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: en live archive?year 2005 title Nightwish Live - 2005 accessdate 2010-07-10 work publisher A “best of” album was released in September 2005, containing songs from their whole discography. The compilation is entitled ''Highest Hopes'', also featuring a live cover of Pink Floyd’s song "High Hopes (High Hopes (Pink Floyd song))" (from the album ''The Division Bell'') ( Media:Nightwish-highhopes.ogg sample

Portland, Oregon

(election day (Election Day (United States)) in the United States), and contains covers of anti-war songs by artists such as John Lennon ("Imagine (Imagine (song)#Notable live cover interpretations)") and Joni Mitchell ("Fiddle and the Drum"). ''Emotive'' was recorded with current and former members of the band, but is mostly the work of Keenan and Howerdel. The single "Passive (Passive (song))" was adapted from the defunct band Tapeworm (band) Tapeworm


the farmers affected by the floods of 2008. The sleeve design is an homage to the original Peter Gabriel Kate Bush sleeve with similar typography. *In November 2008, Tina Arena and former Tea Party (The Tea Party) frontman Jeff Martin (Jeff Martin (Canadian musician)) performed a live cover of "Don't Give Up" during an episode of Australian quiz show ''RocKwiz''. *In May 2009, a version by The Midway State featuring Lady Gaga appeared online. According to Lady GaGa


December 2007 Live cover performances * French (France) singer Sylvie Vartan performed the song during her ''Live in Las Vegas'' Concert in 1982 (it is included in her ''Integrale Live'' box set) and during her 2004 show at the Palais des Congrès (also included in her "Live au Palais des Congrès 2004" album and DVD). * A live recording by Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies was included on his first solo CD, 2001's ''Crash Test Dude''. The group has played


released in Germany on September 10, 2001. Since it was released the day before the September 11, 2001 attacks, many channels did not air the music video (which was to debut on U.S. television the night of September 11, 2001). The German single contains a live cover version of The Ramones' song "Pet Sematary", sung by keyboardist Flake (Christian "Flake" Lorenz). From early 1918, 3 Sqn flew in a sector of the Somme Valley, facing German (Germany) planes commanded by the "Red Baron", Manfred von Richthofen. When the baron was shot down and killed behind Allied lines on 21 April 1918, the disposal of his remains became Blake's responsibility. Blake initially reported that a 3 Sqn RE8 (Royal Aircraft Factory RE8) may have shot down Richthofen. However, following an autopsy, Blake became a strong proponent of the view that ground-based Australian machine-gunners had killed the baron. Blake remained 3 Sqn CO until October 1918. The following year, he was transferred to Australia. In 1710 Jonathan and his family lived a year in the fields due to a plague at Risenoi. He vowed that, on surviving, he would spread astronomical knowledge among his fellow believers. After he became blind, he went to Germany, where the bibliographer Wolf met him in 1725. Jonathan authored two astronomical commentaries: the ''Yeshu'ah be-Yisrael,'' on Maimonides' neomenia laws (Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1720); and ''Bi'ur,'' on Abraham ben Ḥiyya's ''Ẓurat ha-Areẓ'' (Offenbach, 1720). '''Northeim''' is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany, seat of the district of Northeim (Northeim (district)), with, as of 2002, a population of 31 000. It's located on the German Half-Timbered House Road. Sutcliffe and Germany's Regina Halmich have helped to increase the popularity of women's boxing in Europe. Sutcliffe is one of the most famous female fighters to come from England. She is a native of the Leeds area. Ali was a contributor to several leading European and American periodicals and his articles were translated and published in Germany, France, Austria, Turkey, Egypt and Japan. In the year following the demise of the African and Orient Review, Ali traveled to the United States, never returning to Britain. There he briefly worked in Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association movement, contributing articles on African issues to the ''Negro World'', and heading a department on African affairs. right thumb "Ślůnsko nacyjo bůła, je i bydzie", it means "Silesian Nation was, is, and will be" - IIIrd Authonomy March, Katowice, 18.07.2009 (Image:Slunsko nacyjo.JPG) '''Silesians''' (Silesian (Silesian language): ''Ślůnzoki''; Silesian German: ''Schläsinger''; Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

United States

in music ). The title track (Like a Rock (song)) is best known for being featured on Chevrolet truck commercials. "Fortunate Son (Fortunate Son (song))" is a live cover of the 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit, recorded March 31, 1983 at Cobo Hall in Detroit. It was originally available only as the B-side of the American Storm single, and was added as a bonus track to the CD release of the album. The vinyl (Gramophone record) version ends with "Somewhere

-biography titled Memoirs of a Pain Junkie. * Ben Folds Five released a live cover of this song as a B-side of their single "Battle of Who Could Care Less". The performance, which took place in London, was introduced as a country (country music) song and performed in an exaggerated country-music style. * The song was covered by American (United States) band Matt Pond PA specifically for use on the TV show ''The O.C.''. * Urban Cookie Collective did a dance cover

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