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● JR Kobe Line, Osaka Loop Line) *Kitashinchi Station (JR Tōzai Line) Hankyu Railway *Umeda Station (over 550,000 passengers a day) (Kyoto Line (Hankyu Kyoto Line), Kobe Line (Hankyu Kobe Line), Takarazuka Line (Hankyu Takarazuka Line)) Hanshin Railway *Umeda Station (Main Line (Hanshin Main Line)) Osaka Municipal Subway *Umeda Station ( Midosuji

Ashburton, New Zealand

from 1880 until 1976. Most of the population of Canterbury lives in a series of large and small towns arranged northeast to southwest along the plains, connected by State Highway 1 (New Zealand State Highway network) and the Main South railway line (Main South Line). These include Christchurch, Ashburton (Ashburton, New Zealand) and Timaru, and the smaller Kaiapoi, Dunsandel, Rakaia, Temuka, and Glenavy (Glenavy, New Zealand). Other towns on the plains include

York, Ontario

the namesake street as well. Eglinton Crosstown line The TTC once had plans to construct the Eglinton West subway line (Eglinton West line) along Eglinton Avenue in the former city of York. However, it was cancelled in 1995 and there have been no serious discussion about reviving the line until 2007, when the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line (Eglinton Crosstown line) was proposed as part of Transit City. Currently, the new LRT

Bar, Montenegro

, circa 1016 AD. The last prominent member of his family, his uncle Dragimir, was killed by some local citizens in Kotor in 1018. That same year, the Byzantines had defeated the Bulgarians, and in one masterful stroke re-took virtually the entire Balkans. Previously there was a railway line from Cetinje to Bar (Bar, Montenegro) along the banks of Skadar Lake, which transported both passengers and cargo. There are no remains of this railway line. In 1455 Ottoman army

Delaware Valley

of Brotherly Love and the Delaware Valley. The parent of this WikiProject is WikiProject Cities (Wikipedia:WikiProject Cities). The '''Great Valley School District''' is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). It is in the Delaware Valley region known as the Main Line (Pennsylvania Main Line), in eastern Chester County (Chester County, Pennsylvania), and provides education for the residents of Charlestown (Charlestown Township, Pennsylvania), East Whiteland (East Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania), and Willistown (Willistown Township, Pennsylvania) townships, and the borough of Malvern (Malvern, Pennsylvania). The district is in the broad area named Great Valley. The '''Delaware Valley Mantarays''' were a semi-professional rugby league football team based in the Delaware Valley area of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The team played for seven seasons in the American National Rugby League (AMNRL), the United States' major competition, from 2000–2006. At the conclusion of the 2006 season (2006 AMNRL season) they merged with another AMNRL team in the Philadelphia area, the Philadelphia Fight. The team was based in the suburb of Media, Pennsylvania, and had an affiliation with the Media Rugby Football Club, a local rugby union club. Like the other clubs, in 2001 they started a team partnership with a club from Australia's National Rugby League (NRL), in this case the Parramatta Eels. With their members drawn from Media RFC, the team found some success on the field. In 2001 they played for the AMNRL championship, ultimately losing to the Glen Mills Bulls; this would be the club's only championship game. For the 2004 season they relocated to nearby Ridley Park (Ridley Park, Pennsylvania) to play at Catania Park, and changed their name to the Delaware Valley Mantarays after the Delaware Valley, the area surrounding Philadelphia. After the conclusion of the 2006 season (2006 AMNRL season), the Mantarays and the Philadelphia Fight announced they would be merging to establish a more competitive club the following year. right Pennsylvania in blue with Area Code 717 in red (Image:Area code 717.png) '''Area code 717''' is a telephone area code which serves south central Pennsylvania, used in the Harrisburg-Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)-York (York, Pennsylvania) metropolitan areas. 717 was one of the original area codes established in 1947, and originally covered the eastern half of the state except for the Delaware (Delaware Valley) and Lehigh (Lehigh Valley) valleys. The 717 area code was split on December 5, 1998, when the northeastern portion became area code 570. *Warrior News Team — produces news programs, including morning announcements. *Model United Nations - Methaction is one of two public schools in the Delaware Valley that has a Model UN team and competes at DELMUN, the other being from the Upper Perkiomen School District. *Key Club - Promotes community service as a branch of the Kiwanis Club. Activities include the annual March for Babies. city Trenton, New Jersey area Philadelphia (Delaware Valley), Central Jersey branding 94.5 PST '''Delaware County Community College''' is a two-year community college in the Philadelphia area (Delaware Valley). While it is based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, it has two campuses, one of which is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Additionally, there are three learning centers, and several professional development locations throughout Delaware and Chester counties. The main campus is located in Marple Township (Marple Township, Pennsylvania) and a branch campus is located in Downingtown (Downingtown, Pennsylvania). Other locations include the Southeast Center in Sharon Hill (Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania), the Exton Center in Exton (West Whiteland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania) and the Pennocks Bridge Campus in West Grove (West Grove, Pennsylvania). A new center in Upper Darby (Upper Darby, Pennsylvania) is opening in the summer of 2012. '''Cooper University Hospital''' is a provider of health services, medical education, and clinical research in southern New Jersey and the Delaware Valley, in the United States. The hospital is a clinical campus of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Camden, New Jersey and offers training programs for medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, and allied health professionals in a variety of specialties. Every year, the WCU Poetry Conference gives out three Iris N. Spencer Poetry Awards, the most notable one being the nationally-competitive Donald Justice Poetry Prize. The other two are given to recognize local regional undergraduate work in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania. right Pennsylvania in blue with Area Codes 610 484 in red (Image:Area code 484.png) '''Area codes 610 and 484''' are telephone area codes which serve the eastern and southeastern regions of Pennsylvania. The area includes the cities of Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), and Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), along with much of the Delaware Valley (including parts of West Philadelphia), including most of the Philadelphia Main Line. Created in anticipation of number exhaustion (Exhaust date) in the area code 215 (Area codes 215 and 267) serving the whole of southeast Pennsylvania, area code 610 was split off on the morning of January 8, 1994, with a year-long permissive dialing period ending on the morning of January 7, 1995. Bellcore Letter Number IL-93 01-001 Further growth in the region over the subsequent five years spurred the introduction of overlay plans in the Commonwealth, with area code 484 being overlaid upon 610 on June 5, 1999, along with the introduction of mandatory ten-digit dialing. "Area Codes in Southeast Pennsylvania", Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission In the Delaware Valley, snapper soup is fairly popular and available at many area diners. It is a heavy, brown soup that tastes a little like thick gravy. The famous Philadelphia restaurant Old Original Bookbinder's is known for their Snapper Soup, which can also be purchased in cans at supermarkets.


in Alsace. To the north, it is bounded by the Sankt Goar line (“''das dat'' line”) which separates it from Moselle Franconian; to the south, it is bounded by the Main line (Speyer line) which is also referred to as the ''Speyer line'' which separates it from the Upper German dialects. terminus_b Czech (Czech Republic) border near Waidhaus states Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria junction


District (Sydney) Hills District . The line utilises the Epping to Chatswood Line and parts of the Main Northern Line (Main North railway line, New South Wales), North Shore Line (North Shore railway line) and Main Suburban Line (Main Suburban railway line). It is denoted as red on CityRail network maps and other publicity. Cityrail initially promised the Northern Line would be fully air-conditioned in the October 2009 timetable changes because the older non-air-conditioned trains were too

accessible from southern (Southern Sydney) and eastern suburbs (Eastern Suburbs (Sydney)) of Sydney. '''Burwood''' is a major station on the main suburban line (Main Suburban railway line) in the suburb of Burwood (Burwood, New South Wales) in Sydney. The station is located on Burwood Road, close to major shops and schools, and consists of platforms on all six of the tracks through the station. The concourse is situated below the platforms with access to Burwood Road. Burwood


, UK death_cause Cerebral haemorrhage birth_date birth_place Watford, Hertfordshire, England origin London, England, UK DATE OF BIRTH 6 August 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH Watford, Hertfordshire, England DATE OF DEATH The main railway (West Coast Main Line) line between London Euston (Euston railway station) and the Midlands (English Midlands) passes through Apsley (Apsley railway station) and Hemel Hempstead


of the département of Moselle in the Lorraine (Lorraine (province)) region, and in the northern part of Bas-Rhin in Alsace. To the north, it is bounded by the Sankt Goar line (“''das dat'' line”) which separates it from Moselle Franconian; to the south, it is bounded by the Main line (Speyer line) which is also referred to as the ''Speyer line'' which separates it from the Upper German dialects. '''Dreikirchen''' is an ''Ortsgemeinde'' – a community belonging

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Territorial House of Representatives in 1845 and was a member of the second Wisconsin Constitutional Convention of 1847. Kilbourn also served as a Milwaukee alderman and was elected to two non-consecutive terms as mayor in 1848 and 1854. Soo Line created the LSTD in 1986 to operate the original Soo Line main line from Forest Park, Illinois to Minneapolis (Minneapolis, Minnesota) via Withrow, Minnesota, as well as from Withrow to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, and branch lines from

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