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Newport, Wales

facilities are based at Newport Centre in the city centre, Newport International Sports Village at Liswerry and the Newport Active Living Centre at Bettws (Bettws, Newport). There is a purpose-built indoor bowls arena at the Glebelands. The city has a thriving Scout District (Scouting). Annapolis, Maryland, USA (Annapolis, Maryland) *Brian Randle – Former basketball player, University of Illinois (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), 2003-2007. *Fulton J. Sheen (1895–1979) – Catholic Archbishop (Titular Archbishop of Newport, Wales; Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester; Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York) and sainthood candidate, former host of ''The Catholic Hour'' on radio and the television program ''Life is Worth Living''.

North Nicosia

: index.php cat 35 news 59398 publisher Kıbrıs Postası accessdate 4 January 2015 with projects underway in the Hamitköy (Mandres, Cyprus) and Haspolat (Mia Milia) regions.


skiing , alpine skiing and also ski jumping are practiced in the downtown area. In international sports, the town is also known for having hosted the inaugural Winter Paralympic Games, in 1976 (1976 Winter Paralympics). The 2008 European Curling Championships also took place there. Since Örnsköldsvik is a coastal town, there are also beaches near town, as well as campsites. There is also an indoor water park called Paradisbadet, with one of the longest water slides

Lake View, Chicago

in the nation, takes place in Lake View. The community area has also been host to several other major events: In 2006 it played host to an international sports and cultural festival, Gay Games VII, with its closing ceremonies held at Wrigley Field and headlined by Cyndi Lauper. West Lakeview Image:Gerald Farinas Wrigleyville Houses.jpg thumb left More affordable than Lakeview East residences, low-rise flats are common in Central Lakeview, West Lakeview and Wrigleyville


:''This article is about the city. For the division, see Khulna Division. For the district, see Khulna District. For the subdistrict, see Khulna Kotwali Thana.'' ) is a district in southern West Bengal, of eastern India. North 24 Parganas extends in the tropical zone from latitude 22º11'6" north to 23º15'2" north and from longitude 88º20' east to 89º5' east. It is bordered to Nadia (Nadia district) by north, to Bangladesh (Khulna Division) by north and east, to South 24 Parganas and Kolkata (Kolkata district) by south and to Kolkata (Kolkata district), Howrah (Howrah district) and Hoogly (Hooghly district) by west. Barasat is the district headquarters of North 24 Parganas. Maharaja Pratapaditya, a Bhuian king (one of the 12 feudal lords of Bengal who declared their sovereignty from the Mughal Empire) of Jessore, Khulna, Barisal and Greater 24 Parganas, fought and resisted the Portuguese in the early years of the 17th Century. When he was defeated by the Mughals, Lakshmikanta Majumdar of Barisha, a sub-ordinate of the king, won the favor of fortune. While establishing the famous Kali Temple at Kalighat, Majumdar got some help from Raja Basanta Roy, Pratapaditya (Maharaja Pratapaditya)'s uncle who was later killed by his ever-suspicious nephew. Yet Majumdar played for Abdul Rahman Khan, the Mughal Subbadar (governor of Mughal provinces). Pratapaditya (Maharaja Pratapaditya) lost the battles of Salka and Magrahat and was captured by the Mughal. Later he died in prison on the way to Delhi. Majumdar was reworded the zamindari of Magura, Paikan, Anwarpur and Kalikata for his treason against his own sovereign from Jahangir in 1611. Later his grandson was bestowed the Zamindari of Khulna and Greater 24 Parganas (partially) by Murshid Quli Khan, the Nawab of Bengal. Once the capital of Raja Bikramaditya and Maharaja Pratapaditya was at Dhumghat. Later it was transferred to Ishwaripur (originated from the name Jeshoreshwaripur). Maharaja Pratapaditya declared independence of South Bengal (Jessore, Khulna in north, Sundarbans, Bay of Bengal in South, Barisal in east and River Ganges in west) against the Mughal Empire of India. In 1793, during the rule of Lord Cornwallis, entire Sunderbans were in Twentyfour Parganas. In 1802, some parganas on the western banks of river Hoogly were included into it. These parganas were in Nadia (Nadia district) earlier. In 1814, a separate collectorate was established in Twenty-four Parganas. In 1817, Falta and Baranagar and in 1820, some potions of Nadia’s Balanda and Anwarpur were encompassed to it. In 1824, portions of Barasat, Khulna and Bakhargunge (now in Bangladesh) were also included to it. In 1824, the district Headquarter was shifted from Kolkata to Baruipur, but in 1828, it was removed to Alipore. In 1834, the district was split into two districts – Alipore and Barasat, but later these were united again. * '''''Jat Area''''' (Brahmaputra Alluvium): This comprises part of the districts of Dhaka, Mymensingh, Tangail, and Comilla of Bangladesh. The area annually receives fresh deposit of silts carried down by the flood water. Soils are acidic in , the texture varies from sand loam to clay loam. According to commercial quality, the best quality Jute, the Jat type, grows in this area. * '''''District Area'' (Ganges Alluvium):''' This comprises part of the districts of Kushtia, Jessore, Khulna, Rajshahi, Pabna, and Dhaka of Bangladesh and major portion of West Bengal of India. This area has soil of slight alkaline clay loam to light loam in gray to dark gray color. The type of Jute grown in this area is known as District Jute, which is next to Jat Jute in order of quality. The jute fiber grown in this region is further divided into two major varieties, such as: Hard District Jute and Soft District Jute. * '''''Northern Area'' (Teesta Silt):''' This comprises part of Dinajpur (Dinajpur District, Bangladesh), Rangpur (Rangpur District) districts, East Bogra, and Sirajganj of Bangladesh and some parts of West Bengal of India. The region has sandy soil with low moisture retention capacity. Soil retention is slightly acidic. Northern type of Jute is inferior quality of the three commercial types. Faujdar is mostly used as a title by Jat ''gotras'' such as Sogarwar, Chahar (Chahar (clan)), Sinsinwar, Kuntal throughout Northern India and Pakistan. Fouzder title is also found in Bangladesh specially in the Hindu Kshatriya community of Khulna division. Varman Barman Varma was their main title.Some say that they are descendant of the General of army of Nawab Alivardi Khan. There is still many example of Varman dynasty in Sylhet division.There is also a cadet college,Fouzderhat Cadet College in Chittagong. Brief history The construction of a railway Bridge over the Padma was proposed by the Eastern Bengal Railway in 1889 for easier communication between Calcutta and the then Eastern Bengal and Assam and discussed for more than twenty years before it was finally sanctioned for construction in 1908. In 1902, Sir FJE Spring prepared a detailed project on the bridge. A technical committee appointed in 1908 reported that a bridge could be constructed at Sara crossing the lower Ganges between Paksey and Bheramara Upazila stations on the broad gauge railway from Khulna to Parbatipur Upazila. The construction of the bridge started in 1910 and finished in 1912. British engineer Sir Robert Gailes worked as the chief engineer of the construction. On 1 January 1915, the first trial train crossed the bridge down track and on 25 February of the same year the second trial train crossed the bridge up track. Finally on 4 March 1915 Lord Hardinge inaugurated the bridge. A total of 24,000 people were employed for constructing the bridge. yearofbirth 1979 placeofbirth Khulna, Khulna District countryofbirth Bangladesh DATE OF BIRTH 7 November 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Khulna, Khulna District, Bangladesh DATE OF DEATH '''Mohammad Salim''' (born October 15, 1981, Khulna) is a Bangladeshi cricketer who played in 2 Tests (Test cricket) and one ODI (One Day International) in 2003. DATE OF BIRTH October 15, 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Khulna, Bangladesh DATE OF DEATH '''Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed''' (born February 10, 1969, Khulna) is a Bangladeshi cricketer who played in 6 ODI (One Day International)s in 1997. He continues to play first-class cricket for Khulna Division. DATE OF BIRTH February 10, 1969 PLACE OF BIRTH Khulna, Bangladesh DATE OF DEATH '''Jamaluddin Ahmed''' (born January 5, 1977, Jessore, Khulna) is a Bangladeshi cricketer who has played in one ODI (One Day International), in 2003. DATE OF BIRTH January 5, 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Jessore, Khulna, Bangladesh DATE OF DEATH Daulatpur College After joining the Scottish Church College of Kolkata, in 1911, Bhupen came across two significant members of the initial Anushilan Samiti of Kolkata, who introduced him to Sachin Sanyal from Benares (Varanasi), who was desirous to join an active revolutionary party. His prior release from the Howrah Trial and informed him about a forthcoming World War (First World War). During this time, Jatindranath Mukherjee or Bagha Jatin had suspended all violent activity, preparing for an armed insurrection all over India. ''Nixon's Report'' in Samanta, Vol.II, p591 ''agniyug o biplabi bhupendrakumar datta'' by Samyukta Mitra, Sahitya Samsad, 1995, pp38-39.) Discouraged at the suspension of all revolutionary activities, Sachin went to the Dhaka Anushilan Samiti (Anushilan Samiti#Dhaka Anushilan Samiti) whose leaders did not participate in Bagha Jatin's programme. Led by a faint clue in 1913, Bhupen decided to go to Khulna and join the Daulatpur Hindu Academy. Encouraged by the liberal spirit reigning in the campus, Bhupen brought together his own group of college-mates interested in social work, raising funds for the poor by offering manual labour, gymnastics, study sessions for the ''Gita'' and essays of contemporary thinkers. They founded their own hostel. Several professors of the college and the superintendent himself, like for example Shashibhushan Raychaudhury (or more commonly known by his nickname) '''Shashida''', who was more famous for his experiments in education, and had been closely associated with Bagha Jatin, used to visit the College. After returning to Daulatpur, Bhupen learnt from his college mate Gopaldas Majumdar that Bagha Jatin was soon leaving his business as a contractor in order to go back to Kolkata. ''smaran-baran'', 1981, pp38-41 After a significant farewell visit to Bhupen, Jatin sent a horse to Dr Amulya Ukil of the campus, apparently for the latter's use; thanks to this gift, Bhupen and the other boys took lessons in riding. Samyukta, pp68-69 Assisted by Bhupen, Dr Ukil in earnest discipline took to training the students in military drill, semaphore (Flag semaphore) signaling, arms collection, propaganda among military police and the fluvial workers of Khulna-Jessore regions. On visit to Daulatpur, Subhash Chandra Bose and Hemanta Kumar Sarkar were so impressed by this pageant that during the Kolkata session of the National Congress, in 1928, when Bose organised the Bengal Volunteers in a fully military style, he was happy to have Bhupen by his side. Samyukta, p69 ''Bhupendra Kumar Datta'' in Dictionary of National Biography, Vol.I, p383 On visiting India after forty-two years, Dr. Taraknath Das reminded in his tribute to Bagha Jatin : "In Jatinda’s method of working there was a military discipline (…) Throughout the country, inspired by Jatinda’s ideology, one has to create an organisation similar to the military model. That alone will be an adequate homage to Jatinda." ''Anandabazar Patrika'', 10 September 1952.) Radio Foorti 88.0 FM, Radio Foorti is a Bangladeshi FM radio station. The station went live on September 21, 2006. It is currently available in Dhaka, feni, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Mymensingh, bogra and Cox's Bazar. An initial plan, given to the Eastern Command by General Manekshaw, involved a brief incursion into East Pakistan and the capture of two provinces, Chittagong and Khulna. Senior Indian Army officers were reluctant to execute an aggressive invasion for fears of early ceasefire demands by the United Nations and a looming threat posed by China. That, together with the difficulty of navigating the marshy terrain of East Pakistan through three wide rivers, led the commanders to initially believe that the capture of all of East Pakistan was inconceivable. Jacob, however, disagreed and favored his "war of movement" plan which aimed to take control of all of East Pakistan. Jacob felt that the capital city of Dhaka, located deep in East Pakistan, was the geopolitical center of the region and therefore any successful campaign had to involve incursions deep into East Pakistan and the eventual capture of Dhaka. He realized that any campaign had to be successful and swift as the United Nations would press for a ceasefire which would be advantageous to Pakistan and India's ally, the Soviet Union, may not be interested in exercising a veto indefinitely. He realized that the Pakistani Army commander, Gen. Niazi, was going to fortify the towns and "defend them in strength". His plan was to bypass intermediary towns altogether, neutralize Pakistan's command and communication infrastructure and using secondary routes get to Dhaka directly. Jacob's plan was eventually approved by the Eastern Command. Ruling area During his reign, Khan Jahan Ali conquered Khulna and Jessore. According to a numismatic evidence, Nasiruddin Mahmud ruled over a vast kingdom bounded by the districts of Bhagalpur to the west, Mymensingh and Sylhet to the east, Gaur and Pandua to the north and Hughli (Hooghly (town)) to the south. * Expansion needed (updated by bot) ** 34 - Aishiya, Batikent, Blenheim, New Zealand, Bogra District, Brzeziny (Gmina of Lubartów), Casablanca, Chlewiska, Dakhiliyah, Drzewianowo, Enmore, Guyana, Guarenas, Guatire, Kaikoura, Kasindol, Khulna, La Rogivue, List of China provinces by compass, List of cities and towns in Hong Kong, Lisów, Lusignan, Guyana, Maracaibo, Maymand, Nobres, Panauti, Patras, Porlamar, Port Vila, Riffa, Szczekarków, Tórshavn, Wola Mieczysławska, Yerevan, Łucka, Łucka Kolonia * Expert attention needed (updated by bot) * Expansion needed (updated by bot) ** 235 - 1979 in India, 2005 Men's Champions Trophy (field hockey), Abahani Krira Chakra, Alaol, Apodization, Bagerhat District, Bangalore IT.COM, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Military Academy, Bangladesh Rifles, Banning of Tamil language media importation, Barguna District, Bhola District, Bogra District, Brahmanbaria District, Brajalal College, Brajamohan College, Brojen Das, Caste system in Kerala, Centre for Railway Information Systems, Chand Raat, Chandpur District, Chittagong District, Chittranjan Locomotive Works, Constitution of Bangladesh, Constitution of Sri Lanka, Cuisine of Kashmir, Culture of Bangladesh, Dasa sil mata, Dhaka District, Dinajpur District, Bangladesh, DishTV, Dish TV India, Education in Bangladesh, Elaan, Elections in Bangladesh, Elections in India, Embroidery of India, Exim Bank (India), Fall of Sassanids, Faridpur District, Filmfare Awards, Folklore of India, Gaibandha District, Gazipur District, Goan houses, Goan literature, Godavari



to make it a success, and she said the city showed "confidence and competence" in staging the first international sports event held in Taiwan after "numerous daunting coordination challenges." She also praised the maturity of Kaohsiung residents, saying that their enthusiastic participation and passionate cheering for athletes from every country was "touching." Revenues from ticket sales at the World Games have been initially estimated at NT$65 million. Chen


located in The Hilton Hotel. Showing live sports on a multitude of widescreen TVs and with its athletic-themed staff, Soho Bar is the best place in town to watch Premier League football, rugby and whichever international sports events you care to imagine. Due to the plethora of TVs available, staff are quite happy to let you take over the remote control to find the game or event of your choice. Draught Tiger beer is chugged out for about ¥45. Location: 198 Shengli Road * '''Revolutionary Bar


2011 archiveurl http: web 20111013082833 http: 1 hi world asia-pacific country_profiles 4712096.stm archivedate 13 October 2011 Sport commons:Tokelau

San Miguel de Allende

the city. This is a great default place to while away the hours when nothing else is appealing – the music is worth it, if nothing else. * Wikipedia:San Miguel de Allende Dmoz:Regional North_America Mexico States Guanajuato Localities San_Miguel_de_Allende Commons:Category:San Miguel de Allende


, as well as to turn it into a university town of science and research, and brand it an international sports city. All these projects are part of a plan to turn Eilat into a metropolitan area of 150,000 people and 35,000 hotel rooms. Climate

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