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Indian Head, Saskatchewan

2008 url http: ihdb stats pdisplay.php?pid 21487 accessdate 2009-11-26 * '''Chester McBain''' - known as "Saskatchewan's Finest Magician" resides in Indian Head. Considered the first person in Saskatchewan to attempt and successfully escape from the legendary "Under Water Packing Box". * '''Angus McKay''' was the inaugural superintendent of the Indian Head Experimental Farm. He arrived in Indian Head 1882, homesteaded

entry ross_sinclair_1908-96.html accessdate 2009-05-10 * '''Lorne Scott''', Environmentalist, former provincial MLA and Member of the Order of Canada http: media doc.asp?lang e&DocID 5447 Notes Chester McBain - Known as "Saskatchewan's Finest Magician" resides in Indian Head. Considered the 1st person in Saskatchewan to attempt and successfully escape from the legendary "Under


of our region was connected with the names of the famous Ukrainian writer, playwright, publicist and statesman V. Vynnychenko, the poet, literary and cultural critic Y. Malanyuk, the physicist-theoretician, the Nobel Prize laureate I. Tamm, the scientist and inventor, one of the creators of the legendary "Katyusha” G. Langeman, the composer Y. Meytus, the pianist and pedagogue G. Neigauz, the artist and painter O. Osmiorkin, the poet and translator A. Tarkovskyi, the public and cultural

Atchison, Kansas

right 200px Atchison's grave marker, noting his supposed one-day presidency '''Atchison County Historical Museum''' is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of Atchison, Kansas. Both town and museum are named after United States Senator (United States Senate) and legendary (Urban legend) "President for a day (President of the United States)" David Rice Atchison. birth_date 1863 birth_place Atchison (Atchison, Kansas), Kansas death_date 1954 '''Charles Lester Marlatt''' (1863–1954) was an American (United States) entomologist (entomology). Born in 1863 at Atchison (Atchison, Kansas), Kansas, he was educated at Kansas State Agricultural College (Kansas State University) (B.S., 1884; M.S., 1886), where he was assistant professor for two years. He is the person who introduced the ladybird (Coccinellidae) insect into the United States to control the San Jose scale insect, which was first discovered in San Jose, California in 1880 by John Henry Comstock and named by him. Marlatt worked for the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture. In 1912 he was appointed chairman of the Federal Horticultural Board. He was president of the Entomological Society of Washington in 1897–98 and of the Association of Economic Entomologists in 1899. DATE OF BIRTH 1863 PLACE OF BIRTH Atchison (Atchison, Kansas), Kansas DATE OF DEATH 1954

Bouvet Island

1700, but that latitude (he reached 140 mi off the north coast of South Georgia) was his farthest south. A determined effort on the part of the French naval officer Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier to discover the "South Land" – described by a half legendary "sieur de Gonneyville" – resulted in the discovery of Bouvet Island in 54°10′ S, and in the navigation of 48° of longitude (48th meridian west) of ice-cumbered sea nearly in 55th


astronomical clock and rotating armillary sphere still relied on the use of flowing water (i.e. hydraulics), while European clockworks of the following centuries shed this old method for a more efficient driving power of weights, in addition to the escapement mechanism. During the reign of the Yongle Emperor (early 15th century), his relative from Kaifeng sent him a captured ''zouyu'' (騶虞 (:zh:騶虞)), and another ''zouyu'' was sighted in Shandong. ''Zouyu'' is a legendary "righteous

Greater Sudbury

, the "Rimmer" was described by peers as "legendary", "the Sun's resident character",

Scranton, Pennsylvania

* Dawson Bailey - musician Sports * P.J. Carlesimo – professional basketball coach and television broadcaster * Nick Chickillo – NFL player * Nestor Chylak – Baseball Hall of Famer and American League umpire (Umpire (baseball)) from 1954 to 1978 * Joe Collins – Major League Baseball player * Jim Crowley – American football player and coach, one-fourth of the University of Notre Dame's legendary " Four Horsemen (American football) Four


en Español Spanish rock band El Tri for over 40 years. In 2006, Hispanic music website characterized Lora as "legendary", noting that among his honors and awards he has been named a "Distinguished Pueblan Citizen" in his home city and has been given the Keys to the city in Miami, as well as having a day (November 10, 2002) and a statue in Guadalajara.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

players of the Black Sox Scandal * James Cook (James Cook (American football)) - NFL player * Jim Crowley – one-fourth of the University of Notre Dame's legendary "Four Horsemen (Four Horsemen (football))" backfield * Jerry Daanen - NFL player * Darroll DeLaPorte - NFL player * Jay DeMerit – Professional Soccer player. Team captain of Watford FC in the English Premier League and Vancouver Whitecaps FC in the Major League Soccer, as well

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