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Huízú Zìzhìxiàn 180,000 393 458 Economics Cangzhou's urban center is a heavily industrial city but the city's administrative territory also includes strongly agricultural areas, and is well known in China for its Chinese jujube (jujube)s (Chinese dates) and pear (widely known under the export name of ''Tianjin Ya Pear''). The North China Oil Field is within Cangzhou City's jurisdiction. Cangzhou also encompasses a large fishing port and the coal-exporting Huanghua Harbour. Geography and transportation thumb left Map of the Grand Canal and vicinity (Image:Modern Course of Grand Canal of China.png) !-- Wikipedia:Cangzhou


in Liepāja until mid-1990s, and it was transported to Kaliningrad and is now placed near the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation headquarters in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the Soviet era, a large fishing trawler and Pioneer (Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union) detachments were named after him. background solo_singer Birthplace Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast, Azerbaijan SSR, USSR genre Pop, Folk, Romance website '''André''', born '''Andrey Hovnanian''' ( Wikipedia:Stepanakert Commons:Category:Stepanakert


. Their share of the population of Yakutia lowered during Soviet rule due to forced immigration, and other relocation policies, but has slightly increased since. The principal town, Magadan, with a population of 99,399 and an area of 18 square kilometers, is the largest port of north-eastern Russia. It has a large fishing fleet and remains open year-round with the help of icebreakers. Magadan is served by the nearby Sokol Airport. There are many public and private farming enterprises. Gold mining works, pasta and sausage plants, fishing companies, and a distillery form the city's industrial base. Shalamov was allowed to leave Magadan in November 1953 following the death of Stalin in March of that year, and was permitted to go to the village of Turkmen (Turkmen, Tver Oblast) in Kalinin Oblast (Tver Oblast), near Moscow, where he worked as a supply agent. Aksyonov remained in Kazan with his nanny and grandmother until the NKVD arrested him as a son of "enemies of the people (Enemy of the people)", and sent him to an orphanage without providing his family any information on his whereabouts. Aksyonov "remained there until rescued in 1938 by his uncle, with whose family he stayed until his mother was released into exile, having served 10 years of forced labour." "In 1947, Vasily joined her in exile in the notorious Magadan, Kolyma prison area, where he graduated from high school." Vasily's half-brother Alexei (from Ginzburg's first marriage to Dmitriy Fedorov) died from starvation in besieged Leningrad in 1941. date_death birth_place Magadan, Russia death_place '''Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov''' ( Wikipedia:Magadan Commons:Category:Magadan


of Shusha. The statue from Liepāja was going to be destroyed too by the order of the new independent Latvian authorities, but it was rescued by the Russian Navy, located in Liepāja until mid-1990s, and it was transported to Kaliningrad and is now placed near the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation headquarters in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the Soviet era, a large fishing trawler and Pioneer (Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union) detachments were named after him. thumb 150px A monument of Stepanyan in the town of Shusha (Image:Nelson-Stepanyan-Shushi-DSC.jpg). There were four statues dedicated to him: one in Yerevan, the second in Liepāja, the third in Stepanakert and the last in his home town of Shusha. The statue from Liepāja was going to be destroyed too by the order of the new independent Latvian authorities, but it was rescued by the Russian Navy, located in Liepāja until mid-1990s, and it was transported to Kaliningrad and is now placed near the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation headquarters in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the Soviet era, a large fishing trawler and Pioneer (Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union) detachments were named after him. thumb Tamara Ehlert. (File:Tamara Ehlert (1959).JPG) '''Tamara Ehlert''', aka '''Tamara Traumann''' (born 28 December, 1921, in Königsberg, now Kaliningrad; died 8 September, 2008, in Munich) was a German (Germany) writer and lyricist. Trained in theatre and dance, during the Second World War she worked as a telephone and radio operator. She worked as an interpreter for the British occupation government after the war. From 1951 onwards, she was employed by the Bayerischer Rundfunk. WikiPedia:Kaliningrad Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Kaliningradskaya Oblast Kaliningrad commons:Калининград


WikiPedia:Hai Phong

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


which is largely very empty Cities *Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. *Atar *Chinguetti *Nouadhibou, large fishing centre and industrial harbour. *Tichit Other destinations Get in Citizens of all Western nations need a visa to enter. Holders of West African passports do not require a visa. As of 2009, visas for Mauritania are no longer available at on arrival at land borders, so overland travellers have to arrange them in e.g. Rabat. Single entry visa fee is €37, double entry is €52. Two passport-size photos are required, as well as a copy of the information pages of your passport. Visas are available on the next day for people of most nationalities. For most people there are no vaccinations required in Mauritania. Only ones coming from yellow fever endemic zones are required to present a vaccination certificate. By plane '''Nouakchott International Airport''' ( Commons:Category:Mauritania WikiPedia:Mauritania Dmoz:Regional Africa Mauritania


, and it was transported to Kaliningrad and is now placed near the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation headquarters in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the Soviet era, a large fishing trawler and Pioneer (Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union) detachments were named after him. However, as the terms of defeat were being negotiated between Karabekir and Armenian Foreign Minister Alexander Khatisyan, Joseph Stalin, on the command of Vladimir Lenin, ordered Grigoriy Ordzhonikidze to enter Armenia from Azerbaijan in order to establish a new pro-Bolshevik government in the country. On November 29, the Soviet Eleventh Army (Eleventh Army (Soviet Union)) invaded Armenia at Karavansarai (present-day Ijevan). Fearing the capture of Yerevan and Echmiadzin by Turkish forces in the case that the Bolsheviks should not arrive, the Armenians signed the Treaty of Alexandropol on December 2 with Turkey in which Armenia was to disarm most of its military forces, cede more than 50% of its pre-war territory, and to give up all the territories granted to it at the Treaty of Sèvres, which was not ratified by the Armenian Parliament as the Soviet invasion took place at the same time. '''Hasmik Papian''' ( WikiPedia:Yerevan Commons:Category:Yerevan


prices and exports . Zanzibar now ranks a distant third with Indonesia supplying 75 percent of the world's cloves compared to Zanzibar's 7 percent. Zanzibar exports spices, seaweed, and fine raffia. It also has a large fishing and dugout (dugout (boat)) canoe production. Tourism is a major foreign currency earner. The Government of Zanzibar legalized foreign exchange bureaux on the islands before mainland Tanzania moved to do so. The effect

Papua New Guinea

: stable 3773313 A neighboring society, the Iatmul, and the Chambri began trading goods so that each could progress and aid one another. The Chambri have been, and continue to be a large fishing community. The fish Chambri caught were in turn traded with the Iatmul to receive sago. For shell valuables the Chambri traded their hand-made tools and products. In later years as the introduction of European tools began appearing within the culture, the Iatmul no longer needed the Chambri’s tools and goods. This left the Chambri vulnerable and eventually led to the Chambri society leaving their island to protect their community from the rising Iatmul military. They returned in 1927 once peace had been restored in their area. Historically known as headhunters and a volatile group, the Chambri abandoned these tendencies once Papua New Guinea came under independent government. Culturally their society had changed due to European influences, however the personal interactions and customs within the Chambri had not. New neighboring societies were formed, trade and growth continued throughout the years as anthropologists such as Margaret Mead, Deborah Gewertz and Frederick Errington visited this tribal location and reported on their findings. Gewertz, D., & Errington, F. (1991). Twisted histories, altered contexts. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. Higgins, P., & Mukhopadyay, C. (1988). Anthropological Studies of Women’s Status Revisited: 1944-1987. Annual Review of Anthropology, 17. Retrieved from http: doi pdf 10.1146 The '''Speckled Dasyure''' (''Neophascogale lorentzi''), also known as the '''Long-clawed Marsupial Mouse''', is a member of the Dasyuromorphia order (order (biology)). It is an inhabitant of Papua (Papua (province)), Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It is the only member (Monotypic taxon) of the genus '''''Neophascogale'''''. thumb A surviving CA-16 Wirraway operating as a warbird (File:CAC CA-16 Wirraway A20-653 (VH-BFF).jpg) In 1954, Super Spread Aviation, based at Moorabbin Airport, bought two CA-16 Wirraways and modified them to perform aerial application operations. Both were almost brand-new, one having flown 9 hours and the other 12 hours; the modifications included the fitment of a hopper (wikt:hopper) and spraying equipment. In a reflection of much of what was asked of the type during wartime, the two aircraft proved to be inadequate for the task and both were de-registered on 10 April 1956 and later scrapped. Rolland, Derrick. "Aerial Agriculture in Australia: a history of the use of aircraft in agriculture and forestry". Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Ltd. 1996. ISBN 0-646-24840-5 Despite the scrapping of these two aircraft and hundreds of others, a healthy number of Wirraways survive today, in aviation museums in Australia, Papua New Guinea and in the United States; and with 10 on the Australian civil aircraft register Australian civil aircraft register searches, conducted using "CA-3", "CA-5", "CA-7", "CA-8", "CA-9" and "CA-16" as search parameters. Searches conducted 30 March 2011. in 2011; either flying or under restoration to fly as warbirds. A Wirraway being operated as a warbird crashed during an airshow at Nowra (HMAS Albatross (air station)) in 1999, killing the two occupants. Warbird Alley 1999 News Archive retrieved 2007-10-18. Membership members include the Pacific Island nations of the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. China is also a country member of SPTO. The '''Karkar language''', also known as '''Yuri''', is the sole Pauwasi language in Papua New Guinea. There are about a thousand speakers in along the Indonesian border. The '''Porome''' or '''Kibiri''' language is a Papuan language of southern Papua New Guinea. It was classified as a language isolate by Stephen Wurm, but Malcolm Ross has linked it to the Kiwaian languages, possibly part of the Trans–New Guinea family (Trans–New Guinea languages). There are over a thousand speakers. iso3 ata The '''Ata language''', also known as '''Pele-Ata''' or '''Wasi''', is a language isolate spoken on New Britain island, Papua New Guinea. It may be related to the Anêm (Anêm language) and Yélî Dnye (Yélî Dnye language) isolates in a tentative Yele-West New Britain family (East Papuan languages). There are about 2000 speakers. The '''Yélî Dnye language''', also known as '''Yele''', is the language of Rossel island, the easternmost island in the Louisiade Archipelago off the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea. There are some 4,000 speakers, the entire ethnic population, of which 400 are monoligual. For now it is best considered a language isolate, but it may turn out to be related to the Anêm (Anêm language) and Ata (Ata language) language isolates of New Britain in a tentative Yele – West New Britain family (East Papuan languages). Typologically, however, it is more similar to the languages of southern New Guinea than to those of New Britain. network_logo 200px (File:3ABN Network Logo.png) country United States, Canada, Caribbean, Philippines, Russia, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, India, Australia network_type Television (television network), Radio (radio network) July 24 2005 (Sunday) * Francis Ona, the leader of the former Bougainville Revolutionary Army, has died in village on Bougainville (Bougainville Island) following a short illness. Ona led the bloody 10-year secessionist war against Papua New Guinea that ended in 1997. (ABC News) (ABC News) * A magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurs off the Nicobar Islands at 1542 UTC, near the epicentre of the 26 December 2004 earthquake (2004 Indian Ocean earthquake). (USGS). USGS reports the quake was felt in Chennai, India, and Phuket (Phuket Province), Thailand. (USGS) '''''Mangifera caesia''''' is a species of flowering plant in the cashew family, Anacardiaceae. Common names include '''Jack''', '''Malaysian Mango''', '''Binjai''' (Malay language), '''Wani''' (Balinese language), '''yaa-lam''' (Thai language), and '''bayuno''' (Filipino language). It belongs to the same genus as the mango and is widely cultivated in areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Kerala and the Philippines. Plant description '''Ambitle''' is a volcanic island (volcano) which, together with Babase, another volcanic island, is one of the two Feni Islands in the Bismarck Archipelago. The island is located within the Papua New Guinea's New Ireland Province, to the east of the island of New Ireland (New Ireland (island)). '''Divine Word University''' is a national Catholic university in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the newest tertiary (tertiary education) institutions in the country. It was established as a university by an Act of Parliament (National Parliament of Papua New Guinea) in 1996. The university is ecumenical and coeducational, and is under the leadership of the Divine Word Missionaries. 100px Yap stone money at the village of Gachpar on Yap. (Image:Yap Stone Money.jpg) The '''Federated States of Micronesia''' comprise a republic located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Papua New Guinea. The country is a sovereign state in free association (Associated state) with the United States. 100px Huli Wigman from the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. (Image:Huli wigman.jpg) The '''Independent State of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea)''' is a country in Oceania, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands. Its capital and one of its few major cities is Port Moresby. The '''Embassy of Germany''' in Canberra is Germany's diplomatic mission to Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru. The current German ambassador is Dr Michael Witter. 100px The Florida Islands from the air. (Image:Solomon Isles.jpg) '''Solomon Islands''' is a nation in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Papua New Guinea and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. It consists of more than 990 islands, which together cover a land mass of 28,400 square kilometres. The distance between the most western and most eastern islands is about 1500 km. 150px Location of Micronesia (dark) and surrounds (light). (Image:Micronesia-large.png) '''Micronesia''' (from Greek (Greek language): μικρός ''small'', νῆσος ''island'') is the name of a region in the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines lie to the west, Indonesia to the south west, Papua New Guinea and Melanesia to the south, and Polynesia to the south-east and east. The '''Barking Owl''' (''Ninox connivens''), also known as the '''Barking Boobook''' or '''Winking Owl''', is a nocturnal bird species native to mainland Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea and the Moluccas. They are a medium-sized brown owl and have an extremely characteristic voice that can range from a barking dog noise to a shrill woman-like scream of great intensity. Barking owls are often said to be the source to the myths and legends surrounding the Bunyip. The Barking Owl lives in mainland Australia along the eastern and northern coast of the continent and the south west areas surrounding Perth (Perth, Western Australia). Inland they occupy areas near lakes and waterways or other wooded environments. They also live in drier parts of Papua New Guinea and the Moluccas (Halmahera, Morotai, Bacan and Obi). Once widespread, Barking Owls are now less common in southern mainland Australia. 100px Children dressed up for sing sing in Yengisa, Papua New Guinea. (Image:Children-in-Papua-New-Guinea.jpg) The '''culture of Papua New Guinea''' (PNG (Papua New Guinea)) is many-sided and complex. It is estimated that more than 1000 different cultural groups exist in PNG, and most groups have their own language. Because of this diversity, in which they take pride, many different styles of cultural expression have emerged; each group has created its own expressive forms in art, dance, weaponry, costumes, singing, music, architecture and much more. ***'''R21''': In indigenous peoples of Malaysia like Jahai (Jahaic languages) Negritos at 63% and Senoi 37%. **'''R14''': Found in Papua New Guinea, Haplogroup R14, Ian Logan's Mitochondrial DNA Site Nicobar Islands and Lesser Sunda Islands. Mona, Stefano et al 2009, Genetic admixture history of eastern Indonesia as revealed by Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA analysis Mol Biol Evol (2009) doi: 10.1093 molbev msp097 Also known as R12. **'''R22''' or R12: Typical for Indonesia, specially in Lesser Sunda Islands (8%). Low in Thailand. ***(16176) ****P1: Widespread in Melanesia. Higher frequencies occur in Papua New Guinea. Friedlaender, Jonathan et al 2005, Expanding Southwest Pacific mitochondrial haplogroups P and Q. MBE Advance Access published April 6, 2005 Also found in Maluku (Maluku Islands), Nusa Tenggara and Polynesia. Kayser, Manfred tl 2006, Melanesian and Asian Origins of Polynesians: mtDNA and Y Chromosome Gradients Across the Pacific ****P2'10 Haplogroup C-RPS4Y 711 (xC1-M8, C3-M217) Y-DNA has been found in 6 35 17% of a sample of Yao (Yao people) from Bama (Bama Yao Autonomous County), Guangxi in south-central China, 4 35 11% of a sample of Hui (Hui people) and 2 70 3% of a pair of samples of Uyghur (Uyghur people) from northwestern China, and 3 45 7% of a sample of Hezhe (Nani people) and 1 26 4% of a sample of Ewenki (Evenks) from northeastern China. Haplogroup C-RPS4Y 711 (xC1-M8, C2-M38, C3-M217) has been found in 48.5% (16 33) of a sample of Australian aboriginal people (indigenous Australians), 20% (12 60) of a sample of Yao (Yao people), 6.1% (3 49) of a sample of Tujia (Tujia people), 5.9% (1 17) of a sample of Micronesians, 5.5% (3 55) of a sample of eastern Indonesians, 4.0% (1 25) of a sample of western Indonesians, 3.3% (3 91) of a sample of Sri Lankans, 3.1% (1 32) of a sample of Malays (Malay people), 2.5% (10 405) of a sample of Indians, 2.2% (1 46) of a sample of Papua New Guineans, 1.7% (1 58) of a sample of Miao (Miao people), and 1.5% (1 67) of a sample of Uyghurs (Uyghur people). Haplogroup C-M216(xC1-M8, C2-M38, C3-M217, C4a-M210, C5-M356) has been found in 3.9% (3 77) of a sample of the general population of Kathmandu, Nepal.

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