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Streetsville, Ontario

Talent''' (formerly known as '''Pezz''') is a Canadian punk rock band from Streetsville, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with Ben Kowalewicz (Benjamin Kowalewicz) as the lead vocalist, Ian D'Sa on lead guitar, bassist Jon Gallant and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk . '''Streetsville GO Station''' is a GO Transit railway station on the Milton line in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the community of Streetsville, Ontario Streetsville


allowed to join the Convention, however). History In 1987 Javier Willy (keyboard (Keyboard instrument)) and Daniel Willy (drums) from Torreón, Mexico, decided to start a band. Soon after Ricardo Villa (lead guitar) joined them under the name "Explotion" ("Explosion"). Later they were joined by ,Jay de la Cueva. To expand their regional musical career and supported by their parents, they moved to Mexico City, where record producer Luis de Llano


Örebro, Sweden DATE OF DEATH Img Erik-ohlsson-2008.jpg Img_capt Erik Ohlsson at Conventum, Örebro, Sweden April 12, 2008. Img_size 220 birth_place 25px Country flag (Image:Flag of Sweden.svg) Örebro, Sweden Instrument Guitar '''Erik Ohlsson''' (born July 2, 1975 in Örebro, Sweden) is the lead (lead guitar) and rhythm guitarist of Swedish punk rock band Millencolin. He currently resides in Örebro, Sweden. He designs most all of the band's artwork, including their t-shirts, logos, cover artwork, and their official homepage. Ohlsson edited and designed Millencolin's 1998 video ''Millencolin and the Hi-8 Adventures''. He also works as a freelance graphic designer at Eckhouse Design. He still skateboards from time to time, but like the other two members of Millencolin who skate (Nikola Sarcevic and Mathias Färm), the time available to do so has been taken up by various side projects. He has a dog named Colin. The 2008 World's Sexiest Vegetarians Are… Out There peta2 In the early albums of the band, he played most of the lead guitars. However, in the band's more recent albums, he plays most of rhythm guitar parts, and usually the main solos. He can be seen doing so in their latest live concerts or watching in YouTube their last presentations. DATE OF BIRTH July 2, 1975 PLACE OF BIRTH Örebro, Sweden DATE OF DEATH birth_place 25px Country flag (Image:Flag of Sweden.svg) Örebro, Sweden Instrument Drums (Drum kit) '''Fredrik Larzon''' (born April 25, 1973, in Örebro, Sweden) is the drummer of the Swedish skate-punk (punk rock) band Millencolin. He currently lives in Örebro, Sweden. He runs another project named Kvoteringen. DATE OF BIRTH April 25, 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Örebro, Sweden DATE OF DEATH '''Mary Ann-Catrin Stävin''' (born 20 August 1957) is a Swedish actress,

Ajax, Ontario

rock (rock music) band from Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Ontario. The band was formed in 1996 and currently consists of members Deryck Whibley (lead vocals (lead vocalist), rhythm guitar), Tom Thacker (Tom Thacker (musician)) (lead guitar, backing vocals (backing vocalist)), Jason McCaslin ( bass guitar


Allmusic accessdate 2010-11-13 They were founded in 1989, and since then have had the same musical lineup of Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Emmanuel "Meme" del Real Díaz (keyboards (Keyboard instrument), piano, programming (Programming (music)), rhythm guitar, melodica, vocals), José Alfredo "Joselo" Rangel Arroyo (lead guitar, vocals), and Enrique 'Quique' Rangel Arroyo: (bass guitar, electric

Novato, California

in 1980. Varney also led his own band, Cinema, which received wide recognition in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mike was known for searing lead guitar runs performed on his collection of Gibson SG guitars. He also began his meticulous collection of the world's most extensive LP-record collections of hard rock and heavy metal music, which now includes over 40,000 LPs and CDs.


with Barings in 1989. * '''Dave Wright''' - born David Frederick Wright, 21 January 1944, Winchester, Hampshire - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar. Died 10 October 2008 at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester. * '''Chris Britton''' - born Charles Christopher Britton, 21 January 1944, Watford, Hertfordshire - Lead Guitar * '''Richard Moore''' - Born Richard Moore, 3 June 1949, Canada - Lead Guitar & Vocals Aylesbury is well connected to local destinations by bus services. Run


Pori, Finland * Porsgrunn, Norway alias origin Pori, Finland genre Melodic death metal History The band was formed in 1999 in Pori, Finland by singer lead guitarist Jori Haukio, guitarist Jarkko Kokko and keyboardist Toni Nummelin. Drummer Mikko Sipola joined in late 1999, soon followed by the arrival of new vocalist (singer) Ville Viljanen in early 2000 when

Metro Detroit

; The line up includes: Scott Anger (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ed Sertage (lead guitar, vocals), Michelle Bojanowski (bass, vocals) and Ryan Looney (drums, percussion). It has been active since 1998. '''Avondale High School''' is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which is located in the greater Metro Detroit area. Avondale High School, or AHS as it is commonly known, is the only high school serving the Avondale School District. Most Students in the Avondale School District live

Rockville, Maryland

.''' (short for '''Of a Revolution''') is an American (United States) rock band composed of Marc Roberge (vocals (singing), guitar), Chris Culos (drums (drum kit), percussion), Richard On (lead guitar, backing vocals), Benj Gershman (bass guitar), and Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar, percussion, backing vocals). Due to massive online distribution over campus networks, the band has become a hit among college students, with many songs relating to the band

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