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Clarkston, Michigan

, was recorded and Baker announced plans to release a new DVD and or CD live album in early 2009. The 89X 18th Annual Birthday Bash featured Incubus (Incubus (band)) & The Duke Spirit, and took place on July 26, 2009 at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan.

concert venues in the nation. '''''Live Trucker''''' is a live album by Kid Rock released on February 28, 2006. It is composed of songs from his homestands of Clarkston (Clarkston, Michigan) (on September 1, 2000, and August 26 through August 28, 2004) and Detroit's Cobo Hall (March 26, 2004). The album contained the last two performances of Joe C. on "Devil Without a Cause" and "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp" as well as Gretchen Wilson dueting on "


not to simply create a “Pain of Salvation: Unplugged” record. As a result, the band and fans consider the album as a stand-alone work, and not just a 'live album'. The album was widely applauded for its audacity in re-interpreting past material in such a way, though others found the new versions of favourite songs much less enjoyable. *'''AG-3F2''': An improvement of the AG-3F1, featuring Picatinny rails on the receiver as well as the foregrip. *'''Ak

service by updated Ak 4 (Heckler & Koch G3#Variants) and Ak 5 assault rifles. The last users of the m 45, the Swedish Home Guard (Hemvärnet), retired it from service in 2003. '''''12:5''''' is Pain of Salvation's first live album. It was released in 2004 and was recorded from a concert in the band's home town of Eskilstuna, Sweden on 12 May (12.5), 2003. It was an "unplugged (acoustic music)" show, meaning that there were only acoustic instruments, i.e. no electric guitars; grand piano and harpsichord (instead of synthesizers). It features songs from all the band's albums to that date except ''One Hour by the Concrete Lake''. Arsenal Larsson was born in Eskilstuna and initially played football for his home-town team, IFK Eskilstuna. He joined Arsenal (Arsenal F.C.) at the age of 16 courtesy of an Arsenal scout who watched him play a match for his country. Having been on the substitutes bench for a match against Panathinaikos (Panathinaikos F.C.), he made his first-team debut against Manchester City (Manchester City F.C.) in the League Cup (Football League Cup) on 27 October 2004, where he played out of position at left back (Defender (association football)).

Râmnicu Vâlcea

performance after which Pittiş announced the project was to be named Pasărea Colibri, as a reference to Baniciu's on and off collaboration with Transsylvania Phoenix. The four musicians started performing together and released their first album, '''În căutarea cuibului pierdut'' (Seeking The Lost Nest) in 1995. A live album containing no new work, as most of the songs the group performed were covers (Music cover) of Transsylvania Phoenix's old hits or Baniciu and Vintila's own compositions, it catapulted the group to superstardom in Romania making them widely popular as Pasărea Colibri. Florian Pittiş left the group in 2001 to focus on other personal projects, such as Radio3Net, and to work for football club Rapid Bucureşti of which he was longtime fan of. Folk songwriter Marius Baţu replaced him in the group and Pasărea Colibri released one more album before disbanding in 2003. Pittiş died in 2007. Venues The matches for Group A took place in the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea, while Group B and the Final Round were played at the Romanian capital city, Bucharest. '''Băile Govora''' (or just '''Govora''') is a Romanian spa town in Vâlcea County, about wikipedia:Râmnicu Vâlcea


was relocated to London at the Alexandra Palace. The Strokes recorded a live performance at Alexandra Palace on 5 December 2003, this performance was to be released in the form of a live album, but the idea was scrapped. Travis (Travis (band)) played Ally Pally on 20 December 2003, the footage of which was used for their live DVD titled 'Travis - At The Palace'. *Lugard Avenue Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria *Lugard Hall, Kaduna, Nigeria. Currently used by Kaduna State House of Assembly *Lugard Avenue Entebbe, Uganda birth_place Kaduna, Nigeria, Africa death_date DATE OF BIRTH 10 October 1956 PLACE OF BIRTH Kaduna, Nigeria DATE OF DEATH Three of the founders of the ACD, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu and Audu Ogbeh, are former PDP politicians, and have complained of harassment and detention by the government since the ACD's founding. Advanced Congress Of Democrats (ACD) Address - Nairaland In March, ACD chair Alhaji Lawal Kaita, the former PDP governor of Kaduna state was detained shortly after a party rally was shut down by police in Dutse, Jigawa State. His secondary education at Holy Family College, Abak, was interrupted by the Nigerian Civil War. After the war, he studied at various schools, completing his education at Federal Government College, Enugu. He joined the Nigerian Air Force and undertook basic military training at the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna. On graduation he was assigned to the Flying Wing of Nigeria Air Force Base, Kaduna, for primary flying training, and then went to the United Kingdom for further training at the College of Air Training, Hamble (Hamble-le-Rice). Emmanuel Ukaegbu was commissioned to the rank of pilot officer, and shortly after went to the United States for courses in San Antonio, Texas, Sacramento, California, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Port Vila

Adventures'' (2006). A live album of performances from 1986 to 2005 was released as ''Live (At the Butchers' Picnic)'' in 2007. Incidents and accidents *'''8 May, 1999''' - A Vanair de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter with twelve people on board crashed into the sea near Port Vila during heavy rain. Seven people were killed.


In 1982, the Ljungberg family left Vittsjö and moved to Halmstad. At first, the tenacious 5 year old would not have any part of moving. Fredrik argued with his parents that he did not want to live in Halmstad. His parents relented and took him to Halmstads BK where he played on the youth team under Olle Eriksson (Olle Eriksson (football coach)). He was born in Halmstad in southwest Sweden and studied at Stockholm University, where he became a professor in 1967. He shared with Sune K. Bergström and John R. Vane the 1982 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related substances. In 1975,he was awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize from Columbia University together with Sune K. Bergström . Discussing the role of prostaglandins in the body, Samuelsson explained, "It's a control system for the cells that participates in many biological functions. There are endless possibilities of manipulating this system in drug development." 210px thumb left Michael Amott performing live with Arch Enemy at The Untouchables Hard Rock Club in Jevnaker (File:Michael Amott-Arch Enemy Untouchables Hard Rock Club Jevnaker.jpg) in April 2010 Raised in Halmstad, Sweden, Michael began playing guitar as a young teenager, learning to play by copying Punk Hardcore and Thrash Speed Metal out of his record collection. Michael soon went to a new level with his playing and became influenced by players such as Frank Marino, Michael Schenker, Dave Mustaine, Tony Iommi, and Uli Jon Roth. He has stated in guitar magazines that he has a preference for pentatonics. Michael co-formed the death metal band Carnage (Carnage (band)) in 1988 with singer Johan Liiva, and released two widely traded cassette demos, gaining instant underground interest. Plagued by constant lineup changes, Carnage would eventually record their only album ''Dark Recollections'' with Michael as the sole original member, but by the time the album came out on Necrosis records in 1990, the band was broken up. Willems, Steven. Michael Amott interview 1999. Retrieved on 2010-02-02. There were also the ''Theustes'' (the people of the ''Tjust'' region in Småland), ''Vagoths'' (probably the Gutes of Gotland Nerman 1925:40 ), ''Bergio'' (either the people of ''Bjäre Hundred'' in Skåne, according to L Weibull, or the people of Kolmården according to others), ''Hallin'' (southern Halland) and the ''Liothida'' (either the ''Luggude Hundred'' or ''Lödde'' in Skåne, but others connect them to Södermanland Nerman 1925:38 ) who live in a flat and fertile region, due to which they are subject to the attacks of their neighbours. Other tribes were the ''Ahelmil'' (identified with the region of Halmstad Ohlmarks 1994:10 ), the ''Finnaithae'' (''Finnhaith-'', i.e. ''Finnheden'', the old name for Finnveden), the ''Fervir'' (the inhabitants of Fjäre Hundred) and the ''Gautigoths'' (the Geats of Västergötland), a nation which was bold and quick to engage in war. There were also the ''Mixi'', ''Evagreotingis'' (or the ''Evagres'' and the ''Otingis'' depending on the translator), who live like animals among the rocks (probably the numerous hillforts and ''Evagreotingis'' is believed to have meant the "people of the island hill forts" which best fits the people of Bohuslän Nerman 1925:42ff ). Beyond them, there were the ''Ostrogoths'' (Östergötland), ''Raumarici'' (Romerike), the ''Ragnaricii'' (probably Ranrike, an old name for a part of Bohuslän) and the most gentle ''Finns'' (probably the second mention of the Sami peoples Nerman 1925:44 ). The ''Vinoviloth'' (possibly remaining Lombards, ''vinili''. See Christie, Neil. ''The Lombards: The Ancient Longobards'' (The Peoples of Europe Series). ISBN 978-0-631-21197-6. ) were similar. Between 1962 and 1966 (and later from 1980 and 1989) the paper had a local office in Getinge. By 1965 an office was opened in Halmstad and in 1966 another office was opened in Kungsbacka. By the late 1960s and the 1970s the paper's finances worsened. Centertidningar AB bought a majority stake in the company in 1975. Arvid Johansson took over as chief editor 1977. The current owner, Stampen (Tidnings AB Stampen), bought Centertidningar AB (including ''Hallands Nyheter'') in 2005. Starting 27 February 2007 the paper is printed in Halmstad in tabloid (Tabloid (newspaper format)) format. The Swedish (Sweden) troupe began touring their production in October, playing Umeå, Linköping, Gävle, Örebro, Halmstad, Lund, Kungsbacka, and Skövde.


Wikipedia:Manizales commons:Manizales

Coconut Grove

Avenue , Indian Creek (Indian Creek, Florida), Star Island, Coconut Grove (Coco Plum), Golden Beach (Golden Beach, Florida) * Miami Beach, Florida: Collins Avenue Solo career Ferguson took a year and a half off for rest, until record producer Bill Szymczyk asked Ferguson to come down to his Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, recording studio. Ferguson recorded three studio albums and a limited-run live album for Asylum. He scored a Top 10 (Top 40) hit


they performed in the famous CBGB, and during which the band recorded a live album), New Jersey, Miami (where they filmed the video of the song ''Explotados'' ("Exploited")), Monterrey, Berkeley (Berkeley, California) and San Francisco. When the band returned to Colombia, they began a new tour through Colombia, performing in Bogotá, Cali, Manizales, Ibagué, Bucaramanga, Armenia (Armenia, Colombia), Rionegro (Rionegro, Antioquia) and Medellín where

Brighton Beach

cheating girlfriend. The D (D (New York City Subway service)) train, which served the BMT Brighton Line until 2001, is his means of transportation in these songs. The full title of the band's faux-live album on which these songs appear is "The Origin Of The Feces - Not Live At Brighton Beach". *In the 2003 video game ''XIII (XIII (video game))'', Brighton Beach is one of the first settings of the game's complex plotline. *Brighton Beach is where Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Neil

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