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footnotes '''Darlington Provincial Park''' is a part of the Ontario Provincial Parks system. It is located just south of Highway 401 (Highway 401 (Ontario)) near the town of Courtice, between the cities of Bowmanville and Oshawa. A small park, the topography is dominated by gentle hills, a terminal moraine deposited by glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The park borders on the northern shore of Lake Ontario also encloses McLaughlin Bay. The Bay is shallow, and at some point in the 1990s was completely closed off from the lake by the action of the waves. The property bordering the park to the west is the home of General Motors Corporation's Canadian headquarters.

King, Ontario

'''King City GO Station''' is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network located in King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario in Canada. It also serves the nearby communities of Nobleton (Nobleton, Ontario), Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario), the northern parts of Maple (Maple, Ontario) (in Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario)), and other communities in King Township (King, Ontario). It is a stop on the Barrie line train service. Boundaries and demographics KCSS serves a geographically large area, since there are many sparsely populated communities in that area. The primary boundary is similar to the township boundaries for King (King, Ontario), though a small area in the northeast of King is served by schools in Aurora (Aurora, Ontario). Additionally, the eastern part of Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario), west of Yonge Street to the King town line, and parts of northern Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario), including Maple (Maple, Ontario) and Kleinburg (Kleinburg, Ontario) and nearby communities, are served by KCSS.

Trenton, Ontario

economic boost to the area through the Great Depression, the Second World War (World War II) and later. Trenton was incorporated as a city in 1980. On January 1, 1998, Trenton was amalgamated with the Village of Frankford (Frankford, Ontario) and the Townships of Murray (Murray Township, Ontario) and Sidney (Sidney Township, Ontario) to form Quinte West. Home to nearly half the population of Quinte West, Trenton is the largest community within the municipality. Economy Canadian Forces Base Trenton 8 Wing (CFB Trenton), located on the east side of the town, is an important facility for the Royal Canadian Air Force's transport and search and rescue operations, and is Trenton's main employer. The base is currently being renovated to include a new air traffic control tower and parking for the new C-17 Globemaster III aircraft deployed there. Other large employers include Trenton Cold Storage, Norampac, Pentair Thermal Controls, Nestlé, ElectroCables and DECA Cables. Tourism also plays an important role in the economy, given Trenton's location as the southern entry point for the Trent-Severn Waterway. Transportation thumb 200px right Lock One on the Trent-Severn Waterway at Trenton (Image:Carlb-trentsevern-lock-01.jpg) Highway 401 (Highway 401 (Ontario)) crosses the Trent River on the north side of the town. Hastings County Road 2 (formerly Ontario Highway 2 (Highway 2 (Ontario))) is the main east-west route through town leading towards Brighton (Brighton, Ontario) in the west and to Belleville (Belleville, Ontario) in the east. The main north-south route is Hastings County Road 33 (formerly Ontario Highway 33 (Highway 33 (Ontario))), leading towards Picton, Ontario to the south and Stirling, Ontario to the north. Canadian Pacific (Canadian Pacific Railway) and Canadian National (Canadian National Railway) main railway lines (Toronto – Ottawa Montreal) pass through the city. Via Rail offers limited passenger service to and from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal via Kingston. Trenton Junction station (Trenton Junction railway station). Trenton Airport is co-located with CFB Trenton on the east side of town. Trenton is the starting point for the Trent-Severn Waterway and two locks (Lock 1 and Lock 2) are located in the community. Angus, James T. ''A Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway 1833-1920''. McGill-Queens University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 1988. Trenton also has a local public transit system. Quinte Access has been doing this for almost 5 years. It runs an hourly schedule Monday to Friday and limited service on Saturday (no Sunday Service, check for holidays). With Chevrolet Arboc specialized buses with ramps for wheel chairs. Several private firms also provide dispatched taxi services. The '''Trenton Sting''' were a Junior "A" ice hockey team from Trenton (Trenton, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. They were a part of the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Regional Municipality of Durham

been known as the Town of Newcastle from 1974-93. The name change was made to alleviate long-standing confusion between the municipality as a whole and the included village of the same name. Bowmanville is the largest community in the municipality and is the home of the municipal offices. The name "Clarington" is a portmanteau of the names of the two historical townships, Clarke and Darlington, that made up the majority of the geographic area. **An unincorporated area (Unincorporated_area#Canada) northwest of Toronto in the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County south of Greenbank (Greenbank, Ontario) in Scugog (Scugog, Ontario), Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada. Toronto's immediate neighbours are Mississauga and Brampton within the Regional Municipality of Peel, Vaughan and Markham (Markham, Ontario) within the Regional Municipality of York, and Pickering (Pickering, Ontario) within the Regional Municipality of Durham. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) includes the regional municipalities (Regional municipality) of Halton (Regional Municipality of Halton), Peel, York and Durham.

King City, Ontario

GNBC Code blank2_info FBUQL website footnotes '''King City''' is an unincorporated Canadian (Canada) community in King Township (King, Ontario), Ontario located north of Toronto. It is the largest community in King Township, with 1,629 dwellings and a population of 4,902 as of the Canada 2006 Census.

, Ontario, Canada. It is the third-largest community in the township, after King City (King City, Ontario) and Schomberg (Schomberg, Ontario). Located south of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Nobleton is surrounded by hills and forests. Many horse farms are found on Nobleton's eastern periphery. The industrial areas are south and west of Maple, closer to Highway 407 (Ontario Highway 407), and the Canadian National yards north of Highway 7 (Ontario). Maple is located 13 km NE of Woodbridge (Woodbridge, Ontario), 11 km E of Kleinburg (Kleinburg, Ontario) 8 km S of King City (King City, Ontario), 6.5 km from downtown Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill, Ontario) 12 km NW of Thornhill (Thornhill, Ontario) N of Highway 401 (Ontario Highway 401), and SSE of Barrie. Today Keele is served by the 41 Keele bus route, which runs from Keele subway station (Keele (TTC)) to Steeles. North of Steels the TTC operates the 107 Keele North on behalf of York Region. It runs along Keele to Kirby Road in Hope, Ontario. York Region Transit also operates the 22 King City along Keele, running from Steeles to King Rd in King City (King City, Ontario). The high speed Viva Purple line also runs along a the portion of Keele between Steels and Highway 7. It is located in Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill, Ontario), east of King City (King City, Ontario), immediately south of Aurora (Aurora, Ontario), and west of Whitchurch-Stouffville (Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario). *route 22 which travels from Maple (Maple, Ontario) on Keele Street to Seneca College's King Campus; *route 22A which travels from Newmarket (Newmarket, Ontario) on Yonge Street and Keele Street via King (King City, Ontario) to York University at Keele St. and Steeles Ave; *route 84A which carries passengers locally around Oak Ridges; A few private bus operations existed alongside the Toronto Transportation Commission, including Hollinger Bus Lines in East York (1921–1954), Danforth Bus Lines in North Toronto and King City (King City, Ontario) (1926–1954), West York Coach Lines in York (York, Ontario) (1946–1954), and Roseland Bus Lines in North York (1925–1954). All services were later taken over by the TTC in 1954, making it the sole public transit operator in the newly-formed Metropolitan Toronto. '''Temperanceville''' is a hamlet in the Regional Municipality of York in Ontario, Canada, straddling two geopolitical jurisdictions, King (King, Ontario) and Richmond Hill (Richmond Hill, Ontario). It is located at the southeastern edge of King and northwestern part of Richmond Hill, east of King City (King City, Ontario) and adjacent to the western part of Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario). Established in 1867, the original United Church (United Church of Canada) still stands to this day on the northeast corner of King Road and Bathurst Street. '''Strange''' is a hamlet on the western outskirt of King City (King City, Ontario) located in King Township (King, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. It is directly north of Laskay (Laskay, Ontario), and is a sparsely populated agricultural area. title Communities of King, Ontario list1 Ansnorveldt (Ansnorveldt, Ontario) birth_place King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada origin Toronto '''Jon Brooks''' (born 17 August 1968, King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada) is an award winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter.

Rainy Lake

'''Fort Saint Pierre''' was the first fort built west of Fort Kaministiquia by Pierre La Vérendrye (Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Vérendrye) in northwestern Ontario. La Vérendrye, the first western commander, built it in 1731 (1731 in Canada) at the beginning of his explorations. As military officer, La Vérendrye had multiple responsibilities, and he created forts as outposts to support France's fur trade with the indigenous peoples. In addition, he was searching for a western inland sea which he believed connected to the Pacific Ocean. The fort was located at the west end of Rainy Lake near the mouth of Rainy River (Rainy River (Minnesota-Ontario)). (The British (United Kingdom) built Fort Frances there in 1817.) The La Vérendrye expedition included his four sons and nephew, as well as other troops.

Blanc-Sablon, Quebec

( north of Blanc-Sablon (Blanc-Sablon, Quebec), Quebec, Canada.

Fergus, Ontario

class "wikitable" style "margin-left:2em" - Population: 10,017 (12.8% from 1996) - Land area: 7.23 km² - Population density: 1,383.4 people km² - Median age: 35.2 (males: 34.2, females: 36.0) - Total private dwellings: 3,764 - Mean household income: $53,115 Education Fergus and Centre Wellington have two major school boards that operate inside the municipality at a public level. The Wellington Catholic District School Board administers Catholic education in Guelph and Wellington County, operating St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School (JK-8). The Upper Grand District School Board administers to the area surrounding the upper Grand River operating in Fergus, J. D. Hogarth Public School (K-8), John Black Public School, James McQueen Public School (K-6), Victoria Terrace Public School (K-6). High Schools *Centre Wellington District High School (C.W.D.H.S.) is located in the newer suburbs on the south-east edge of the town. It is home to the Falcons and has a student population of roughly 1500. *Emmanuel Christian High School (E.C.H.S) is a private Canadian Reformed Christian school located on the east side of Fergus and has a student population

Flathead Indian Reservation

the 2000 census (United States Census, 2000), but non-Indians outnumbered Indians by 2-1. The '''Northwest Montana Wetland Management District''' is located in the U.S. state of Montana and is an integral part of the National Bison Range Complex along with four other wildlife refuges and the National Bison Range. The district comprises numerous small wetland environments set aside primarily to protect areas for waterfowl. The district comprises 14 separate Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA)'s totalling 8,452 acres (34 km 2 ) and one 6,300 acre (25.5 km 2 ) Conservation easement along the north shores of Flathead Lake. Some of the land is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation (known as the Tribal Trust Lands of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes) and they continue to have claim over the land provided they assist in maintaining the resource. The Northwest Montana Wetland Management District is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior. The individual lands were acquired beginning in 1970 by purchasing plots from willing landowners, and an ongoing effort to continue to increase area.


thumb Amuzgo man in traditional dress in front of the Amuzgo Community Museum (File:XochistlahuacaCommMuseum01.JPG) thumb Ireneo Santa Ana Guerrero explaining images of textile weaving at the Amuzgo Community Museum (File:XochistlahuacaCommMuseum02.JPG) Most of the municipality's cultural heritage is based on that of the Amuzgos, as the largest community of this ethnicity. Children from the municipality have been gathering indigenous oral stories for recording as part of the Concurso National de Narraciones Orales en Lenguas Indígenas (National Contest for Oral Narrations in Indigenous Languages). Juana Iriabth Moctezuma Tapia won the contest in 2004.

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