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Greater Vancouver

of filming locations in the British Columbia Interior '''Vancouver, British Columbia''' has a large film and television production industry, which earned it the nickname "Hollywood North." It usually serves as a substitute location (Filming location#Substitute locations) for other cities and locales. This is a list, arranged by region, of films and television series shot in the Lower Mainland, including several prominent filming locations in Greater Vancouver


. Among the wealth of art and crafts available in Jacmel are the papier-mâché, done by nearly 200 artisans and the reknow Atelier created by Moro Baruk. In recent years Jacmel has been host to a large film festival, the 'Festival Film Jakmèl', started in 2004, and in 2007 the international music festival 'Festival Mizik Jakmèl' was successfully launched. Its carnival, the nearby Bassins Bleus (Haiti's most famous natural deep water pools), and the scenic white sand (Timouillage, Cabic, Raymond-les-bains located in Cayes-Jacmel mostly) beaches attract many visitors. The town is regarded as one of the safest in the country and foreign visitors that enter the country in hope of a tranquil time often head for Jacmel. Its urbanization has been increasing in large part due to the income generated by tourism. Royal Caribbean, the leading tourism company whose cruise ships regularly dock at Labadee, plans to add stopovers at Jacmel. In February 2007, Edwin Zenny became the town's newly elected mayor. In addition, the Jacmel Film Festival is held there annually. On January 11, 2010, Choice Hotels announced they would open a 120-room Comfort Inn in Jacmel, the first chain hotel to be opened there in a decade. wikipedia:Jacmel Commons:Category:Jacmel

Inland Empire

of Yucaipa, primary television coverage is from the Palm Springs market. Film While there are no large film production companies or studios based in the Inland Empire, on-location shoots (Filming location) accounted for a total economic impact of $65.2 million in the two-county region in 2006.


and below Pitt Lake and is on a more-or-less north-south course. Like the lake it is tidal in nature as the Fraser (Fraser River)'s mouth is only a few miles downstream from their confluence. '''Vancouver, British Columbia''' has a large film and television production industry, which earned it the nickname "Hollywood North." It usually serves as a Filming location#Substitute locations substitute


westerns (western films). The film features Warhol superstars Viva (Viva (Warhol Superstar)), Taylor Mead, Eric Emerson and Joe Dallesandro. The plot is loosely based on ''Romeo and Juliet'', hence the names Julian and Ramona of the two leads.


trying to seduce Dirk Bogarde in ''Doctor at Large (Doctor at Large (film))''. She also appeared with Ian Carmichael in the West End comedy ''The Tunnel of Love'' and was directed by Joan Littlewood in ''Make Me An Offer''. Engineer Giuseppe M. Bellanca of the Columbia Aircraft Corporation had conditioned an elderly yellow-winged monoplane (Wright-Bellanca WB-2 Columbia) with one Wright motor, and scouted around for pilots. Lieut. Leigh Wade, round-the-world flyer, declined the invitation, saying Mr. Bellanca's plans were too stunt-like, not scientific. Shrugging, Mr. Bellanca engaged Pilots Clarence Duncan Chamberlin and burly Bert Acosta, onetime auto speedster, to test his ship's endurance. Up they put from Mitchel Field, Long Island, with 385 gallons of ethylated (high power) gasoline. All day they droned back and forth over suburbia, circled the Woolworth Building, hovered over Hadley Field, New Jersey, swung back to drop notes on Mitchel Field. All that starry night they wandered slowly around the sky, and all the next day, and through the next night, a muggy, cloudy one. Newsgatherers flew up alongside to shout unintelligible things through megaphones. Messrs. Acosta and Chamberlain were looking tired and oil-blobbed. They swallowed soup and sandwiches, caught catnaps on the mattressed fuel tank, while on and on they droned, almost lazily (about 80 m.p.h.) for they were cruising against time. Not for 51 hours, 11 minutes, 25 seconds, did they coast to earth, having broken the U.S. and world's records for protracted flight. In the same time, conditions favoring, they could have flown from Manhattan to Vienna. They had covered 4,100 miles. To Paris it is 3,600 miles from Manhattan. Jubilant, Engineer Bellanca's employers offered competitors a three-hour headstart in the race to Paris. The Bellanca monoplane's normal cruising speed is 110 m.p.h. She would require only some 35 hours to reach Paris—if she could stay up that long again. Commons:Category:Manhattan, New York City WikiPedia:Manhattan Dmoz:Regional North America United States New York Localities N New York City Manhattan

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