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Frisco, Texas

align center '''1'''–0 align center 1–0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - International career J. J. Redick was a member of the 2003 USA Men's Junior World Championship Team. In 2005, he competed with the USA Basketball Under-21 Team, in Frisco, Texas, which won gold medals at the World

, during three consecutive Christmas seasons and the impact the holiday has on modern culture and the consumer economy. The ''New Yorker'' called Stuever's book "cultural anthropology at its most exuberant". ''New Yorker'', 21 December 2009 International career Simek received his first call up to the United States men's national football team United States national team

São José do Rio Preto

''', is a multi-purpose stadium in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches. The stadium has a maximum capacity of 33,000 people. It was built in 1968. His international career with Ghana dried up after he was sent off in the 1996 African Cup of Nations Semi-final game against South Africa national football team South Africa on 31 January 1996. The Black Stars finished fourth, after


Mediterranean Games 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almería, Spain and won gold medal with the national team (Turkey national women's basketball team). She capped 105 times for national. International career She was the member of the national team (Turkey national women's basketball team), which won gold medal at the 2005 Mediterranean Games (Turkey at the 2005 Mediterranean Games) in Almería, Spain. International career Yıldızoğlu played in the gold medal winning national team (Turkey national women's basketball team) at the 2005 Mediterranean Games (Turkey at the 2005 Mediterranean Games) in Almería, Spain. The three ships were built between 1929 and 1936 by the Deutsche Werke and ''Reichsmarinewerft'' (Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven) in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven, respectively. They saw heavy service with the German Navy. All three vessels served on non-intervention (Non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War) patrols during the Spanish Civil War. While on patrol, ''Deutschland'' was attacked by Republican bombers (Spanish Republican Air Force), and in response, ''Admiral Scheer'' bombarded the port of Almería. In 1937, ''Admiral Graf Spee'' represented Germany at the Coronation Review for Britain's King George VI. For the rest of their peacetime careers, the ships conducted a series of fleet maneuvers in the Atlantic and visited numerous foreign ports in goodwill tours. ''Admiral Scheer'' saw heavy service with the German Navy, including several deployments to Spain during the Spanish Civil War, to participate in non-intervention patrols. While off Spain, she bombarded the port of Almería following the Republican attack on her sister ''Deutschland''. At the outbreak of World War II, she remained in port for a periodic refit. Williamson, p. 33 Her first operation during World War II was a commerce raiding operation into the southern Atlantic Ocean that started in late October 1940. While on the operation, she also made a brief foray into the Indian Ocean. Williamson, pp. 33–34 During the raiding mission, she sank WikiPedia:Almería Commons:Category:Almería


, Xemxija, Zaprešić, Šmartno ob Paki, Šmartno pri Litiji, Šoštanj, Štore, Žalec, Železniki, Žetale, Žiri * Expansion needed (updated by bot) International career He debuted for the Slovenia national team (Slovenia national football team) on 22 April 1998 in Murska Sobota against the Czech Republic (Czech Republic national football team). He gave many notable performances for the national team, including a spectacular goal scored from


-stayed bridge that spans the Morača River, in Podgorica, Montenegro. -- Podgorica 151,312 (Census Bureau of Montenegro; 2011) 250px (File:Podgorica Millennium Bridge.jpg) -- International career McCann has represented the Republic of Ireland at under-17 (Republic of Ireland national under-17 football team), under-18 and under-19 level.

hinder McCann's future international career, "Will I pick him again? Would you?". WikiPedia:Podgorica Commons:Category:Podgorica Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro Localities Podgorica

Walvis Bay

international career in August 2008, he held the all-time records for both caps (cap (sport)) and points for South Africa's national team (South Africa national rugby union team), also known as the Springboks. DATE OF BIRTH 15 March 1974 PLACE OF BIRTH Walvis Bay, South West Africa (now Walvis Bay, Namibia) DATE OF DEATH DATE OF BIRTH 15 March 1974 PLACE OF BIRTH Walvis Bay, South West Africa (now Walvis Bay, Namibia) DATE

Serbia and Montenegro

politician who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro. He was born in 1946 in village Međa near Žitište. International career In 2002, Eduardo took Croatian nationality and was first called up to play for the country's Under-21 team (Croatia national under-21 football team) at the finals tournament of the 2004 European Under-21 Championship (2004 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship) in Germany. He appeared in all three of Croatia's matches before

) Tarkan ’. Vučić has been selected as an exclusive star for City Records. FIBA international career Rakočević made his debut with the senior FR Yugoslavia national basketball team


was the brother-in-law of L.R. Tuckett (Len Tuckett) and the uncle of L. Tuckett (Lindsay Tuckett) both of whom played for South Africa (South Africa national cricket team). International career Ireland made his ODI debut against New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team) at Bulawayo on 24 August 2005 where he took the wickets of both Stephen Fleming and Chris Cairns. He performed consistently with the ball, being one of the few prospects on the Zimbabwe team, after the exodus of players

it was not long before she returned to South Africa and enrolled at the Berea Nursing Home in Durban. Anisur Rahman emerged as the top left arm seamer in 1994, spearheading the Bangladesh (Bangladesh cricket team) attack during the 2nd SAARC cricket tournament in Dhaka. He had a short international career, as did Morshed Ali Khan, but Manjural Islam (Mohammad Manjural Islam) enjoyed a longer stint. He has taken 28 wickets in 17 tests. His best bowling was in his debut match, 6 81

San Sebastián

drilldown N159927080518-0840.htm archivedate July 1, 2008 At an early age he decided to play as a defensive midfielder: a role which helped him learn how to distribute the ball well. This talent would later prove to be an integral part of his club and international career. The 2003–04 season (2003–04 La Liga) comprised mixed results for Alonso and his San Sebastián club. Alonso revelled in the opportunity to perform in Europe, appearing in all the team's

Sebastián (Basque Country (Basque Country (autonomous community)), Spain). It opened in 1999. His international career was blighted by his persistent failure to turn up to training. In May 2006, he pulled out of a squad get-together in San Sebastian (San Sebastián). However, manager John Toshack accepted his reasons, and Koumas himself vowed to improve his poor attendance record. He came back onto the international scene with three goals in two

Democratic Republic of Georgia

was the head of the piano department at the Paris Conservatory, and became associated with a group of composers that included Bohuslav Martinů, Marcel Mihalovici and Conrad Beck. Philipp secured the publication of several groups of short piano pieces that Tcherepnin had composed in Russia. From Paris Tcherepnin launched an international career as a pianist and composer. In 1925 he won the Schott Prize with his Concerto da Camera, Op. 33. He began yearly visits to the United States in 1926 and later went to the Far East, making several extended visits to China and Japan between 1934 and 1937. He promoted composers in Japan (Akira Ifukube, Fumio Hayasaka, Bunya Koh (Jiang Wen-Ye), and others) and China (He Lüting and others), even founding his own publishing house in Tokyo for the purpose. While in China, he met the young Chinese pianist Lee Hsien Ming, and the two later married in Europe. They had three sons together: Peter, Serge (Serge Tcherepnin) and Ivan (Ivan Tcherepnin). When Democratic Republic of Georgia was established, Balakan was a part of Zaqatala District, one of Georgia's eastern provinces. After the Soviet occupation (Red Army invasion of Georgia) of Georgia in 1921, Zaqatala District was handed over to Azerbaijani SSR by the Bolshevik Government. At the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, an independent republic was proclaimed in Ganja on May 28, 1918 following an abortive attempt to establish a federal Transcaucasian Republic with Armenia and Georgia (Democratic Republic of Georgia). This was the first Democratic Republic established in Islamic World. In Baku, however, a coalition of Bolsheviks, Dashnaks and Mensheviks fought against a Turkish-Islamic army led by Nuru Pasha. This coalition known as the "Baku Commune" also inspired or tacitly condoned the massacres of local Muslims by well-armed Dashnak-Armenian forces. This coalition, however, collapsed and was replaced by a British-controlled government known as Central Caspian Dictatorship in July 1918. British forces under General Dunsterville occupied Baku and helped the mainly Dashnak-Armenian forces to defend the capital. However, Baku fell on September 15, 1918 and an Azeri-Ottoman army entered the capital, causing British forces and much of the Armenian population to flee. The Ottoman Empire, however, capitulated on October 30, 1918 and the British occupational force re-entered Baku. - align center February 25 bgcolor #FFDDDD The '''Socialist Conciliar Republic of Georgia''' supersedes the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Tbilisi remains the capital until 1922. - - align center May 26 bgcolor #FFDDDD The '''Democratic Republic of Georgia''' secedes from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic. Tbilisi is the capital. - thumb left (File:Oliver Wardrop 2.jpg) In July 1919 the British Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon offered Wardrop the post of the first British Chief Commissioner of Transcaucasus in Tbilisi. The government of independent Georgia (Democratic Republic of Georgia) and its head Noe Zhordania welcomed Sir Oliver's return to Georgia. Wardrop, a capable diplomat tried to promote Georgian culture and gather all the support from the west for the newly formed country under the threat of Bolshevik (Bolshevik Russia) aggression. However, in February 1921 Soviet Russia's Red Army invaded Georgia, putting an end to the short-lived democratic republic. In England, Wardrop organized the set-up of the Georgian Society and the Georgian Committee in London. In 1930, along with W.E.D. Allen (William Edward David Allen), he formed the Georgian Historical Society which published its own journal ''Georgica''. His sister Marjory Wardrop (1869–1909) translated the 12-century Georgian epic by Shota Rustaveli, ''The Knight in the Panther's Skin'' into English (English language). image 300px (File:Red Army in Tiflis Feb 25 1921.jpg) caption Soldiers of the 11th Red Army entering the Democratic Republic of Georgia's capital of Tiflis in February 1921 dates

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