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with the establishment of large national companies in the logistics sector and production and investment of large networks of the service sector. The city is close to major consumer markets of Brazil, São Paulo and Curitiba, and is a conduit for the export of goods through the port of Paranaguá and the Hall of Mercosur, the highway that connects the south of Brazil for the Mercosur countries. It is the fourth largest city of Paraná exporter and the tenth South 5 in particular, to Japan and Europe

in regions of Av Souza Naves, Av Pres. Kennedy and PR 151. In the service sector, the city has a large supermarket chains, such as the Big Supermarket (controlled by the giant Wal-Mart), shopping malls, popular fast-food (like McDonald's, Bob's and Burger King) and Habib's already announced, as well as large national stores and regional department, electronics and retail. The city has one of the highest GDP of Paraná and, paradoxically, has pronounced deficits in infrastructure. Evidence

NHS Wales

, Admiral Insurance, HBOS, Zurich (Zurich Financial Services), ING Direct, The AA (The Automobile Association), Principality Building Society, 118118 (118 118 (UK)), British Gas (Centrica plc), Brains (SA Brain & Company Ltd), SWALEC Energy (SWALEC) and BT (BT Group), all operate large national or regional headquarters and contact centres in the city, some of them based in Cardiff's office towers such as Capital Tower (Capital Tower, Cardiff) and Brunel House

Bayda, Libya

banks, including the Office of the Central Bank of Libya in the city center. There is also the Agricultural Research Centre and the main animal and large national firms, such as Brega Oil Marketing Company and Gulf Oil, are important to the city's economy. Coupled with an increase in consumer prices, is an increase in the importance of the retail sector in the economy of the city. In recent years, international companies such as United Colors of Benetton, H & M, and Nike, have opened


for night life is outside of Jeonbuk National University, the large national university in Jeonju. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants; you're sure to find something that you like there. Foreign bars in Jeonju include J.R.'s Saloon, Deepin, Art & Travel, Tombstone and Mexico. Sleep * ja:全州


of skin cancer in April 1972 at the age of 62. thumb right 250px Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum Accra Memorial (Image:kwame nkrumah tomb accra ghana.jpg) Close Up Nkrumah was buried in a tomb in the village of his birth, Nkroful, Ghana. While the tomb remains in Nkroful, his remains were transferred to a large national memorial tomb and park in Accra. *The British in Freetown intercepted this message, but believing it might be a ''ruse de guerre'', refused to credit it, yet still


created Northwestel in 1979, and Bell Canada Enterprises acquired the company in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary. Bell Canada sold its 22 exchanges in the eastern region of the NWT to Northwestel in 1992, and BCE transferred ownership of the company to Bell Canada in 1999. Northwestel's operating area was in 2001 opened to long distance competition (which has materialized only in the form of prepaid card business, and service to large national customers with some operating locations in the north) and in 2007 to resale of local telephone service (which has not yet occurred). Transportation Pond Inlet is most readily accessible by airplane through a connection in Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital to Pond Inlet Airport. The ocean is ice free for as long as three and a half months when tourist cruise ships visit and goods can be transported to the community by sealift cargo carrying ships. Fresh food such as fruits, vegetables and milk is flown from Montreal to Pond Inlet several times a week, a distance of about WikiPedia:Iqaluit, Nunavut Dmoz:Regional North America Canada Nunavut Localities Iqaluit Commons:Category:Iqaluit

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

a large national park which includes the entire region of Gornja Neretva ''( )'', and have within the park the three hydroelectric power plants (Hydroelectricity). The latest idea is that the park should be divided in two, where the Neretva should be excluded from both and would become the boundary between parks. Those who oppose the plan wish to have the area turned into the ''National Park of Upper Neretva'' and would leave the park without large development. ref


Safety , Canada Command can allocate military resources to assist civil authorities in humanitarian capacity, and if the Emergencies Act is activated, in peace enforcement capacity. The command can also be called to coordinate military resources in support of law enforcement and federal agencies as part of an Integrated Security Unit during large national events. This was the case during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the 2010 G-8 Huntsville summit (36th G8 summit) and the 2010 G-20 Toronto summit. Routine operations conducted by Canada Command include the deployment of support elements to various Royal Canadian Mounted Police operations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Canadian Coast Guard in sea and coastal patrol and the war on drugs in the Caribbean, and Parks Canada in security enforcement and avalanche control. The command is also the main coordinator of joint exercises, such as the annual Operation Nanook (Operation Nanook (disambiguation)), and a multitude of field exercises and manoeuvres. The control and coordination of military resources placed under Canada Command is assumed at the national level and through six regional task forces: * Joint Task Force (North), based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, includes all Canadian territories north of the 60th parallel: Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut; * Joint Task Force (Pacific), based at the CFB Esquimalt naval base in British Columbia and commanded by the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific, includes British Columbia, its coastlines and the Pacific maritime approaches; Buffalo Air Express Buffalo also operates a courier service as Buffalo Air Express which started in 1982 83. They offer service throughout the Northwest Territories (NWT) and Northern Alberta. In association with Global Interline Network they can ship around the world from bases in Yellowknife, Edmonton and Hay River. Buffalo Air Express Buffalo Air Express at Buffalo Airways It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Wendy Bisaro. Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife and includes Detah (Dettah, Northwest Territories) and N'Dilo (N'Dilo, Northwest Territories). Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Bob Bromley. Members page It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Bob McLeod (Bob McLeod (politician)). Members page It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Dave Ramsay. Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Robert Hawkins (Robert Hawkins (Northwest Territories politician)). Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) '''CBC North''' is the name for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio and television service in the Canadian Arctic. Originally known as the CBC Northern Service, its first operations began in 1958 with radio broadcasts (including the takeover of CFYK (CFYK (AM))—originally a Royal Canadian Signal Corps-owned, community-run station in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, which began broadcasting in 1948). Around the same time, the CBC took over CHFC in Fort Churchill (then an army camp in northern Manitoba); the station had previously run a variety of programs, including American AFRS shows. Peter Mansbridge is its most distinguished alumnus. The station in Churchill was closed in the late 1970s and moved to Rankin Inlet as CBQR-FM. The primary CBC North television production centre is in Yellowknife (CFYK (CFYK-TV)), with smaller production centres in Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon) (CFWH (CFWH-TV)) and Iqaluit (CFFB (CFFB-TV)). The CBC North television service is seen through a network of both CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)-owned and community-owned rebroadcasters in virtually all communities in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Nunavut. CBC North is essentially a television system within a larger network, airing the same programming as CBC Television (with some exceptions). The station airs an hour-long evening news program known as ''CBC News: Northbeat (CBC Television local newscasts)'', anchored by Randy Henderson. It was the sole local newscast that was not merged into Canada Now from 2000 to 2006. The song appears on an album of the same name (Northwest Passage (album)) released by Rogers in 1981, and is considered one of the classic songs in Canadian music history. In the 2005 CBC Radio One series ''50 Tracks: The Canadian Version'', "Northwest Passage" ranked fourth, behind only Neil Young's "Heart of Gold (Heart of Gold (Neil Young song))", Barenaked Ladies' "If I Had $1,000,000" and Ian and Sylvia's "Four Strong Winds". It has been referred to as one of Canada's unofficial anthems by Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Canada) Stephen Harper, "''Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to end by leaving you with a line from Stan Rogers’ unofficial Canadian anthem – Northwest Passage.''" Address by the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 17 August 2006 in Yellowknife. and former Governor General (Governor General of Canada) Adrienne Clarkson quoted the song both in her first official address Canadian Encyclopedia and in her speech at the dedication of the new Canadian embassy in Berlin. "Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson: Speech on the Occasion of the Official Opening of the Canadian Embassy" * Falls of Neuse Road is the first article is a series of articles I would like to do for Streets in Raleigh, NC. If I can get this to be an actual article, I will add photos and possibly a map. Please be kind and vote for this article. --Master Redyva (User:REDYVA) (talk (User talk:REDYVA)) 19:23, 23 November 2007 (UTC) * '''Do not delete.''' Please review the article. The road is notable. It has history, current and past. It is not just a road. I have tried to clean the article up to get rid of non-encyclopedic phrasing. With work, this could be a better article, even providing information for people in Yellowknife. Master Redyva (User:REDYVA) (talk (User talk:REDYVA)) 20:00, 29 November 2007 (UTC) *'''Keep or Merge''' SameDayService (User:SameDayService) 23:35, 30 November 2007 (UTC) thumb 250px Yellowknife River looking downstream near where it flows under the Ingraham Trail (File:Yellowknife River downstream.JPG) The '''Yellowknife River''' is a river in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It flows south and empties into Yellowknife Bay, part of Great Slave Lake, at the city of Yellowknife. The name of the river derives from the Yellowknife tribe (Yellowknife (tribe)), a First Nations people that formerly lived in the area. - Yellowknife (Regional Hospital) Heliport (List of heliports in Canada#294) CEH7 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - - '''Yellowknife Airport''' CYZF YZF Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - - Yellowknife Water Aerodrome CEN9 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - Wikipedia:Yellowknife,_Northwest_Territories Commons:Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


*Catholic University Redemptoris Mater (UNICA) Catholic University Economy thumb left Inter-Continental Hotel and Metrocentro Mall (File:Hotel Inter-Continental Metrocentro.jpg) Managua is the economic center and a generator of services for the majority of the nation. The city, with a population exceeding two million inhabitants, houses many large national and international businesses. It is home to many factories which produce

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