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Woodburn, Oregon

in Thurston High School in Springfield, OR) was incarcerated at MacLaren until June 11, 2007 when he was transferred to the Oregon State Correctional Institute. Arts and culture thumb Willamette Ballet (File:Willametteballetresized.jpg) right thumb Chris Klein (actor) Chris Klein (File:Kleindude3.jpg) filming Hallmark Hall of Fame Production "Valley of Light" in downtown Woodburn thumb Tulip Festival in Woodburn in 2007 (File:Tulipfarm.jpg) Willamette

Ballet Academy was founded in 1982. Scenes from 2007 Hallmark Hall of Fame production "The Valley of Light", starring Chris Klein (Chris Klein (actor)), were filmed in Woodburn. Museums and other points of interest Listed in 1974 on the National


. In March 1973, the 67th Evacuation Hospital was inactivated in Pleiku, Vietnam. In the winter of 1965 – 66 MAC conducted Operation "Blue Light," the deployment of elements of the 25th Infantry Division (25th Infantry Division (United States)) from Hickam AFB, Hawaii to Pleiku, South Vietnam. During the 1968 Tet Offensive. MAC transports airlifted additional troops from the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to South Vietnam

Oneonta, New York

when his mother enrolled him in a summer Shakespeare workshop. Patrick Pacheco, "Raize of Light," ''InTheater'', January 23, 1998, 16-19. In high school, after moving with his father to Oneonta, New York, Jason performed in high school plays and with Oneonta’s Orpheus Theatre. He moved to New York City after high school where he briefly attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Stinson Beach, California

allen_obituary.html Larken Bradley, ''Point Reyes Light,'' "Ex-assistant fire chief of Stinson Beach dies", June 10, 2004 , accessed December 10, 2007 Willow Camp Gallery (photo of bronze dolphin in collection, accessed December 10, 2007


thumbnail left Ohrid by night. The ancient name of the city was Lychnidos, which probably means "city of light" (File:Ohrid by night.jpg) In antiquity the city was known under the ancient Greek (Greek language) name Λύχνιδος (''Lychnidos'') and Latin ''Lychnidus'',

%3Dlychnidus-harpers Lychnĭdus , Harry Thurston Peck, ''Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898)'', on Perseus probably meaning "city of light", from λυχνίς (''lychnis'', gen. ''lychnidos''), "a precious stone that emits light", λυχνίς, Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, ''A Greek-English Lexicon'', on Perseus from λύχνος (''lychnos''), "

;lamp, portable light". λύχνος, Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, ''A Greek-English Lexicon'', on Perseus By 879 AD, the town was no longer called Lychnidos but was referred to by the Slavs as ''Ohrid'', possibly from the Slavic (Slavic languages) words ''vo hrid'', meaning "on the hill", as the ancient town of Lychnidos was at the top of the hill. ref>


- Wikipedia:Vaduz Commons:Category:Vaduz

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

wvlancasterinfo.htm A Brief History of Lancaster County . (1999-02-03). Retrieved on 2013-07-27. Lebanon was settled by European colonists in 1720, many with the family names of "Steitz" and "Light", along a creek that was then named "Steitz Creek". The Light patriarchs built a fort to protect against Indians and named it "Light's Fort". The town was laid out in 1753, incorporated as a borough on February 20, 1821, and became a city on November 25, 1885. It adopted the commission form of government, consisting of four councilmen and a mayor. In 1900, 17,628 people lived in Lebanon; in 1910, 19,240; in 1920; and in 1940, 27,206. Lebanon bologna was first made here. Lebanon was formerly home to a major steel mill operated by Bethlehem Steel. Points of interest thumb Reading Railroad station on Eighth Street (File:Lebanon Reading RR Station.jpg) Local points of interest listed on the National Register of Historic Places '''WITF-FM''' is a public radio station based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, located on the FM dial (FM broadcasting) at 89.5 MHz. Since its debut on April 1, 1971, it has aired classical music and NPR news throughout central Pennsylvania, including the Susquehanna Valley, which includes Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) and York (York, Pennsylvania). It is a sister station to the area's PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) member station, WITF-TV. Both stations are based at the WITF Public Media Center in Swatara Township (Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania). He first went into church work as a Lutheran pastor at Lebanon, Pennsylvania (1883–1903). He became editor in chief of the ''Lutheran Church Review'', which he had helped found and organize. (1889–1920). Between 1903 and 1920, Dr. Schmauk served in numerous capacities with the United Lutheran Church in America. Dr. Schmauk was President of the General Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North American (General Council (Lutheran)) (1903–20). ''The Philadelphia Seminary Biographical Record 1864-1923''(edited By Luther D. Reed, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. Issued By The Seminary And The Alumni Association. 1923)http: pa 1pa bios psbr3.txt WSBA was originally an ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate. However, in 1961, the station switched to CBS and joined the Keystone Network which comprised WHP-TV in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) and WLYH-TV in Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania). The three stations provided a strong combined signal with about 55% overlap. Initially, WHP-TV, WLYH and WSBA aired the same programming. By the late 1960s, while all three stations ran most of the CBS programming schedule, WHP-TV ran different local programming during non-network hours, while WLYH and WSBA continued to simulcast nearly all the broadcast day. WHP ran CBS shows that WSBA and WLYH preempted. These two stations ran programming that WHP preempted. All three ran most of the CBS lineup duplicating over 3 4 of the network's programs. In May 1983, Susquehanna sold WSBA-TV to Idaho-based Mohawk Broadcasting, who changed its calls to the current '''WPMT'''. The station signed off in August and returned to the air in September as an independent station--the first in the state outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It was a typical UHF independent airing cartoons, sitcoms, movies, dramas, sports, and westerns. thumb left 175px WTAJ "TV-10" logo used from 1972 until 1995 (Image:WTAJ_TV-10_1986.png) In 1956, WFBG-AM-FM-TV was sold to the Annenberg family's Triangle Publications. In 1969, then-Governor of Pennsylvania Milton J. Shapp accused Triangle of using its three Pennsylvania television stations--WFBG-TV, WFIL-TV in Philadelphia (now WPVI-TV) and WLYH-TV in Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)--to conduct a smear campaign against him. The FCC found that the charges were true, and forced Triangle to unload all of its broadcasting properties. WFBG-TV was among the last to be sold, going to Gateway Communications in October 1972 along with sister station WLYH. The radio stations weren't included in the sale because the FCC had barred common ownership of radio and television stations in all but a few cases a few months before the Shapp case. Accordingly, Gateway changed channel 10's call letters to the present-day '''WTAJ-TV''' (which stands for '''W'''e're '''T'''elevision for '''A'''ltoona and '''J'''ohnstown). The new calls were chosen to acknowledge channel 10's large viewership in Johnstown. Until 1982, Johnstown and Altoona State College were separate markets. Although Johnstown had a CBS affiliate of its own, WJNL-TV (channel 19), channel 10 had long claimed Johnstown as part of its primary coverage area; it provided a strong city-grade signal to almost the entire Johnstown market. Until the mid-1980s, it was also available on many cable systems in the Pittsburgh area because Pittsburgh's CBS affiliate, KDKA-TV, preempted a decent amount of CBS shows and most of the preempted shows aired on WTAJ. - 39. Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)-Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)-Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)-York (York, Pennsylvania) '''WHP-DT2 (WHP-TV)''' 21.2 1 2006 New digital subchannel Newport Television airdate October 25, 1953 (1953 in television) location Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) York, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''W'''e're '''L'''ebanon (or '''L'''ancaster) '''Y'''ork '''H'''arrisburg The station signed-on October 25, 1953 (1953 in television) as an Independent (Independent station (North America)) with the call sign '''WLBR-TV'''. Licensed to Lebanon (Lebanon, Pennsylvania), it aired an analog signal on UHF channel 15 from a one kW (kilowatt) transmitter and 572 foot tower just north of Mount Gretna (Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania). The station was originally owned by the Lebanon Television Corporation formed by the Lebanon Broadcasting Company (WLBR radio (WLBR)) and the Lebanon News Publishing Company (''Lebanon Daily News''). In October 1954 after a power failure caused by Hurricane Hazel, the station went dark (Dark (broadcasting)). He was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania to Jonathan and Verda (McGill) Brightbill and attended Pennsylvania Military College for two years before graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 1964. He went on to obtain a law degree at Duquesne University School of Law in 1970. Prior to being elected to the Senate in 1982, he served as Lebanon County District Attorney from 1977 to 1981. He was elected Majority Whip in 1989 and 1997 by the Republican caucus and became the Majority Leader in 2001 after Senator Joseph Loeper resigned in December 2000. Pennsylvania Manual: Floor Leaders

Kish Island

directions phone tollfree fax hours price content The 5* restaurant of Sadaf International Hotel. The restaurant has a "cave" theme. 'Kooh-e-Noor' is translated as "the mountain of light", and is also the name of one of the world's largest diamonds. * Wikipedia:Kish Island Commons:Category:Kish Island


for small breweries to compete in the Mexican market. Unlike the brands produced by Modelo and FEMSA, these breweries tend to produce ales, rather than lagers. One example is Beer Lounge, located in Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Mexico), and has the first female brewer in Mexico, Elba Copado. Consorcio Cervecero de Baja California, popularly known as Tijuana Beer, is located in the city of Tijuana and produces styles they call as "Güera"(blonde, i.e., light), "Morena" (brunette

, dark) and "Light". Some, such as Cervecería Mexicana, based in Ensenada, have been bought out by foreign companies. In this case, the Mexican company was bought by Coors. Brands sold in the U.S. include Cerveza Mexicali Pale Lager and Red Pig Mexican Ale. right thumb Negra Modelo in Lorena Herrera Mazatlán (Image:Negra Modelo.jpg), Sinaloa Actress, singer and model


of pathways and more than 100 underpasses and bridges devoted exclusively to light traffic. The network is used year-round. The ratio of light traffic pathways to residents is the highest in Finland and the cycling mode share is 20 percent. Jeffrey Pratte, "Mainstreaming Bicycling in Winter Cities: The case of Oulu, Finland", Masters thesis, University of Manitoba (Canada), 2011. P. 99-100 Anders Swanson, " Winter Cycling for Everyone

Gothic metal group, Poisonblack. He was also the frontman for Sentenced from 1996 (when he replaced their former bassist and vocalist, Taneli Jarva) until the group ended their career in 2005. When joining Sentenced he was soon accepted by fans. He wrote very few songs for Sentenced (whose main-songwriters were Miika Tenkula and Sami Lopakka), for example the song "Aika Multaa Muistot" on the album, "The Cold White Light". DATE OF BIRTH 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Oulu, Finland DATE OF DEATH - Oulu link alt 20px (File:Flag of Finland.svg) Finland OUL EFOU Oulu Airport style "background-color: #DDFFDD" 2011 ¤ present align center commons:Oulu

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