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District of Maine

James II of England. Area 1271 Population 197131 Data3 As Yorkshire County, Massachusetts from the southern part of the District of Maine. Renamed ''York County (York County, Massachusetts)'' by Massachusetts in 1668 Size 80px The large size of the county led to its division in 1760, with Cumberland (Cumberland County, Maine) and Lincoln (Lincoln County, Maine) counties carved out of its eastern portions. When Massachusetts adopted its state government in 1780, it created the District of Maine to manage its eastern territories. In 1805 the northern portion of York County was separated to form part of Oxford County (Oxford County, Maine). When Maine achieved statehood in 1820 all of the counties of the District of Maine became counties of Maine (List of counties in Maine). thumb left Colonel Jonathan Eddy (File:ColonelJonathanEddyFromWilliamDWilliamsonHistoryofPenobscotCountyMaine.jpg) The town was founded by and named after Jonathan Eddy, a militia captain in the French and Indian War, a colonel in the American Revolutionary War, and the first magistrate in the area.


–Kapellskär route, but the authorities of Kapellskär failed to modernise the port of the town to accommodate a ship of such large size. As a result, when delivered the ship was placed on a new Naantali–Stockholm route for the northern hemisphere summer season, and 24 hour cruises from Helsinki for the rest of the year. Neste Oil has the largest Finnish chain of service station (filling station)s with market share of 40


;ndash; At Aboukir in Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I of France) defeats 10,000 Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) Mamluk troops under Mustafa Pasha (Mustafa Pasha (Egypt)). The large size of the Qattara Depression and the fact that it falls to a depth of 133 m below mean sea level has led to several proposals to create a massive hydroelectric (hydroelectricity) project in northern Egypt rivalling the Aswan High Dam. This project is known as the Qattara Depression Project. The proposals call for a large canal or tunnel being excavated from the Qattara due north of Stern has extensive experience in instrument development, with a strong concentration in ultraviolet technologies. Stern is a principal investigator (PI) in NASA's UV sounding rocket program, and was the project scientist on a Shuttle-deployable SPARTAN astronomical satellite. He was the PI of the advanced, miniaturized HIPPS Pluto breadboard camera IR spectrometer UV spectrometer payload for the NASA Pluto-Kuiper Express mission, and he is the PI of the PERSI imager spectrometer payload on NASA's New Horizon's Pluto mission. Stern is also the PI of the ALI CE UV Spectrometer for the ESA NASA Rosetta comet orbiter. He was a member of the New Millennium Deep Space 1 (DS1) mission science team, and is a Co-investigator on both the ESA SPICAM Mars UV spectrometer launched on Mars Express, and the Hubble Space Telescope Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) installed in 2009. http: hst cos He is the PI of the SWUIS ultraviolet imager, which has flown two Shuttle missions, and the SWUIS-A airborne astronomical facility. In this capacity, Stern has flown numerous WB-57 and F-18 airborne research astronomy missions. Stern and his colleague, Dr. Daniel Durda, have been flying on the modified F A-18 Hornet with a sophisticated camera system called the Southwest Ultraviolet Imaging System (SWUIS). They use the camera to search for a hypothetical group of asteroids (Vulcanoids) between the orbit of Mercury (Mercury (planet)) and the Sun that are so elusive and hard to see that scientists aren't sure they exist. http: swuis swuistor.html http: people profile.cfm?Code SternA The money thus wrung from the people was lavished first on the Mamluks by whose help it had been raised, and then on the purchase of a multitude of slaves on whom, as fresh from abroad, the Sultan could the more safely confide. Next, there was much spent on public improvements; fortifications at Alexandria, Rosetta and elsewhere; watercourses in Egypt; a grand Mosque and College at Cairo; and new structures within the Citadel, which was now surrounded by groves of shrubs and flowers from Syria. The revenues were also largely devoted to the beautifying of Mecca, and increasing the supply of water at the Holy shrines and on the Pilgrim routes. But what surpassed all else was the brilliancy of the Court of him who but yesterday had been purchased from the Slave-dealer. It was maintained in the utmost luxury and pomp of equipage, stud, and all surroundings. Fine gold was used, not merely at the royal table, but throughout the Palace down (we are told) to the very kitchen. The Sultan's own dress and toilet were adorned with all that was costly, grand and beautiful; while poets, singers, musicians and story-tellers flocked to the Court, and flourished on the portions of the orphan and the poor.

Beit Jala

;Singer, 1994, p. 80 The village produced more wheat and barley than surrounding localities and like other villages south of Jerusalem, grape cultivation was greater than olive cultivation. Beit Jala was taxed on these agricultural products as well as figs, honeybees, and goats. It contained one of the six olive presses in the subdistrict of Jerusalem in the 16th century. Despite its large size, Beit Jala was relatively poorer

Baia Mare

: min-741.html Mindat it was found associated with jamesonite, sphalerite and siderite. Later, still better crystals were found in another Cornish mine, namely, Herodsfoot mine near Liskeard, which was worked for argentiferous galena. Fine crystals of large size have been found with quartz and siderite in the mines at Neudorf (Neudorf, Saxony-Anhalt) in the Harz, and with sphalerite and tetrahedrite at Cavnic near Baia Mare

North Norfolk

district of North Norfolk. Formation Beacon Hill is a part of the Cromer Ridge which is a ridge of old glacial moraines (terminal moraine) that stands next to the coast above Cromer. BBC Coast The Cromer Ridge seems to have been the front line of the ice sheet for some time at the last glaciations, which is shown by the large size of the feature. All the material

Kirkland Lake

at the Holloway-Holt Gold Mine Complex near Matheson (Matheson, Ontario) in the second quarter of 2007. The mine has a forecast production rate of 75,000-100,000 ounces of gold per annum for the next seven years, and will employ over 100 people. * Tres-Or Resources Ltd. continues to return high quality results from its diamond exploration efforts southwest of Kirkland Lake. The richness of the finds, the large size of the host kimberlite pipes, plus expected low mine construction and operating costs in the area indicate a very positive future in this wholly new area of economic activity. Exploration continues. If more kimberlite structures are found, and the price of diamonds increases as expected, a mine could be in the making within 10 years. Through the 1990s, one of the town's dominant political and economic controversies surrounded a proposal to ship Toronto's garbage to the Adams Mine, an abandoned open pit mine in Boston Township (Boston Township, Ontario) just outside of Kirkland Lake. Kirkland Lake is also self-sufficient when it comes to power production with a generator that produces up to 117MW. Kirkland Lake also has a shopping mall with stores including Ardene, Box Office Entertainment and The Source by Circuit City, Carlton Cards, Dollarama, easyhome, Hart Stores, North Shore Outfitters, ReMax and Warehouse One. to Kirkland Lake, Ontario '''117 SOUTH:''' to Val-d'Or - - Kirkland Lake Bill Enouy (S) (acc.) -


it is very important to the economy. People have changed their paddy fields to ponds, and are cultivating fish. Prawns, sometimes reaching a very large size in the winter, are sold in Mymensingh in great numbers. The entire area between Durgabari Road,and Maharaja Road comprises the traditional shopping area. There are places like Ganginarpar, Boro Bazaar, Choto Bazaar, Mechua Bazaar within this area. There are spots like Jilapi Patty which is for making and selling jilapi. The main road from Notunbazar to the railway station hosts a number of shops for manufactured products and clothing on the two sides. The old colonial brothels in a moderate Muslim country is a paradox, involving prostitution, drugs and crimes. Public utilities Dmoz:Regional Asia Bangladesh Localities Mymensingh WikiPedia:Mymensingh Commons:Mymensingh District

Veliky Novgorod

Krivich tribe in 882 when Oleg of Novgorod took it in passing from Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod) to Kiev. The town was first attested two decades earlier, when the Varangian (Varangians) chieftains Askold and Dir, while on their way to Kiev, decided against challenging Smolensk on account of its large size and population. In the same 1340 Simeon engaged in his first military standoff with Veliky Novgorod. Simeon claimed his right to collect taxes in the Novgorodian town

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