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Bani Zeid

was common among village manor (Manor house)s in the area, the gate of Sheikh Salih's palace was "particularly monumental" as the arch was pointed and contained one keystone (Keystone (architecture)). The entire arch was constructed in the ''ablaq'' style with alternating black and white stone. A large, heavy and decorated wooden door is fitted into the gate and it was used to receive vehicles or large loads while a smaller door for personal use was built in the center of the larger door


of a busy longer-distance line, is not suited to large heavy trains, therefore line speeds are generally restricted to a maximum of 30 mph (for locomotive-hauled trains). Parish church and memorials Coalville's parish church, Christ Church on London Road, was built between 1836 and 1838 (additions were made in 1853, 1894–95 and 1936). Pevsner, Nikolaus (1960) ''The Buildings of England: Leicestershire and Rutland'', Penguin Books, p. 88 ref


. There are usually buskers around the town square and Christchurch also hosts the World Buskers Festival in January each year. Singer songwriter Hayley Westenra launched her international career by busking in Christchurch. Soon she was signed to Universal Music Group New Zealand, then later to Decca Label Group in London, England, where she now bases her career. Christchurch also has an active and relatively large Metal scene (Heavy metal music), with metal


to large heavy trains, therefore line speeds are generally restricted to a maximum of 30&nbsp;mph (for locomotive-hauled trains). '''Uppingham''' is a market town in the county of Rutland in the East Midlands of England, located on the A47 (A47 road) between Leicester and Peterborough, about 6 miles south of the county town, Oakham. '''Coalville''' is a town in North West Leicestershire, England, with a population estimated in 2003 to be almost 33,000.<


require a change at Nottingham. The track from Boston (Boston railway station) to Skegness, although once part of a busy longer-distance line, is not suited to large heavy trains, therefore line speeds are generally restricted to a maximum of 30&nbsp;mph (for locomotive-hauled trains). When next morning Peace appeared before the magistrate at Greenwich Police Court he was not described by name—he had refused to give any—but as "a half-caste about sixty years of age, of repellent aspect


n pampas. Shackleford, Steven, ''Blade's Guide to Knives & Their Values'', (7th ed.), Iola, WI: Krause Publications, ISBN 1-4402-0387-3, 9781440203879 (2010), p. 395 Often fitted with an elaborately decorated metal hilt and sheath, the ''facón'' has a large, heavy blade measuring from 25 cm (10 in.) to 51 cm (20 in.) in length. Domenech, Abel A., ''Knives 1988: Knives of the Gauchos'', (Ken Warner, ed.), Northbrook IL: DBI Books, Inc


. Size and color vary within that range. The Cape Chacma (''P. ursinus ursinus'') from southern South Africa is a large, heavy, dark brown baboon with black feet. Another subspecies, the Gray-footed Chacma (''P. u. griseipes''), is present from northern South Africa to southern Zambia. It is slightly smaller than the Cape Chacma, lighter in color and build, and has gray feet. The Ruacana Chacma (''P. u. ruacana'') is found in Namibia and southern Angola, and generally appears to be a smaller, less


of Helmstedt . '''Ernst Otto Schlick''' (June 16, 1840, Grimma - April 10, 1913, Hamburg) was a German (Germans) engineer. He, along with Henry Bessemer attempted to solve the problem of the rolling of ships by installing large heavy gyroscopes. Although these proved to be too cumbersome, they are the ancestors of the gyroscopes used in autopilots. File:Aosheu.jpg Advanced Org Saint Hill Europe, Copenhagen, headquarters for Europe

White House

. On April 5, Seward was thrown from his carriage, suffering a concussion, a jaw broken in two places, and a broken right arm. Doctors improvised a jaw splint to repair his jaw (this is often mistakenly called a 'neck brace'). On the night of the assassination he was still restricted to the bed at his Washington home in Lafayette Park (President's Park), not too far from the White House. Herold guided Powell to Seward's residence. Powell was carrying an 1858 Whitney revolver, which was a large

, heavy and popular gun during the Civil War. In addition, he carried a silver-handled bowie knife. title Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582 description Awadagin Pratt performs Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582 on a piano at the White House Evening of Classical Music on November 4, 2009. In addition from 11:22 to 11:27, he salutes United States President Barack Obama with a few bars of "Hail to the Chief"


. Sound Suppression Water System page at NASA's http: nasafact count4ssws.htm The suppression system reduces the acoustic sound level to approx 142 dB (Decibel). thumb 250px right NASA illustration of Magnum booster. (Image:Magnum Booster Rocket.jpg) The '''Magnum''' is a large heavy-lift rocket designed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center during the mid-1990s. The Magnum, which never made it past the preliminary design phase, would have

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