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Kirkland Lake

of the existing Tembec Forest Products Group's Kenogami (Kenogami, Ontario) sawmill into a value-added centre for the manufacturing of finger-jointed lumber. The new centre, located on the outskirts of KL, opened in July 2006. It will employ between 70 and 92 workers. Under an innovative Public-Private partnership, the municipality is working with Rosko Forestry Operations to establish a specialty sawmill in the Archer Drive Industrial Park that will sell into the Canadian market

Salinas, California

, at the same time balancing their budgets. Jackson County, Oregon (US), closed its entire 15-branch public library system for six months in 2007, reopening with a with a private-public 'partnership' and a reduced schedule. This example of a funding

Waterloo, Ontario

Science Communicators and of The Australian Museum Society, and has served on the board of the Australian Society of Authors. He is one of the founders of Science in the Pub, an innovative public communication initiative which was awarded the 2000 Eureka Prize for the Promotion of Science. In October 2009, da Silva created and hosted six Science in the Pub sessions for the Quantum to Cosmos festival


Southern region, and its population is largely descended from German, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and Polish immigrants. The city is known to urban planners worldwide for its innovative public transit system. There is a great ''cidade velha'' (old city) in the center which is restored very well for its 319 years. There is a huge arts and crafts fair every Sunday in the old city that is well worth visiting. Get in By bus Curitiba's Bus & Train Station (Estaçao Rodoferroviária


the same neighborhood to prevent a rupture of the social fabric and to keep the sense of community. Connecting the city thumb left Footbridge over San Juan Avenue (File:Puente de San Juan.jpg) The city has to be recovered for the people. The different areas of the city must be connected through the improvement of streets and pathways, the creation of Lineal Parks and an efficient and innovative public transport system. These projects simultaneously incorporate public space, mobility


is located adjacent to Aklavik (Aklavik, Northwest Territories), Northwest Territories, Canada on the Peel Channel of the Mackenzie River delta. Aklavik was the regional centre but was prone to flooding, in 1959, Inuvik (Inuvik, Northwest Territories) was purpose built to house a larger airport, highway connections, new health facilities, housing and an innovative public utilidoor system. Aklavik remains a small traditional village that retains its connections to the land and river

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