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of the mountain. There are plenty of options for vegetarians here, and the tofu and dong-dong ju are as fresh as you can get it. Buy You can find many cloth and jewellery retail outlets near Paldalmun (Nammun), which is a part of Hwaseong Fortress and is a famous place in Suwon for buying winter clothes, apparels and cosmetics. You can shop for brands like Chanel, Boss, Diesel and other international fashion chains at Galleria or the Suwon station mall. Eat The food court in the mall at the train metro station offers an excellent quality Korean meal- for a very nice price. One can get a fantastic meal for ₩4,500 and select from many choices; there's a showcase displaying all your choices. Besides plentiful traditional Korean restaurants, there are many places which serve other cuisines and fast food. Vegetarian restaurants are hard to find, but they do exist. * Commons:Category:Suwon, Gyeonggi-do


. There are many shopping areas like Bank Mord Super Market, Main Market DC Colony, Saarang Shopping Centre, CSD, Fazal Centre and Rahwali Chowk which are hubs of national and international fashion industries. Gujranwala cantonment is expanding and many housing societies are falling into it. DC Colony, Defence Officers Housing Societ, Akari Homes etc. are part of the cantonment. Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is also establishing itself in Gujranwala Cantt. National Logistic Cell (NLC) has its important


) *China International Exposition of electronic home appliances (中国电子产品博览会) *China Qingdao Ocean Festival (中国青岛海洋节) *China International Maritime Exhibition (中国国际海事展) *Qingdao International Fashion Week (青岛国际时装周) *China International Fishery Fair *China Qingdao International Hot Air Balloon Festival *Qingdao International Beach Festival (青岛国际海滩节日) Media File:TsingtauerNeuesteNachrichten1Nov1904.png thumb '' Tsingtauer Neueste


directions phone (86-512) 6818 6611 tollfree fax (86-512) 6818 6622 hours price Daily rates starts from 680¥ checkin checkout content Situated on top of The Emerald City shopping mall, the residence offers travellers instant access to international fashion, dining and entertainment. Each serviced apartment is stylishly furnished and contemporary with a modern fully-equipped kitchen, home entertainment system, broadband internet service, and a private telephone number with IDD service upon request. * Wikipedia:Suzhou commons:苏州

San Salvador

: Basilea (unique), Plaza San Benito, Villas Españolas and many more. These malls have luxury boutiques, the latest in international fashion, specialty stores, large foodcourts (some even have 3 food courts) and many other amenities. thumb 250px Inside Multiplaza Mall (Image:Multiplazainside.jpg) Local Crafts For local arts and crafts, visit the Ilopango markets east of the city. Test your bargaining skills and take home some unique, handmade goods


, a traditional Bamana mudcloth, in international fashion? ...that '''Lord of the Nutcracker Men''' was a 2001 children's novel about World War I? The '''Budapest-Bamako''' or '''Great African Run''' is now the largest amateur rally in the world, http: news budapest_bamako_participants_gear_up_for_world_s_largest_amateur_rally.10898.0.html the largest rally across the Sahara Budapest Times


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There has traditionally been no formal distinction between "City" or "Town" in Pakistan, although informal distinctions and status has been as common as in any other country. Several cities in what is now Pakistan were traditionally recognized as cities; in some cases for centuries; Lahore, Multan and Peshawar are examples. After independence and the rapid increase in population that followed caused Karachi to become the nation's largest city, while the rapid industrialisation in the north of the country resulted in new towns increasing greatly in population; such as Sialkot and Faisalabad,these two cities grow in population also because of agriculture,social development and high rate of natural increase, whilst Rawalpindi, traditionally a garrison town became a large city due to the decision to build a new capital nearby. In 2001, a new Act formalised the distinction, by granting the 10 largest cities and metropolitan areas the status


http: index.php?option com_content&task view&id 559&Itemid 19 The ʿĀd nation were known to the Greeks (Greece) and Egyptians. Claudius Ptolemy (Ptolemy)'s ''Geographos (Geography (Ptolemy))'' (2nd century CE) refers to the place by a Hellenized (Hellenization) version of the inhabitants of the capital Ubar (Iram of the Pillars). She has appeared in many international fashion events and magazines, her face appearing on the covers of such magazines as Vogue (Vogue (magazine)), Marie Claire and Bazaar. In 1998 she won the Greek Elite Model Look final contest and advanced to the Nice International final, held in September in the French Riviera, where she came in third overall in the Pantene contest. In 2005, Darmousli did some acting, appearing in the Greek (Greece) film ''I Kardia Tou Ktinous'' (''The Heart of the Beast'') based on the novel by Petros Tatsopoulos. Her TV experience includes a guest appearance on the series "Mehri tris einai Desmos" (ALTER), "To Kokkino Domatio" (MEGA) and most recently three episodes "Agria Paidia" (MEGA) and "3os Nomos" (MEGA). She takes acting courses at Theatre Embros and studies political sciences and history at the Panteio University, while still modeling. She enjoys going to the movies and long-distance runs. Mara is an active member of "ANASA" the first non-profit organisation for nutritional disorders in Greece. Various countries recognized Israel as a state in the 1940s and 1950s, but they did not recognize Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem. There is an international ''sui generis (Sui generis#Legal applications)'' consular corps in Jerusalem. It is commonly referred to as the "Consular Corps of the Corpus Separatum". The states that have maintained consulates in Jerusalem say that it was part of Mandate Palestine, and in a de jure sense, has not since become part of any other sovereignty. The Netherlands maintains an office in Jerusalem serving mainly Israeli citizens. Other foreign governments base Consulate General offices in Jerusalem, including Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Country Profile: Israel Since the President of Israel resides in Jerusalem and confirms the foreign diplomats, the ambassadors have to travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to submit letters of credentials upon being appointed. ''The State News'' traces its roots to March 10, 1909. It was first dubbed ''The Holcad'', chosen by the president of the then-Michigan Agricultural College. Holcad was the name of a ship that carried news from seaport to seaport in ancient Greece. The newspaper was seen as a way for students to defend themselves against charges of hooliganism by the Lansing press. thumb 150px Logo of the Ministry (File:Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity logo.svg) The '''Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity''' ( Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


events and educational programs. A number of international fashion designers Most major fashion labels have shops in Beirut's shopping

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