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Oryol Oblast

the Communist Party continues to be the second largest party in Russia, as well as the largest opposition party. On March 11, 2007, elections took place for 14 regional and local legislatures. The CPRF performed very well and increased its votes in most of the territories; it came second in Oryol Oblast (23.78%), Omsk Oblast (22.58%), Pskov Oblast (19.21%) and Samara Oblast (18.87%), Moscow Oblast (18.80%), Murmansk Oblast (17.51%) and Tomsk Oblast (13.37%). Wikipedia:Oryol Oblast Commons:Category:Oryol Oblast

Tambov Oblast

as the largest opposition party. The '''Tambov Rebellion''' (Soviet misnomer ''Antonovshchina'') which occurred between 1920 and 1921 was one of the largest and best-organized peasant rebellions challenging the Bolshevik regime during the Russian Civil War. Robert Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine'' Oxford University Press

Bryansk Oblast

highest support in Tambov Oblast (19.17%), Oryol Oblast (17.58%) and Bryansk Oblast (17.09%). southwest of Moscow. Population:

Socialist Republic of Croatia

of the Republic of Croatia accessdate 10 November 2011 During his term, Croatia's declaration of independence took effect on 8 October. The HDZ returned to power in elections of 2003 (Croatian parliamentary election, 2003), while the SDP remains the largest opposition party.

Burkina Faso



returned to India in 1829, and was appointed revenue surveyor by Lord William Bentinck (William Henry Bentinck, 4th Duke of Portland) at Gorakhpur. He spent some years in camp, during which he married his cousin Honoria Marshall, and surveyed every village in four districts, each larger than Yorkshire. He was then recalled to a brigade by the outbreak of the First Afghan War (First Anglo-Afghan War) towards the close of 1838. The Awami League emerged as the largest opposition party in parliament in the elections in 1991, following the uprising against Ershad. It made major electoral gains in 1994 as its candidates won mayoral elections in the two largest cities of the country: the capital Dhaka and the commercial capital Chittagong. Demanding electoral reforms the party resigned from the parliament in 1995, boycotted the February 1996 parliamentary polls, and subsequently won 146 out of 300 seats in June 1996 parliamentary polls. Supported by a few smaller parties, the Awami League formed a "Government of National Unity," and elected a non-partisan head of state, retired Chief Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed. He has developed an ability to bowl the doosra, which was the subject of an official report by match referee Chris Broad, on-field umpires Aleem Dar and Mark Benson, and TV umpire Mahbubur Rahman after the Second Test between India and Bangladesh (Bangladeshi cricket team) at Chittagong, Bangladesh in December 2004. WikiPedia:Chittagong Dmoz:Regional Asia Bangladesh Localities Chittagong Commons:Category:Chittagong

Addis Ababa

Commons:category:Addis Ababa Wikipedia:Addis Ababa


, ''Socijalistička narodna partija Crne Gore'' ) is a socialist (socialism) opposition (Opposition (politics)) political party in Montenegro. It has 16 MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro, which it won on the 2009 parliamentary election (Montenegrin parliamentary election, 2009). Currently the largest opposition party, it is strictly pro-European Union and aims at deposing the ruling DPS (Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro)-SDP (Social Democratic Party of Montenegro) coalition as its main goal. The tale is based on an assault in Montenegro, when a petty local Muslim tyrant was killed, as an act of vendetta (Feud), in an ambush set by Montenegrins. Mažuranić's poetry transformed a rather prosaic act of tribal revenge into a hymn celebrating the struggle for freedom—acted out under the hostile forces of fatality. WikiPedia:Montenegro Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro


to 15.4 per cent. The largest opposition party, Centrists, tried to become the largest party overall, and to re-join the government. They called for a work reform, which they claimed would make it easier for employers to hire new employees and for small enterprises to operate. Finland's largest labour unions rejected the proposed work reform, claiming that it would reduce the employees' job security and would excessively increase the employers' power. The Centrists also accused the government

Republic of Macedonia

territory from Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary. '''Branko Crvenkovski''' ( '''Ferid Muhić''' (born 1944 in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a Professor of Philosophy at University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He started his academic career as Assistant at the Institute for Sociological Research in Skopje in 1970. He entered the Department of Philosophy as Assistant in 1974; Associate Professor 1976-1980; Full-time Professor 1980-present. Visiting Professor in International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, Kuala Lumpur; Florida State University; Syracuse University, New York; Sorbonne 8, Paris; and several universities in Southern-East Europe. Main professional specialties: contemporary philosophy, cultural anthropology, aesthetics and political philosophy. Aromanians (w:Aromanians) are a distinct ethnic group currently living mainly in Southeastern Europe (w:Southeastern Europe), especially Greece (w:Greece) and Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia). The Aromanians are closely related to the Romanian people (w:Romanians), both being descendants from the Latin peoples which lived in Southeastern Europe since the time of the Roman Empire (w:Roman Empire). The Aromanian language (w:Aromanian language), which is spoken by around 500,000 people internationally, is the closest language to Romanian (w:Romanian language). Six of the suspects are Swiss (w:Switzerland) nationals, two come from Serbia and Montenegro (w:Serbia and Montenegro), one comes from Italy (w:Italy), two from the Republic of Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia), one from the Dominican Republic (w:Dominican Republic) and one from Bosnia and Hercegovina (w:Bosnia and Hercegovina). All live in Zurich.

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