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, are not covered,

regions within a country or areas in dispute among countries are not covered. but other areas of the world whose status is disputed, such as the Spratly Islands, have entries. Subnational areas

of countries (such as US States (U.S. state) or the Canadian provinces and territories (Provinces and territories of Canada)) are not included in the ''Factbook''. Instead, users looking for information about subnational areas are referred to "a comprehensive encyclopedia" for their reference needs.


Intelligence title Country Profile: Swaziland (Kingdom of Swaziland) archiveurl http: web 20080626110027 http: country ?CountryID 161 archivedate 28 June 2008 There are 14 Jewish families.

Directorate of Intelligence title Country Comparison:Population url https: library publications the-world-factbook rankorder 2119rank.html accessdate 2011-10-01 quote Swaziland 1,436,847 or the US state of Hawaii. This gives it a ranking

4205301.stm (BBC) Demographics According to the 2011 census (2011 census of India) Seoni District has a population (Demographics of India) of 1,378,876, roughly equal to the nation of Swaziland

Norfolk Island

airport, Norfolk Island Airport. unpaved); however, local law gives cows the right of way. ref name "bbc


to the nation of Guinea-Bissau or the US state of Idaho.

Republic of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia is entered as ''Macedonia'', the name used in its first entry in the ''Factbook'' upon independence in 1992.

the nation was listed under. Finally, in the 2004 edition of the ''Factbook'', the name of the entry was changed back to ''Macedonia'', following a November 2004 US decision to refer to the country using this name,


operationsfactsheets balkansbritishfatalities.htm Operations in the Balkans: British Fatalities Defence factsheet ; Kosovo :On February 28, 2008, the CIA added an entry for Kosovo; before this, Kosovo was excluded in the Factbook. ref


of 3,431,386, roughly equal to the nation of Panama


cultural exchanges between the eastern and western territories, dominating the northwest for more than three and half centuries until the empire was destroyed by the Tibetans (Tibetan Empire) who rose up in 670. Zhou, Weizhou 周伟洲 (1985). Tuyühu shi The Tuyühu History 吐谷浑史. Yinchuan 银川 , Ningxia ren min chu ban she Ningxia People's Press 宁夏人民出版社. The '''Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan''' Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan


region in eastern India, and commonly inhabits streams, canals, ditches, ponds, and slow-moving to stagnant (stagnant (water)) water bodies, including rice fields (rice paddy). ; Kashmir : Maps depicting Kashmir have the India–Pakistan border drawn at the Line of Control, but the region of Kashmir administered by China (Aksai Chin) drawn in hash marks.


: 1986-06-16 news mn-11009_1_israeli-intelligence title Israeli Spy Visited A-Plant Where Uranium Vanished work United Press International publisher Los Angeles Times date June 16, 1986 accessdate July 5, 2010 In June 1986, analyst Anthony Cordesman told United Press International: Gregory is best known for his book ''The Colonial Present:Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq'', published in 2004. This book discusses the actions of Israel, the United States

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