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in Čavoglave, Thompson drew a crowd between 60,000 and 100,000. Whole Croatia with Thompson in Čavoglave Guests included musicians Mate Bulić and Dražen Zečić, former Croatian international footballers Ardian Kozniku and Ivica Mornar, and international basketball player Dino Rađa. A hundred thousand people


a concert in front of 20,000 fans . June 28, 2008. In 2008, in celebration of Victory Day (Victory Day (Croatia)) in Čavoglave, Thompson drew a crowd between 60,000 and 100,000. Whole Croatia with Thompson in Čavoglave Guests included musicians Mate Bulić and Dražen Zečić, former Croatian international footballers Ardian Kozniku and Ivica Mornar, and international basketball player Dino Rađa.<

Mitchell, South Dakota

was a professional basketball club that competed in the International Basketball Association in the 2000-01 season. Media AM Radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "6" '''AM radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!City - 1490 AM KORN (KORN (AM)) Dakota Country News Talk Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Mitchell FM Radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "7" '''FM radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!Target city market (media market)!!City of license - 90.9 FM K215AI (South Dakota Public Broadcasting) South Dakota Public Broadcasting NPR (National Public Radio) SD Board of Directors for Educational Telecommunications Mitchell Mitchell - 91.9 FM K220HB (K-Love) K-Love Contemporary Christian (Contemporary Christian music) Educational Media Foundation Mitchell Mitchell - 93.3 FM KJRV Big Jim 93.3 Classic Rock (Classic rock) Dakota Communications Huron Mitchell Wessington Springs - 98.3 FM KUQL Kool 98.3 Oldies Saga Communications of South Dakota, LLC Mitchell Wessington Springs - 105.9 FM KMIT (KMIT (FM)) Hot Country 105.9 Country Saga Communications of South Dakota, LLC Mitchell Mitchell - 107.3 FM KQRN KQRN Adult hits Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Mitchell Mitchell Notable natives thumb The clock at Rotary Park, across the street from the Corn Palace (File:Clock at Rotary Park.jpg) , whether born, raised, or residing. · The fact of their association should have a reliable source cited. · Alphabetical by last name please · All others will be removed without further explanation -- * Ordell Braase, former NFL player and broadcaster * Israel Greene, adjutant of the Confederate Marine Corps * John Bailey Jones, retired United States federal judge * Michael (Mike) Lloyd Miller (Mike Miller (basketball player)) was born and raised in Mitchell and is an American professional basketball player, was 2000-01 NBA Rookie of the Year, 2005–06 NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award winner, a two-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat, and is currently a member of the NBA (National Basketball Association)'s Cleveland Cavaliers. * George McGovern, former Representative (United States House of Representatives) and Senator (United States Senate) from South Dakota and 1972 (U.S. presidential election, 1972) Democratic (Democratic Party (United States)) nominee for President (President of the United States), grew up in Mitchell, and lived there until his death in 2012. * Adam Morrison, current basketball player for the Charlotte Bobcats, briefly lived in Mitchell as a young child while his father was coaching at Dakota Wesleyan. * Gary Owens, voice actor and Disc Jockey * Howard Rushmore, journalist and investigative reporter * Johnny Schulz 5 time World Amateur Ringside Masters Boxing Champion,2013 National Platinum Gloves Champion (Masters), 2013 NYABC New York Amateur Boxing Championships Champion, Schulz grew up in Mitchell, now living in South Florida. http: results-for-ring-kings-nyabc-amateur-championship-card 20626 References

Gary, Indiana

;American Association Baseball "RailCats Claim 2013 Championship", 14 September 2013. Retrieved on 03 September 2014. *The Gary Splash are an International Basketball League, professional basketball team. The team plays at the Embassies of Christ church gymnasium. Formerly the Gary Steelheads played in the Genesis Convention Center as part of the International

Basketball League (1999-2001) IBL , CBA (Continental Basketball Association), USBL and IBL (International Basketball League). Historic Places on the National Register File:St. Augustine's Episcopal Church.jpg St. Augustine's Episcopal Church (St. Augustine's Episcopal Church (Gary, Indiana)) File:GaryBathingBeach.jpg Gary Bathing Beach Aquatorium File:Ralph Waldo Emerson School in Gary.jpg Ralph Waldo Emerson School (Gary

city Gary (Gary, Indiana), Indiana colors Navy Blue, Light Blue, Gray The '''Gary Steelheads''' were a professional basketball team that played in the International Basketball League. In the past they played in the International Basketball League (International Basketball League (1999-2001)), Continental Basketball Association, and the United States Basketball League. They were based in Gary, Indiana and played their home games at the Genesis Convention Center. The Steelheads were the 2006 CBA Eastern Conference champions. thumb right 260px West side of the national lakeshore (File:Indiana Dunes parkmap west.jpg) thumb right 260px East side of the national lakeshore (File:Indiana Dunes NL parkmap east.jpg)'''Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore''' is a U.S. National Lakeshore (United States National Lakeshore) located in northwest Indiana and managed by the National Park Service. It was authorized by Congress in 1966. The national lakeshore runs for nearly Meanwhile, Hill attempts to win the heart of Marian the librarian, who has an extreme distrust of men. His charms have little effect upon Marian ("Marian the Librarian") until he wins the admiration of both her mother and her withdrawn and unhappy younger brother Winthrop (Ron Howard) ("Gary, Indiana"). Marian falls in love with Hill, and subsequently hides evidence she has proving he is a fraud ("Till There Was You"). The band's instruments arrive ("Wells Fargo Wagon") and Hill tells the boys to learn to play via the "Think System," in which they simply have to think of a tune over and over and will know how to play it without ever touching their instruments. Meanwhile, Marian is falling more in love with Harold, and in a counterpart with the The Buffalo Bills (Buffalo Bills (quartet)) they sing "Lida Rose Will I Ever Tell You". Hill's con is nearly complete; all he has to do is collect the rest of the instrument and uniform money, and he can disappear. He is about to leave town when a disgruntled anvil salesman who had been run out of Brighton, Illinois in a backlash to Hill's having conned the townspeople there comes to River City and exposes Hill and his plans. Chased by an angry mob and pressed to leave town by Marcellus and Marian, Hill realizes that he is in love with Marian and can't leave River City. He is captured by the mob and brought before a town meeting to be tarred and feathered. Hill is saved by the boys' band who miraculously have learned to play their own instruments (albeit badly). Hill remains in River City with Marian to conduct the boys' band full time, which eventually becomes properly trained and equipped with better quality instruments and uniforms. ("76 Trombones 2nd Reprise (76 Trombones)"). * There must have been something in the air of Gary (w:Gary, Indiana) that led one into economics: the first Nobel Prize winner, Paul Samuelson (w:Paul Samuelson), was also from Gary, as were several other distinguished economists... Certainly, the poverty, the discrimination, the episodic unemployment could not but strike an inquiring youngster: why did these exist, and what could we do about them.

Socialist Republic of Serbia

and started playing international basketball for Turkey. DATE OF BIRTH June 7, 1976 PLACE OF BIRTH Novi Pazar, SR Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia), SFR Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) DATE OF DEATH After the war, the village became part of Vojvodina, an autonomous province of the Socialist Republic of Serbia and Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. Until 1960, villages of present-day Pećinci municipality were part



'''Zhong Yao''' The name is also sometimes rendered Zhōng Yóu in pinyin, because the 2nd character has historically had several pronunciations. In the Norman & Mattos translation of Qiu Xigui (2000), for instance, Zhōng Yóu is given. However, according to the ''Hanyu Da Zidian'' ' s entry on the character (p.1436), it is pronounced yáo in names, which supports Wiki's entry of Zhong Yao (151–230) de Crespigny, pg. 1134 was a Chinese (Chinese people) calligrapher (Calligraphy) and politician of Cao Wei during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history (History of China). Born in modern Xuchang, Henan (Xuchang), he was at one time the Grand Administrator of Chang'an. Daxi first put Huatai under siege, but after he was unable to capture it quickly, Emperor Mingyuan personally led an army south to aid Daxi. He also had Crown Prince Tao lead an army to the northern border, to guard against a Rouran attack. Huatai then fell, and Daxi then approached Hulao and Luoyang. Meanwhile, Emperor Mingyuan also sent the generals E Qing (娥清), Lü Dafei (閭大肥), Pu Ji (普幾), and Yizhan Jian (乙旃建) east, capturing several commanderies in modern western Shandong. However, while other cities in Song's Qing Province (青州, modern central and eastern Shandong) fell as well, the Northern Wei forces were unable to capture the capital of Qing Province, Dongyang (東陽, in modern Qingzhou, Shandong), and were eventually forced to withdraw after food supplies ran out and a large number of soldiers grew ill. Northern Wei forces also stalled in their siege of Hulao, defended by the capable Liu Song general Mao Dezu (毛德祖), but were meanwhile able to capture Luoyang and Xuchang (許昌, in modern Xuchang, Henan) in spring 423, cutting off the path of any Liu Song relief force for Hulao. In summer 423, Hulao fell. The campaign then ceased, with Northern Wei now in control of much of modern Henan and western Shandong.

Bend, Oregon

'''Unshakable Race''' was an original reggae rock band based in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and Bend, Oregon from around 1992 to 1998. Founded and fronted by husband-wife duo Rob and Danyel London, the group earned a small but loyal following throughout the Northwest and parts of California and Colorado with its positive, socially conscious messages and dynamic stageshow. Sharing lead vocals and playing bass (Bass guitar) and guitar, the Londons were backed by various musicians during the band's lifetime, usually keyboards, drums, and two horns. These included Joseph Espinoza on alto sax, Mike Barber on trumpet, Pat Doherty on keyboards, Isaac Syman-Degler on keyboards, Allen Bosworth on drums, Joseph Grunkemeier on drums, Peter Argyres on sax, Michelle Donahue on keyboards and vocals. As a civilian, Adams lived in Alaska and worked as an administrator for the Internal Revenue Service there. He later moved to Bend, Oregon, and, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Salem, Oregon

and Albany are also easily heard in Salem. NPR programming is carried by Oregon Public Broadcasting, which can be heard on KOPB-FM from Portland, and KOAC (KOAC (AM)) from Corvallis. Sports The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, a minor league baseball team, play their home games in the city of Keizer (Keizer, Oregon), which adjoins Salem on the north. The Salem Stampede of the International Basketball League (International Basketball League (2005-)) play their home games

, p. 1C. Bradbury has two adult daughters, Abby and Zoë, from a previous marriage, who still reside in Bandon as organic farmers. The '''Salem Stampede''' are a basketball team from Salem, Oregon that played in the International Basketball League from 2005–2007. The Stampede played home games in the Salem Armory, which seats 3,000 for basketball. In 2007 the team played home games in Salem's Douglas McKay High School. '''Oregon Route 51''' is an Oregon State

Holyoke, Massachusetts

of basketball and volleyball--both now Olympic (Olympic Games) sports, popular worldwide, were invented in the Western Massachusetts cities of Springfield (Springfield, Massachusetts) and Holyoke (Holyoke, Massachusetts), respectively. Today, Springfield is home to the international Basketball Hall of Fame. Holyoke is home to the international Volleyball Hall of Fame. http: blogs index.php 2011 02 09 1961-masive-snowstorm-inundates-cape?blog 161 West of the Central Massachusetts hill towns, the Pioneer Valley along the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts features the Commonwealth's richest soil. http: The major city of Springfield (Springfield, Massachusetts) sits beside the Connecticut River amidst a broad valley, a mere five miles (8 km) north of the Connecticut border and only In 1865, Whiting built his first mill followed by another in 1872. When the Whiting Paper Company was first formed. L.L. Brown of South Adams, Massachusetts was president and Whiting was agent and treasurer. Whiting later became president and his son, William Fairfield Whiting, became treasurer. Early years (1932–38) May was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, but grew up in Clifton, New Jersey. Born Edward Joseph Mayoski, Mayo was the son of Polish immigrants who changed their name to Mayo.

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