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Chanhassen, Minnesota

Presidential Campaign Blog url http: 2004 george_w_bush page 2 accessdate 2009-05-01 Economy Companies with headquarters in Chanhassen include: http: mb_51_ALL_A57 chanhassen_mn * AmericInn * Life Time Fitness * Snap Fitness * IDI Distributors, Inc. Supervalu (Supervalu (United States)) has its western satellite of the corporate headquarters in Chanhassen. "

sv-webapp contact directory.jsp Directory ." Supervalu (Supervalu (United States)). Retrieved on July 22, 2010. Top employers According to the City's 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, City of Chanhassen CAFR the top employers in the city are: class "wikitable" border "1" - ! # ! Employer ! # of Employees - 1 Rosemount Inc. 1,600 - 2 Life Time Fitness

Gangteng Monastery

village in Himachal Pradesh, India, who were disciples of Pema Lingpa. Michael McClelland, who was associated with the restoration works right from the start said after the consecration ceremony that it was a “terrific experience to see the restoration and the consecration. He said he was struck by the sheer beauty of the Lhakhang and the organisation of the consecration ceremony. It’s a once in a life time experience.” The day following the consecration ceremony, the annual Tsechu and mask dances were held at the Gonpa. An exhibition of traditional arts and crafts was also part of the celebration for the next seven days. Gangteng, pp.27–28 The monastery and the Phobjika valley are covered under a blanket of snow during winter months of January and February when all the monks and the people of the valley shift, numbering about 4,500, temporarily to Wangdue Phodrong. Brown, p. 152 Gangtey trek Gangtey treks are a popular tourism attraction in the Phubjika Valley which covers the Gangtey Gonpa. It is a trekking route followed by international trekking enthusiasts that starts from the Gangteng Gonpa in the Phobjika valley. It passes through the Kumbu village (east of the Gonpa), goes through the Gedachen and Khebayathang villages, leads to the Kilhorthang village and terminates in the Kungathang Lhakhang. Category:Populated places in Bhutan Category:Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan Category:Nyingma monasteries and temples


of Islam, one of the members, Birat Chandra Mondal reminded that Jinnah had "unequivocally said that Pakistan will be a secular State." Bhupendra Kumar Datta went a step further by commenting the PM’s statement : "...were this resolution to come before this house within the life-time of (...) the Quaid-i-Azam, it would not have come in its present shape.". The First Islamic Republic According to Dr M. Waheeduzzaman Manik, after Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah’s protest against imposing of Urdu as the lingua franca of Pakistan (published in daily ''Azad'' on 29 July 1947), on 25 February 1948, member Dhirendranath Datta demanded Bengali instead (spoken by 55% of the citizens), Members Bhupendra Kumar Datta, Prem Hari Barma and Srish Chandra Chattopadhyay "wholeheartedly supported Dhiren Datta’s historic amendment and vehemently defended the rightful place of Bengali." On 28 March 1971, at the onset of Bangladesh Liberation War, Pakistani military junta tortured Dhirendranath Datta to death in Comilla. Rash B. Ghosh, History of Language Day Even in the opposition, Bhupen enjoyed the admiration of the ruling party. Khawaja Nazimuddin, Prime Minister (1951–53), speaking of Bhupen, once exclaimed : "He knows how to plan, organise and execute.". Samyukta, p157 His articles in the ''Ittefaq'' drew the attention of the intelligentsia in the then East Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was particularly proud to have known ''Bhupenda''. '''Daulot Ahmed''' was a contemporary of Radhamohan Thakur and was a pioneer of writing Kokborok Grammar jointly with Mohammad Omar. The ''Amar jantra, Comilla'' published his Kokborok grammar book "KOKBOKMA" in 1897 AD. The Education Gazette a renowned newspaper of that time made commendatory review on this book. first academic year 1984 location 8 km southwest of Comilla Union:Koatbari Upazila (Upazilas of Bangladesh):Mayanamoti District:Comilla (Comilla District) Bangladesh color Sky blue

Emirate of Transjordan

was completed. Despite the short term nature of the arrangement, Transjordan proved to be a lasting creation. For Abdullah himself his six months lasted a life time.


Yugoslav (Yugoslavs) DATE OF DEATH December 9, 1961 PLACE OF DEATH Opatija, SR Croatia (Socialist Republic of Croatia), SFR Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) death_date


and only set him free on condition of his doing him homage), Geoffrey succeeded in reducing the countship of Maine to complete dependence on himself. During his father's life-time he had been beaten by Gervais de Château-du-Loir, bishop of Le Mans (1038), but later (1047 or 1048) succeeded in taking the latter prisoner, for which he was excommunicated by Pope Leo IX at the council of Reims (October 1049). In spite, however, of the concerted attacks of William I of England William


Queen consort of Sicily Joan was born at Château d'Angers in Anjou, and spent her youth at her mother's courts at Winchester and Poitiers. In 1176, William II of Sicily sent ambassadors to the English court to ask for Joan's hand in marriage. The betrothal was confirmed on 20 May and on 27 August Joan set sail for Sicily, escorted by John of Oxford, the bishop of Norwich and her uncle, Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey. In Saint Gilles (Saint-Gilles, Gard), her entourage was met by representatives of the Kingdom of Sicily: Alfano, Archbishop of Capua, and Richard Palmer, Bishop of Syracuse. thumb left William's Death Bed (File:Vilem2Sicilie smrt.jpg)


) class Compact (Compact car) *Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario T *Brampton, Ontario C *Brant, Ontario C In 1992, he was awarded the Commemorative Medal by the Canadian government for his contribution to Canadian art and was honoured to be named Arts Person of the Year (Brampton Arts Council) in his hometown of Brampton. He exhibited in London, England with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours; he was a life-time member of The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, Visual Arts Brampton and the CSPWC. *Etobicoke, S (Toronto) *Brampton, W (Claireville (Claireville, Ontario)) *Rexdale (Rexdale, Ontario),S (Toronto) layout Front engine (Front-engine design), rear-wheel drive (automobile layout) four-wheel drive assembly Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States (1980–1983) Brampton, Ontario (Brampton), Canada (1984–1988) related AMC Concord AMC Gremlin AMC Hornet AMC Spirit background group_or_band origin Brampton, Ontario, Canada genre Indie rock, post-hardcore '''Bramalea''' is a dissolved town within the current city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Created as an innovative "new town", Bramalea was developed as a separate community from the city. Located in the former Chinguacousy Township (Chinguacousy Township, Ontario), it was Canada's first satellite community developed by one of the country's largest real estate developers, ''Bramalea Consolidated'' (later ''Bramalea Limited''), formerly known as ''Brampton Leasing''. Etobicoke North has a station building in which passengers can wait for trains and buy tickets, and a Ticket Vending Machine for purchasing tickets quickly and easily. The station is wheelchair-accessible, and has a GO parking lot slightly to the west. It is provides an interchange between trains reaching to downtown Toronto and peak-hour GO buses for York Region, Woodbridge (Woodbridge, Ontario), Kleinburg (Kleinburg, Ontario), Nobleton (Nobleton, Ontario), and Bolton (Bolton, Ontario). There is a regular stop for GO buses travelling to and from Brampton past Humber College. image_caption address 27 31 Church Street West Brampton, Ontario coordinates WikiPedia:Brampton, Ontario


, Katowice, Warsaw * - Cluj-Napoca Jancic became Professor of Piano Studies at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and was one of last staff to continue teaching despite of the war. At great personal risk he continued to give performances during the siege of Sarajevo until he left the city in the spring 1993. "It was experience of a life time to teach and perform in such life threatening conditions," he said

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