amália had a tremendous success and following in two countries: Italy and Japan. Wherever she went there she was the toast of town. She would record an album of Italian traditional songs 'A Una Terra Che Amo' (1973) and again created versions of her own songs in Italian. And would record her live performances in an album called 'Amália In Italia' (1978). Her return to the recording studio in 1977 with ''Cantigas numa Língua Antiga'' was received as a triumph. Soon after, however, Amália suffered her first health troubles which caused her to be away from the stage for a short period again, and forced her to concentrate on performing especially in Portugal, though she still traveled abroad. Those problems were followed by a period of depression, and an introspection which led to the recording of two very personal albums: 'Gostava de Ser Quem Era' (1980) (literally 'I Wish I Were whom I Was')and 'Lágrima' (1983): all these songs were written by her own hand, since she used the poems she herself wrote. They were both successes, and in between she sang Frederico Valerio's songs again, in an album called 'Fado' (1982). The 1980s and 1990s brought her enthronement as a living legend. Her last all-new studio recording, ''Lágrima'', was released in 1983. It was followed by a series of previously lost or unreleased recordings, and the smash success of two greatest hits collections that sold over 200,000 copies combined. In 1970 the album ''Traz Outro Amigo Também'' (Bring Another Friend Too), recorded in London, in the Pye studios, was released. It is the first album without Rui Pato, forbbiden to travel by PIDE, the fascist political police. On 21 March the Portuguese press gave him an award for his "high quality work as singer and composer and for his decisive influence upon Portuguese popular music". He participated in an international festival in Cuba. At the end of 1971, the famous album ''Cantigas do Maio'' (Songs of May), recorded near Paris, in Château d'Hérouville studios, was released. The album is generally considered the best album of his career. His 1972 album is called ''Eu Vou Ser Como a Toupeira'' (I Will Be Like the Mole), and was recorded in Madrid, at Cellada studios. Craveirinha also wrote under the pseudonyms Mário Vieira, José Cravo, Jesuíno Cravo, J. Cravo, J.C., and Abílio Cossa. He was imprisoned in solitary confinement by the fascist Portuguese PIDE régime from 1965 to 1969 for his membership in a cell of FRELIMO, the leading movement for the liberation of Mozambique from Portuguese rule. When FRELIMO seized power in 1974, Craveirinha was freed from prison and appointed vice-director of the national press.


to no more than hefty day-fines (day-fine). Two other boys, who had helped to prepare the attack by making the cake, were also fined. http: nyheter article10246204.ab During a visit to Varberg Varberg, Halland A 16-year old boy The band is mostly known for their energetic live performances. They have done numerous festival gigs and have also toured together with The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Lead singer Simon Ohlsson is usually very

Nutana, Saskatoon

hall of St. James' Anglican Church, the Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre is a multi-purpose facility that hosts arts and wellness classes and workshops, meetings and conferences, and live performances. Annual events * Bikes on Broadway (May) – the largest road bicycle race in Saskatchewan * Broadway

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

; at Inverleith In addition to the RBGE's scientific activities the garden remains a popular destination for both tourists and locals. Locally known as "The Botanics", the garden is a popular place to go for a walk, particularly with young families. Entrance to the botanic garden is free, although a small entry charge exists for the glasshouses. During the year the garden hosts many events including live performances, guided tours and exhibitions. The RBGE is also an important centre


limited edition (Special edition) cassette tape (compact audio cassette) recordings of some of the trio (trio (music))'s live performances in 1982 were released in 1982 and 1984. After Newhouse left, they continued touring as a duo again. In October 1983 they joined Duck and Cover (Duck and Cover (German band)), a commission from the Berlin Jazz Festival, for a performance in West Berlin, followed by another in February 1984 in East Berlin. ref name

Concrete, Washington

sold to local business owners, they remodeled the theatre and once again opened it in February 2010. The new owners show old as well as recent-run films and host live performances. They also allow many community events take place such as Youth Dynamic nights and church choir recitals. More history of the theatre, as well as current information, can be found here. Concrete Theatre Lower Baker Dam Image:Lower baker

Camarillo, California

himself primarily as a poet and his live performances in Seattle, such as his regular readings at the Dogtown poetry theater and Red Sky Poetry Theater, were influential in Seattle, and he is credited as a major influence by many local poets from his era. Early life and career The youngest of seven children, Justin Rigali was born in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California), California, to Henry Alphonsus and Frances Irene (née White) Rigali.

box . He also starts to masturbate (masturbation). Eventually, Alex meets an older teen called Scabs. They regularly sneak out of the institution. One day, Scabs teaches Alex how to hot-wire a car, and they leave. Alex is not able to go back to the institution so he decides to stay in the city. It is not long before the authorities find him and they send him to Pacific Colony. Death In the late 1970s, Busch did some live performances with Mayorga and others in Southern California. He

A Coruña

6, 1992. WikiPedia:A Coruña Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Galicia A Coruña Commons:Category:A Coruña



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