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Hastings, Minnesota

around Minneapolis and St. Paul: the south district from Hastings to Cologne (Cologne, Minnesota) via Chaska (Chaska, Minnesota), and the north district from Hastings to Cologne via St. Paul Minneapolis (St Paul Minneapolis). While the H&D never made it to the Pacific on its own, the H&D Division became the mainline of the Milwaukee's Coast Extension to Seattle, which the Milwaukee completed in 1909. In 1880 a new branch line called the Stillwater & Hastings was built

Lynnwood, Washington

Southern run and Seattle with Everett (Everett, Washington) along its Northern run. Several stations in intermediate cities along the lines are also served. The light rail system, called Link Light Rail, includes the initial mile extension of the line called University Link


-Rostov and Donetsk-Kiev run through Artemivsk. The towns of Chasiv Yar and Soledar are included in the Artemivsk municipality. The city has a public transport system consisting of a network of trolleybuses and buses. Toys * In 1982, several of the characters from the "Warlord" series received action figures in a line called "Lost World of the Warlord" from Remco. Deimos was one of the figures (along with Warlord, Machiste, Rostov

North Bay, Ontario

(JUSCADS) the need for the modernization of air defenses was accepted—the DEW Line was to be replaced with an improved Arctic radar line called the North Warning System (NWS); there was to be the deployment of Over-the-Horizon Backscatter (Over-the-horizon radar) (OTH-B) radar; the assignment of more advanced fighters to NORAD, and the greater use of Airborne Warning and Control System (E-3 Sentry) (AWACS) aircraft from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma or Elmendorf Air Force


part of a new defensive line called the ''Ripa Sarmatica''. Williams, 76. In 295 and 296 Diocletian campaigned in the region again, and won a victory over the Carpi in the summer of 296. Barnes, ''Constantine and Eusebius'', 17; Odahl, 59; Southern, 149–50. Afterwards, during 299 and 302, as Diocletian was then residing in the East, it was Galerius' turn to campaign victoriously on the Danube. Carrie & Rousselle, ''LEmpire Romain'', 163

Atlanta metropolitan area

. Earthquakes and fault lines An extinct fault line called the Brevard Fault runs roughly parallel to the Chattahoochee River, but as its last movements were apparently prehistoric, it is considered extinct and not a threat to the region. Still, minor earthquakes do rattle the area (and all of Georgia) occasionally. One notable one was in April 2003 (2003 Alabama earthquake) (magnitude 4.6) coming from the northwest, its epicenter just across the state line


Benito Juárez , Morelia, Michoacán *Zoológico Los Coyotes, Mexico City Transportation By highway, Zacatecas is connected to Aguascalientes (Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes) via Highway 45, to San Luis Potosí (San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí) via Highway 49, Highway 23 to Guadalajara and Torreón and Highway 54 to Guadalajara and Saltillo. There is a rail line called the "Ferrocarril Central" that still connects the city with other parts such as Ciudad Juárez


, which head to Vaasa. There are also trains that go straight to Vaasa via Seinäjoki. Three of these trains also go from Vaasa to Jyväskylä via Seinäjoki. Check timetables at VR's web site. By bus There are west coast bus connections from Oulu to Turku, which go through Vaasa. Buses connect Vaasa also to Tampere, Pori and Kokkola. Check '''Matkahuolto''' for timetables and such. By boat A ferry line called ''' http

San Miguel de Allende

be less expensive if you go through Mexico City (MEX), and connect to a flight to Leon or Queretaro. You may ride an airport bus from Mexico City to Leon and then catch a local bus to San Miguel. However, it's a 4-5 hour trip. Another option is a bus from MEX airport to Queretaro and on to San Miguel. American and United airlines have direct flights to Leon from Dallas-Ft Worth and Houston, respectively. * By bus: From the Mexico City airport you can get a first-class bus ticket on the line

called "Primera Plus" (see the section on "Buses") for about USD25 (2006). Buses leave every 45 minutes to 1 hour throughout the day and will take you non-stop to Queretaro in less than 3 hours. You can take a bus from there to the San Miguel bus depot for about USD8 (about 1 hour), or a taxi to your door in San Miguel for about USD35 (about 45 minutes). * By taxi: If you're well-heeled, you can take a taxi from Mexico City directly to San Miguel. This will cost more

Everett, Washington

Central Link from downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac (Seattle–Tacoma International Airport) Airport, which began in 2009. A mile extension of the line called University Link was approved for final design in November 2006, with construction expected to begin in 2009 and finish in 2016 at a cost of $1.5 billion. Future extensions that were approved by voters in 2008 are planned to connect the University of Washington to Northgate, Seattle, Washington

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