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Alba Iulia

," in John-Paul Himka, James T. Flynn, James Niessen, eds. ''Religious Compromise, Political Salvation: the Greek Catholic Church and Nation-building in Eastern Europe'' (Pittsburgh: Carl Beck Papers, 1993). (ordered via USMAI); received Wednesday, March 11, 2009): 49-51 On October 21, 1948, a large popular assembly took place at Alba Iulia, organised by the Interior Ministry (Ministry of Administration and Interior (Romania)). 20,000 Greek-Catholic clergy (including


and amusing masquerading. This custom is very old, going back to pagan rituals. With the passage of time it has acquired a different, purely entertaining character, with a large, popular following. The festival starts with the entrance parade of the King Carnival, followed by a fancy-dress competition for children. During the Carnival parade in the main streets, large crowds from all over the island gather to watch the floats with the serenade and other masqueraded groups. Many fancy-dress balls and parties take place at many hotels every night. During the first quarter of September, the great Wine Festival of Cyprus takes place in the Limassol Municipal Garden, every evening between 8.00 hrs – 23.00 hrs. During the festival the visitor has the chance to taste some of the best Cyprus wines, which are offered free of charge. On some evenings, various groups from Cyprus and abroad perform folk dancing (folk dance) and there are also choirs and others. Other festivals are Yermasogeia Flower Festival (May), Festival of the Flood (June), Shakespearean nights (Shakespearean nights, Cyprus) and Festival of Ancient Greek Drama (International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, Cyprus). Furthermore, the city of Limassol introduced the first Beer festival in July 2003. This is a three-day dance festival by the sea in the heart of the city centre. Visitors can enjoy a variety of Cypriot beers and imported beers, such as KEO, Heineken (Heineken Pilsener), Amstel (Amstel Brewery) and Becks (Beck's Brewery). The entrance to the festival is free of charge and beers are sold at low prices, complemented by a mix of international music. Festivals in Limassol The sixth Junior Eurovision Song Contest was held in Limassol, in the Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Centre (Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center). Sports thumb Limassol Marathon logo. (File:Limassolmarathonlogo.jpg) thumb left Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center (File:Spyros Kiprianou Sports Centre Limassol.jpg) thumb left 160px Skatepark in Molos area (File:Limassol new seaside skateboard desk night Limassol Republic of Cyprus.jpg)thumb 150px Bicycle lane in Molos area. (File:Limassol bicycle lane by night Limassol Republic of Cyprus.jpg) Apollon Limassol and AEL FC (AEL Limassol) are the two major sport clubs in Limassol, which have football (Association football), basketball and volleyball teams. In basketball, Apollon and AEL are very powerful teams). In football, both teams Apollon and AEL play in First Division (Cypriot First Division). Aris Limassol (Aris Limassol F.C.) is another football team which plays in First Division and like AEL is one of the founding teams of the Cyprus Football Association (KOP). AEL women volleyball teams is the permanent champion of Cyprus. There are also teams in athletics (Track and field athletics), bowling, cycling and other sports. The football stadium of Limassol is Tsirion (Tsirion Stadium), with capacity of 16 000, which hosts the three football teams of Limassol and in the past it hosted Cyprus national football team. It was used also for athletics. There are various other stadiums for other sports in Limassol. The Apollon Limassol basketball stadium, hosted the 2003 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Europe South Regional Challenge Cup Final Four. The two basketball teams of Limassol participated and AEL became the first Cypriot sport team to win a European Trophy. In 2006, Limassol hosted the FIBA Europe All Star Game (All-star game) in Spyros Kiprianou Sports Centre, as it had the year before. Also, in the Limassol district the Cyprus Rally (Cyprus Rally) was hosted for World Rally Championship and currently is organizing the Intercontinental Rally Challenge. Limassol also has an independent civilian Rugby Union team, the Limassol Crusaders, who play at the AEK Achileas Stadium and participate in the Joint Services Rugby League. There is a professional handball (team handball) team, APEN Agiou Athanasiou. An annual marathon event takes place each year in Limassol the Limassol International Marathon GSO. Rowing and canoeing are rapidly becoming very popular in Limassol, due to the 3 Nautical clubs in the city of Limassol. The Germasoyia dam is the place for both practising and competitions. International relations WikiPedia:Limassol Commons:Category:Limassol


thumb right 300px Mosque of Hassan Basha (File:Pasha mosque Oran.jpg) El Hamri is a too large popular district in the center of Oran known under French rule as Lamur. One finds there the football club Mouloudia d'Oran. '''Neighborhood streets''' * Avenue of Lamur * Street Captain-Rahou * Sebbalet Ayada * Place The Sahara * Gahwat Ettoubi * Street Staoueli * Street Djemaa Gazouna * Street Bougandoura * Street Belhadri Smain Sidi El Houari The historical district is a suburb in the north of the d'Oran city. One finds l ancian Saint-Louis college there, as well as the old mosque of the Pasha dating from the 17th century. In this district the skin of Saint-Patron of the city in the name of "Sidi El Houari" rests;. Other tourist curiosities: one ancient prefecture of the data base Stalingrad, the Spanish vestiges dating from the 16th century, and especially the Palate of the Bey d'Oran. Oranian agglomeration thumb right Fort Mers el-Kebir (File:Fort Mers el-Kebir.jpg) thumb right Oran Madagh (File:Oran Madagh.jpg) thumb right The Great Library (ex. Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d'Oran Cathédrale d'Oran (File:Cathédrale Oran.jpeg)) The Oranian metropolis comprises several communes. 400px center (File:DZ 31 Oran.svg) Mers-El-Kébir The Municipality of Mers-El-Kebir is located north-west of Oran, about seven km ( Wikipedia:Oran Commons:Category:Oran


of Starbucks where tea replaces coffee as the beverage of choice. An excellent place to sample a wide variety of green and oolong teas from the comprehensive picture menu. Each tea is served in its own characteristic style teapot along with plentiful hot (mineral) water. If the tea isn't enough, shaved ice red bean dessert, stinky tofu and Wi-Fi access are all available too. Nightclubs There are several large popular clubs in Hangzhou that cater to a generally un-sophisticated house music crowd, although they often have famous DJs visiting. Tables are hard to come by later on at night, and usually you cannot book. Tipping the server may help you find a table. Drinks may take a while to come, so perhaps ordering a bottle of liquor and mixers for the table would reduce the amount of time waiting for drinks. Clubs are generally safe, but bouncers are in-effective so stay away from trouble. *'''SOS''', Huanglong Road and Tianmushan Road. The big boy of Hangzhou, and is truly massive, with advanced sound and light, and is always full. SOS has fewer regulars, and more out-of-town clubbers. *'''G+''', in the Wahaha Building on Qingchun Road. The more sophisticated of the big clubs, catering to slightly better heeled 20-30's crowd. *'''Coco''', Wangtang Road and Wensan West Road. Smaller club on the West side that attracts many expats. Music is more alternative for Hangzhou, and usually there are foreign DJs. *'''Crystal Grape bottle''',If you are thirsty, there have many places to get some drinks.In the supermarket shelves, placed a lot of a superb collection of beautiful things, not counting the beverage, apple juice, orange juice, ice black tea, green tea ... ... A name that makes people be unable to hide one's greed. I let my mother to buy a bottle of grape drink.Crystal Grape bottle is thin and tall, about 20 centimeters high, there is a bottle with a pattern of green plastic paper, above has a small grape, opening the mouth, seems to have happened in pleased with oneself, and seemed to tell me what. Sleep Budget * '''Hangzhou Garden Youth Hostel''' opened in 2006 on ZhaoGong Causeway near the Hangzhou Botanic Gardens on the western shore of West Lake. It is part of Hostelling International and consists of a beautifully restored historic courtyard building. Dorm rooms have very clean, upmarket ensuite bathrooms with 24 hr hot water. The hostel is very convenient for walking and sightseeing around West Lake but its biggest drawback is the distance to restaurants and nightlife. It is a 15 minute walk to the bar tea house restaurant strip on Shuguang Road. * '''Hangzhou International Youth Hostel''', Nanshan Road (right on the east side of the lake and just off "bar street", next to Qing Temple). Run by Hosteling International and has a friendly staff. ¥40 w membership, ¥45 without membership, per night, 6 people to a room (you can get doubles as well for about ¥200, including a lakeview double for ¥250). All rooms and toilet shower are extremely clean. Despite being literally a few paces from the clubs of Nanshan Road, this hostel is set back far enough to be relatively noise free and features a comfortable courtyard patio with a pond. The lobby also has a boring bar and an all-right breakfast. * '''My Inn Hotel''', (我的客栈), opened in 2007 on #264 of QiuTao Rd, ShangCheng District, near the South Bus Station or ChangDuQiCheNanZhan, (长途汽车南站). Comfortable rooms without TV, although has a computer in rooms with internet at ¥20 (optional). Bathrooms are clean, there is a convenience store in the lobby, and laundry, kitchen and business facilities in the building. Phone 4008280082, plenty of bus routes can be taken at the hotel front street. Address in Chinese: 杭州市上城区秋涛路264号(长途汽车南站对面.) ¥99 per night. * '''Pod Inn''', (布丁酒店), several locations in Hangzhou, including two near West Lake. Similar in concept to My Inn with small, two person rooms starting at ¥95 a night and larger rooms at higher price points. WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou


The large popular courtyard is a great place to relax and watch the sunset. Friendly service. Rock music. * WikiPedia:Vilnius Dmoz:Regional Europe Lithuania Localities Vilnius Commons:Category:Vilnius

Kingston upon Hull

. Journey time from Manchester is about 2 hours, and from Leeds a little under 1 hour. Regular, quick connections from Manchester Airport are available by changing at Huddersfield (same platform, normally) or Manchester. There is an hourly fast service to and from Sheffield via Doncaster on Northern Rail. This service calls at Meadowhall which is a large, popular shopping centre in Sheffield. An hourly local, stopping service also operates


If Communists succeeded in taking over the rest of Indochina, Eisenhower argued, local groups would then have the encouragement, material support and momentum to take over Burma, Thailand, Malaya (Federation of Malaya) and Indonesia; all of these countries had large popular Communist movements and insurgencies within their borders at the time. In Burma, the sphinx is known as ''manussiha (Chinthe#Manussiha)'' (''manuthiha''). It is depicted on the corners of Buddhist

South Africa

of the hip-hop in Angola from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Botswana ''Botswana'' has never had a large popular music industry, with most of its recorded music coming from South Africa or further abroad. However, since about 1999, Batswana hip hop performers have begun to gain mainstream acceptance; the record label Phat Boy has done a lot to promote Botswana hip hop. The hip hop movement in Botswana has grown over the years as evidenced by the release over the years

;, inspired by the 1995 "Sant'Egidio Platform" document. Bouteflika's plan aims at concluding his efforts of ending the civil war (Algerian Civil War), from a political and judicial point of view. He obtained large popular support with this referendum and has since instructed the government and Parliament (Politics of Algeria#Legislative branch) to work on the technical details of its implementation. Critics claimed that the plan will only grant immunity to members of the armed forces (Military of Algeria) responsible for crimes, as well as to terrorists (terrorism) and have argued for a plan similar to South Africa's "truth and reconciliation commission" to be adopted instead. Bouteflika dismissed the calls, claiming that each country needs to find its own solutions to ending painful chapters of its history. He has received large political support on this issue, from both the Islamist (Islamism) and the Nationalist (Nationalism) camps, and from parts of the Democrat (Democracy)ic opposition. All in all, Algeria's foreign policy under Bouteflika remains hinged on same axis as under earlier governments, emphasizing South-South ties, especially with growing Third World powers (China, South Africa, Brazil, etc.) and guarding the country's independence in decision-making visavis the West, although simultaneously striving for good trade relations and non-confrontational political relations with the EU and USA. Organizations affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Incorporated exist in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and elsewhere. Some national and regional barbershop groups include: Movement of thermohaline circulation Formation and movement of the deep water masses at the North Atlantic Ocean, creates sinking water masses that fill the basin and flows very slowly into the deep abyssal plains of the Atlantic. This high latitude cooling and the low latitude heating drives the movement of the deep water in a polar southward flow. The deep water flows through the Antarctic Ocean Basin around South Africa where it is split into two routes: one into the Indian Ocean and one past Australia into the Pacific. '''Impi Linux''' was a South African Linux distribution which focused on the enterprise and government sector. The project name originally referred to Impi meaning warrior in the Zulu language. In September 2005, Mark Shuttleworth invested R (South African rand)10 million in return for 65% of Impi Linux. Company history Impi Linux has a long history, but has managed to transform from an open source project into a company. The project started from a discussion on the South African Gauteng Linux Users Group, GLUG. The first meeting in late 2001 was held at Andre Coetzee's home and got the project off to a slow start with more discussions about the name of the distro than that of its would-be technical merits. Interestingly, one of the names initially put forward was Ubuntu (Ubuntu (philosophy)). Attendees of the first meeting were: Andre Truter, Ross Addis, then chairman of GLUG, Andre Coetzee of Cubit Accounting, Craig Main, Mischa Capazario, Eugene Grimsdell, Norio De Souza, Andrew McGill, Laurens Steenkamp and others, all members of GLUG. Customised releases In June 2005, Impi Linux delivered a customized version of the distribution to Exclusive Books, a large South African book retailer for use on the point of sale terminals. Exclusive Books continue to use the distribution in all of their stores across South Africa and in Nigeria WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa


van Bruinessen, Stefano Allievi accessdate 30 July 2013 chapter An emerging European Islam: The case of the Minhaj ul Quran in the Netherlands and Shahbaz Qalander in Sehwan, Sindh (ca. 12th century). Commons:Category:Pakistan WikiPedia:Pakistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan


''llardons'' (sing. ''llardó'') are a specially prepared, pressed variety. The latter are also known regionally as ''greixons'' (sing. ''greixó'') or ''llardufes'' (sing. ''llardufa''), among other names. Portugal has ''torresmos'' and ''couratos'', the latter normally on sale at large popular gatherings, such as football matches, usually on a sandwich, and accompanied by beer. In the Netherlands, they are known as ''knabbelspek'', which translates to "nibbling bacon". They are usually sold with no flavorings other than salt at most butchers and supermarkets. They are usually eaten as a snack food. In Denmark, they are known as ''flæskesvær'' and can be found in most grocery stores and kiosks. In Austria, they have recently become popular as ''Schweinekrusten'' (pig crusts). The '''UEFA Regions' Cup''' is a football (association football) competition for amateur (Amateur sports#Association football) teams in Europe, run by UEFA. It was held for the first time in 1999 (1999 UEFA Regions' Cup) and has been played biennially since. The first champions were the Italian (Italy) ''Veneto'' team and the current holders are Portugal's ''Braga''. The guided-missile cruiser arrived in Boston on 16 February 1967 and immediately began a six-month yard overhaul. On 1 August, near the completion of the yard period, ''Springfield'' again changed home ports - this time to Norfolk, Va. She arrived at Yorktown, Va., on 6 August and, on 1 September, relieved

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