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Spearfish, South Dakota

institution, although its mission has expanded far beyond to include masters programs in Integrative Genomics and Business Administration. It also hosts a summer arts institute, with Spearfish native and international opera star Johanna Meier (daughter of the ''Black Hills Passion Play'' founder Joseph Meier) serving as Artistic Director. Transportation Spearfish is the headquarters and hometown of two bus and coach transport services

; Dakota Trailways and Prairie Hills Transit. Notable people * Wendell E. Dunn (1894-1965), born near Summit, South Dakota, educator, former resident * Johanna Meier, born in Chicago, Illinois, international opera singer * Gary Mule Deer, comedian and country musician * William T. Powers (William T. Powers (Michigan)) (1820-1909), born in Bristol, New Hampshire, manufacturer, former resident of Spearfish * Frank Schoonmaker (1905-1976), born


of northeastern Hungary. The 1990s brought a crisis in the iron industry with a decline in the population. Miskolc is now trying to become known as a cultural – instead of merely an industrial – city. Among the various cultural events, one of the most important festivities is the International Opera Festival (Miskolc Opera Festival), held in every summer. The most popular tourist destinations in Miskolc are Tapolca (Miskolctapolca), Lillafüred and Felsőhámor. Tapolca has a beautiful park

in downtown Széchenyi street is home to not only theatrical plays, but events like the International Opera Festival of Miskolc (Miskolc Opera Festival). WikiPedia:Miskolc Commons:Category:Miskolc

Lacombe, Alberta

, an international opera singer now living in Germany was raised in Lacombe. * Irene Parlby helped to found the first women's local of the United Farmers of Alberta in 1913. In 1921, she was elected to the Alberta Legislature for the riding


concerts, entertainment extravaganzas and the annual International Opera Festival are held. Get in Caesarea National Park is on the coastal road, near the city of Caesarea and Kibbutz Sdot Yam and west of Or Akiva. Take the coastal road or the old Tel Aviv-Haifa highway number 2 to the interchange near the Orot Rabin power station. An alternate route is to drive to the park via Or Akiva. Get around See thumb 250px A portion of the Crusader walls and moat still standing today (File:Crusader Walls and Moat in Caesarea.jpg) *


dailies including the ''Voice of Marbella'' and ''Journal of Marbella''. Culture thumb Bronze sculpture by Salvador Dalí (File:Dalí. Caballo.JPG) on Avenida del Mar Besides the typical Andalusian cultural events, a variety of annual festivals are held in Marbella, mainly between June and October; other events are held sporadically. Festivals dedicated to music include the Marbella International Opera Festival held in August since 2001,


Enescu Competition in Bucharest. In 1992 she won the ''Butterfly'' Competition in Barcelona. She received an award at Plácido Domingo's (Plácido Domingo) first ''Operalia International Opera Competition'' contest in Paris, 1993. A CD (Compact disc) of the event was released. Life and Career Inva was born in Tirana, Albania. In 1987 she won the ''Cantante d'Albania'' competition in Tirana and in 1988 the George Enescu Competition in Bucharest

. In 1992 she won the ''Butterfly'' Competition in Barcelona. She received an award at Plácido Domingo's (Plácido Domingo) first ''Operalia International Opera Competition'' contest in Paris, 1993. A CD (Compact disc) of the event was released. '''Pogradec''' is a city (cities) in southeastern Albania, situated on the shores of Ohrid lake. It is the capital of the District of Pogradec, in the County of Korçë, located at 40.87°N and 20.70°E with a population of around


in, or anywhere near, Kazan. Do Kazan offers a lot of various events you can visit during your stay here - international opera and ballet festival, different types of music festivals, popular singers concerts and many other interesting things to do.Cirque du Soleil regurlary brings its shows to Kazan. And a must-see event in Tatarstan is a national holiday Sabantuy - tatar summer festival, which is celebrated in the beginning of June. In summer 2013 four double-decker buses began circulating

, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Chinese. Bauman Street. The pedestrian zone that stretches between the Kremlin and Tokai Square and the Hotel Tatarstan. This is Kazan's Arbat, with boutiques, souvenir shops and kiosks, cafes, bars, and plenty of opportunities for people-watching. The statuary (such as a bronze carriage) is especially interesting. Events *International opera festival named after Fedor Shalyapin - annually in February. *Russian festival of Folklore "Karavon


) is Edea’s figurehead and soprano performer; she is a well-known Finnish actress, singer, and dancer. She started her classical music studies at age 15 and made her debut at the Vaasa Opera in 1988. In 1992, she won the International Opera Song Contest in Tallinn and sang the principal role of Maria in The Sound Of Music in summer theatre. She is currently studying opera singing at the Sibelius Academy. Krook won 1992 the international opera singing contest in Tallinn. She has


Freedom U.S. invasion of Afghanistan , an assignment she volunteered for), Sierra Leone (an embassy which she helped close and then reopen again), Micronesia and Mongolia, and also served at U.S. embassies in Uzbekistan (which she helped open), Kyrgyzstan, Grenada, and Nicaragua. - Tashkent Spring International Opera Festival Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater Of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: Tashkent - Blunt-nosed viper


with Lionel Cox, and in the 1000m time trial. He turned professional a year later with success in Europe and Australia. He teamed with Sid Patterson and Roger Arnold to win the Paris 6-Day race in 1955. Mockridge was one of 60 of 150 entrants to finish the 1955 Tour de France. He won 12 consecutive Australian championships. Krook won 1992 the international opera singing contest in Tallinn. She has starred in many musicals at Helsinki Svenska Teatern and also in a Claes

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