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Santa María Atzompa

, but innovations such as the use of lead-free glazing and a communal crafts market have been implemented to improve the craft's prospects.

; Recently, several innovations have been devised to try and help revive the pottery market. In the 1990s, the Mexican government developed lead-free glazes to be mass marketed. In the 2000s, a cooperative pottery market was created in the town, and the efforts of potter Dolores Porra, who created new designs and colors, has been recognized.


" Carroll Gray, "Octave Alexandre Chanute & Augustus Moore Herring" * 1897: Carl Richard Nyberg of Arboga, Sweden starts constructing his Flugan, an early fixed-wing aircraft, outside his home in Lidingö. Construction started in 1897 and he kept working on it until 1922. The craft only managed a few short jumps and Nyberg was often ridiculed, however several of his innovations

OF BIRTH 22 March 1934 PLACE OF BIRTH Lidingö, Sweden DATE OF DEATH '''Flugan''' (''The Fly'') was an early aeroplane (Fixed-wing aircraft) designed and built by Carl Richard Nyberg outside his home in Lidingö, Sweden. Construction started in 1897 and he kept working on it until 1922. The craft only managed a few short jumps and Nyberg was often ridiculed, however several of his innovations are still in use.

Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles

such as Manila Village in Jefferson Parish and St. Malo (St. Malo, Louisiana) in St. Bernard Parish which were founded in 1763 and became home to approximately 2,000 Filipino sailors and laborers. With houses plat-formed on stilts, the fishermen caught and dried their precious commodity, shrimp, for export to Asia, Canada, South and Central America. They introduced innovations such as "dancing the shrimp" and shrimp farming to the United States. Weather conditions eventually destroyed St

Roman Catholic Diocese of Sion

Albis in 1531; this victory saved the remaining possessions of the Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland. The abbots of Saint-Maurice opposed all religious innovations as energetically as did Bishops Adrian I of Riedmatten, Hildebrand of Riedmatten (1565-1604), and Adrian II of Riedmatten (1604-1613), so that the whole of Valais remained ostensibly Catholic. Both Adrian II and his successor Hildebrand Jost (1613-1638) were again involved in disputes with the ''sieben Zehnten'' in regard

Dalhousie, New Brunswick

973&pane 3 thumb right '''Snow blower''' in Rocky Mountain National Park (Image:Snow blower 1933.jpg), 1933 Robert Carr Harris of Dalhousie, New Brunswick patented a "Railway Screw Snow Excavator" in 1870. Various other innovations also occurred. Mario Theriault, ''Great Maritme Inventions 1833-1950'', Goose Lane Editions, 2001, p. 61 However, it is Arthur Sicard (1876–1946) who is generally credited as the inventor of the first

Ferrol, Galicia

and Mechanical Equipment together with New Technologies (Center of New Industries and Technologies) (Galician Centre for Innovations and Services CIS-FERROL). International relations Adelaide, Australia


in the cities of Rabat and Salé in Morocco; the Task Force Ranger base sequences were filmed at Kénitra. These and similar innovations caused great dissension in various communities. In Moravia the excitement reached such a pitch that the government had


of Mezőkövesd, the Museum of Tokaj in Tokaj, and the Zemplén Museum of Szerencs. When designing the synagogue, Förster made some innovations: he had an organ (organ (music)) built and the Torah reader's platform was put before the Ark (Ark (synagogue)), not in the centre of the synagogue. These innovations were rejected by the Orthodox (Orthodox Judaism) majority of the city's Jews, and in the year following the opening of the synagogue a rabbinical assembly

Nizhny Tagil

) in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) absorbed several small factories. While these factories were being moved at record speed, the industrial complex surrounding the Stalingrad Tractor Factory produced forty percent of all T-34s. Zaloga & Grandsen 1983:13 (#Reference-Zaloga-1983) As the factory became surrounded by heavy fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, the situation there grew desperate: manufacturing innovations were necessitated by material shortages, and stories

the train station). By the end of 18th century, Nizhny Tagil developed into the leading center of ''ferrous metallurgy'', and accumulated all existing types of metalworks: smelting of copper and pig iron as well as casting, forging, and rolling. The factories implemented the most recent innovations and created own technologies. The Cherepanovs family, keen engineers (although still serfs of the Demidovs), built the '''first Russian locomotive''' (1833) and contemplated the construction of a full

San Bartolo Coyotepec

the local clay used to make it and its shine from a technique developed by Doña Rosa Nieto in the mid 20th century. The Atompa green-glazed ware is made much the same way it was in colonial times, although there have been some recent innovations with color and decorative techniques. This pottery is found in Santa María Atzompa, also near Oaxaca city. Surrounding towns A number of small towns surround the main city and are closely linked economically

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