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beach is a beautiful pristine white sandy beach which was abandoned for over 25 years and the current developer acquired it through purchase. Amani-y is also the site of the infamous "Zombie hole", 200 meters deep reef which features large "Elephant Ears" fan coral, sponge tubes, black coral, blue tang, sea urchins, and many more. It provides for easy access to the region’s famous historical sites such as: The Palace with 365 doors and 52 windows in Petite-Riviere de

Porto Seguro

. It was headed by Pedro Álvares Cabral with a crew of expert sailors including Bartolomeu Dias, Nicolau Coelho and scrivener Pêro Vaz de Caminha. To avoid the calms off the coast of Gulf of Guinea, they sailed in a southwesterly direction, in a large "volta do mar". On 21 April a mountain was visible, then named ''Monte Pascoal''; on 22 April they landed on the coast of Brazil, and on 25 April the entire fleet sailed into the harbor called '' Porto Seguro

Snoqualmie, Washington

of the region. In response to these high prices, people had created a large "squatting" community, building where they wanted regardless of land ownership or interests. The first challenge that the city council faced was lowering lot prices and migrating these buildings off of the public right-of way, establishing the basic layout of the town that exists to this day. In 1917, a new all-electric lumber mill (only the second ever in the U.S.) opened across the river from Snoqualmie

Somali Republic

designed to frustrate their efforts. Among these was the practice of mislabeling the Somali rebels' ethnically-based claims as ''shifta'' ("bandit") activity, cordoning off of the NFD as a "scheduled" area, confiscating or slaughtering Somali livestock, sponsoring ethnic cleansing campaigns against the region's inhabitants, and setting up large "protected villages" or concentration camps. Rhoda E. Howard, ''Human Rights

Chinatown, Oakland

of Oakland Chinatown. Japantown Atlas. Accessed 2010-08-14. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, all Japanese Americans were sent to internment (Japanese American internment) camps. The Masuda family had posted a large "I Am An American" sign outside their Oakland grocery store, Wanto Company, at 8th and Franklin streets which was photographed by Dorothea Lange. "I Am An American" photo


; The contingent arrived in Suakin on 29 March and were attached to a brigade that consisted of Scots, Grenadier and Coldstream Guards. They subsequently marched for Tamai in a large "square" formation made up of 10,000 men. Reaching the village, they burned huts and returned to Suakin: three Australians were wounded in minor fighting. Most of the contingent was then sent to work on a railway line that was being laid across the desert towards Berber (Berber, Sudan), on the Nile

Moose Jaw

aerobatic jet and Mac the Moose are large roadside attractions of Moose Jaw on the #1 highway at the tourist info center. Moose Jaw Trolley Company (1912) is still offering trolley tours of Moose Jaw. Temple Garden's Mineral Spa,<

–Canada. Capone's Car, Moose Family and Mac the Moose are all large roadside attractions of Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan). Moose Jaw Trolley Company (1912) is still an operating electric cable trolleys offering tours of Moose Jaw. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, ref>

;Stats" Capone's Car, Moose Family and Mac the Moose are all large roadside attractions of Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan). Moose Jaw Trolley Company (1912) is still an operating electric cable trolleys offering tours of Moose Jaw. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort, Tunnels of Moose Jaw, ref

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

. The package was named Snack Brands Australia and was sold to Dollar Sweets Holdings. Coincidentally Frito-Lay's British subsidiary Walkers (Walkers Crisps) are the successor to the original Smiths Crisps Ltd. of England. Recently, portions contained in "large&quot; bags of Smith's Snackfood products has diminished, from in some cases, 220g down to 175g. In 2005, faced industry criticism, due to a peering arrangement with other major ISPs. The "Big Four" ISPs at the time, Telstra, Optus, OzEmail and, formed a controversial arrangement where they agreed not to charge each other for data interconnection costs, while charging smaller ISPs a fee for the same service. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) declined to take action in the case. In Western Australia, VSU was partially enacted by the state Liberal Party government, only to be rescinded when the ALP regained power. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (w:Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has held discussion with eBay, but declined to comment. The Australian Consumers Association (w:Australian Consumers Association) spokesman Christopher Zinn said the unique use of PayPal could give rise to competition issues, however if the costs charged stayed as they were, they had no further concerns.

Essex County, Ontario

and early 19th century the French ventured east along the south shore of Lake Saint Clair and settled in the present day areas of Belle River (Belle-Rivière), Rochester, Tecumseh, Saint-Joachim and Stoney Point (Pointe-aux-Roche). These communities still have a large &quot;francophone" population. Amherstburg (Amherstburg, Ontario) and Sandwich (Sandwich, Ontario) were the first towns established in Essex County, both in 1796 after the British finally ceded and evacuated Fort Detroit


Nations Security Council Resolution 1484 Resolution 1484 . In the same month an observer died in a mine explosion. In May 2003 two military observers were savagely killed by a militia. thumb 230px North Kivu (Image:Kivu.png) and South Kivu ("the Kivus") '''Kivu''' was the name for a large &quot;Region" in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the rule of Mobutu Sese Seko that bordered Lake Kivu. It included three "Sub-Regions" ("Sous-Regions

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