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sun-dried brick (mudbrick) and this part of the town is still enclosed by a mud wall. The newer parts are dominated by standard Iraqi block buildings. The city museum has a large collection of Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Abbasid artifacts. The ruins of the ancient cities of Ur and Larsa are located nearby. Climate Nasiriyah features a desert climate (''Bwh'' in the Köppen climate classification).

are travelling here on business are strongly advised to consult their own government first and have an armed guard with them. Otherwise do not even ''think'' about travelling here! '''Nasiriyah''' is a city in Lower Mesopotamia region of Iraq . Understand Get in Get around See The city museum has a large collection of Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Abbasid artifacts Do Buy Eat Drink Sleep Connect Go next The ruins of the ancient cities of Ur and Larsa are located nearby.


lat long directions 4 km from town, Sukhumwit Hwy phone fax hours checkin checkout price content The site of an ancient bot which was built in a Khmer-style temple. It has a large collection of ancient Khmer sculptures such as lintels, sandstone door columns carved in various designs, and an inscription stone. Nearby is the Muang Phaniat archaeological site with laterite base of Khmer religious sanctuary and moats marking the town limit to the south


and wonderful interiors. Museums Aiud is home to two major public museums. They are the Museum of History (temporarily closed due to renovations starting in 2013) and the Museum of Natural Science. The history museum was built in 1796 and is housed in a historical building. There is a large collection of coins, as well as medieval and pre-medieval artifacts (Artifact (archaeology)). The collection of the Museum of Natural Sciences dates back from 1720. It is based mainly on zoology


the art and the pre Hispanic artifact to remain on the land on which they were created. The University runs the hacienda as a center for archeological, historical and anthropological studies. The complex is called the Centro Cultural Nogueras with the main house dedicated as the Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo Museum. This museum features Rangel’s artwork as well as a large collection of pre Hispanic ceramics from the area. There are also rooms dedicated to the recreated of a traditional hacienda


times the city came to be ruled by the Seljuk (Seljuk Empire) and Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) Turks (Turkish people). Georges Roux - Ancient Iraq Erbil's archaeological museum houses a large collection of pre-Islamic artifacts, and is a center for archaeological projects in the area. The city officially has been appointed Arab Tourism (Tourism in the Arab world) Capital 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism. http


as a large collection of paintings of famous Lithuanian and foreign artists. In the southern part of the city close to the Lake Mastis there is a city park with the Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia. It was opened in 1983 and has an exposition of typical homesteads of 19th century Samogitia. Currently there are 16 authentic buildings. The museum exhibition is arranged in homestead


on the native peoples of Kamchatka, the history of Russians on Kamchatka, and the native flora & fauna. * '''Museum of Volcanoes''' has a large collection of rock mineral samples from volcanoes around the world as well as lots of stock footage of volcanic eruptions. * '''Museum of Fine Arts''' is only 10 years old but it holds a large collection of Russian and native artists. Open hours 10-18 every day. * '''Museum of Salmon''' tells about history, biology and geographical habitat of salmon

Encarnación de Díaz

newspaper EFE News Service location Madrid date August 27, 2010 The '''Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church''' was never finished since construction was begun in 1867. It is an eclectic design favored in the Porfirio Díaz era covered in vaults and the tallest cupola in the municipality. Metal filigreedecorates the architrave and transparent glass is found on the apse. Despite its relative newness, the sacristy is filled with a large collection of colonial era religious paintings

Colima City

de Talleres which is for workshops on various artistic disciplines, the Casa de la Cultura Alfonso Michel or Edificio Central, which hosts various exhibitions along with a permanent collection of works by Alfonso Michel and Museo de las Culturas de Occidente María Ahumada de Gómez (María Ahumada de Gómez Museum of Western Cultures.The Ahumada Museum has a large collection of archeological pieces from the region. It divides into two areas. The ground floor is dedicated to the history


4th arrondissement * 5th arrondissement (5th arrondissement of Porto-Novo) Landmarks thumb 300px Mosque in Porto-Novo (File:Grande mosquee porto-novo.jpg) *The Porto Novo Museum of Ethnography contains a large collection of Yoruba (Yoruba people) masks, as well as items on the history of the city and of Benin. *King Toffa's Palace (also known as the ''Musée Honmé'' and the Royal Palace), now a museum, shows what life was like for African royalty. The palace

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