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to emigrate to New Zealand, where he became lecturer in philosophy at Canterbury University College (University of Canterbury) New Zealand (University of New Zealand) (at Christchurch). It was here that he wrote his influential work The Open Society and its Enemies. In 1946, he moved to England to become reader (reader (academic rank)) in logic and scientific method at the London School of Economics. Three years later, he was appointed as professor of logic and scientific method


finally saw acclaim in his own country with a major London retrospective show at the Hayward Gallery, the publication of a strong book collection of his photography, and a BBC television documentary about his work. Moore's influential work has now been out-of-print for more than twenty years. thumb 350px left Front page of ''The Illustrated London News'', 15 March 1856 (File:Illustrated London News 1856.jpg) Printer and newsagent Herbert Ingram moved from Nottingham to London


Lightnin' Hopkins, Lil' Son Jackson, and T-Bone Walker. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, many bluesmen moved to cities like Galveston, Houston and Dallas. It was from these urban centers that a new wave of popular performers appeared, including slide guitarist and gospel singer Blind Willie Johnson and legendary vocalist Big Mama Thornton. T-Bone Walker relocated to Los Angeles to record his most influential

work in the 1940s. His R&B influenced backing and saxophone imitating lead guitar sound would become an influential part of the electric blues sound that would be perfected in Chicago by artists like Muddy Waters. The state R&B recording industry was based in Houston with labels like Duke Peacock (Peacock Records), which in the 1950s provided a base for artists who would later pursue the electric Texas blues sound, including Johnny Copeland and Albert Collins. Freddie King, a major influence on electric blues, was born in Texas, but moved to Chicago as a teenager. His instrumental number "Hide Away" (1961), was emulated by British Blues artists including Eric Clapton. M. Roberty and C. Charlesworth, ''The complete guide to the music of Eric Clapton'' (Omnibus Press, 1995), p. 11. * '''University of Oklahoma''' and '''Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma State University–Stillwater)'''—The Bedlam Series encompasses all athletic contests between the two schools. * '''University of Oklahoma''' and '''University of Texas (University of Texas at Austin)'''—College football's Red River Shootout. The two teams play annually at the Cotton Bowl (Cotton Bowl (stadium)) in Dallas, with the fans of each side divided by the 50-yard line. The "Golden Hat (Red River Shootout trophies)" trophy is awarded to the winner. * '''University of Texas (University of Texas at Austin)''' and '''Texas A&M University''' —The Lone Star Showdown involves all athletic contests between the two schools. However, due to Texas A&M's upcoming move to the SEC, the football version of the rivalry will likely go dormant until at least 2018. traded_as Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas


sound" of the recordings. While his early compositional work was not widely known outside of Egypt at the time, El-Dabh would eventually gain recognition for his influential work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (Computer Music Center) in the late 1950s (Holmes 2008, 156–57). *1943 – World War II: the entire population of Khatyn (Khatyn massacre) in Belarus is burnt alive by German (Germany) occupation forces. *1945 – The Arab League is founded when a charter is adopted in Cairo, Egypt. *1954 – Closed since 1939, the London bullion market reopens. left thumb 300px Mummy in the British Museum (File:Mummy at British Museum.jpg) Mummies were much sought-after by museums worldwide in the 19th and early 20th centuries and many exhibit mummies today. Notably fine examples are exhibited at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, at the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin, and at the British Museum in London. The Egyptian city of Luxor is also home to a specialized Mummification Museum. The mummified remains of what turned out to be Rameses I ended up in a Daredevil Museum near Niagara Falls on the United States–Canada border; records indicate that it had been sold to a Canadian in 1860 and exhibited alongside displays such as a two-headed calf for nearly 140 years, until the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, which had acquired the mummy along with other artifacts, determined it to be royal and returned it to Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities. It is currently on display in the Luxor Museum.


, Lebanon) is a Crystal-Simorgh (Fajr International Film Festival) winning Swedish film director with Assyrian Syriac (Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people) origin. Nya Wermlands-Tidningen His brother is the actor Fares Fares, who has appeared in many of his films. ''Orientalism'' is considered to be Edward Said's most influential work and has been translated into at least 36 languages. It has been the focus of any number


the editor-in-chief. As editor, he adopted the hard-line stance to publish works by proletarian authors rather than literary leftists. Endorsing what he called “proletarian literature,” Gold was influential in making this style of fiction popular during the depression years of 1930s. His most influential work, Jews Without Money, a fictionalized autobiography about growing up in impoverished Manhattan, was published in 1930. doi accessdate 2008-07-27 ref>

Northern Ireland

;), a physicist and mathematician who made innovations in the understanding of electricity, dynamics (dynamics (mechanics)), thermodynamics, and the electron theory of matter. His most influential work was ''Aether and Matter'', a theoretical physics book published in 1900. These figures are presented here as the best assessment available of the community balance, without implying any particular significance to the absolute figures. Not all Protestants are unionists, and not all


Professor Manning Clark, in his influential work ''A History of Australia'', suggested a contrasting image of the innocent and honourable Anzac soldier. From a range of sources he provided evidence of the soldiers' bad behaviour. For example, he documented that, as recruits, some indulged in sex orgies with an 18-year-old girl at the Broadmeadows camp before being shipped to war. Others confronted police in violent scuffles on the streets of Melbourne


and former Miss Universe Yvonne Ryding. thumb 230px Medal of Jan Łaski, 1557 (File:National Museum in Poznan - Commemorative medals 27.JPG) '''Jan Łaski''', ''John Laski'', ''Johannes Alasco'', ''John a Lasco'' (1499 – 8 January 1560), was a Polish (Poland) Protestant evangelical (Evangelicalism) reformer. It is owing to his influential work in England (ca. 1543-1555), during the English Reformation, that his name is known to the English-speaking world in its Anglicised


the Brazilian Amazon Region (Amazon rain forest). Most part of the research focus on the main topics of ecology, molecular ecology, zoology, botany, tropical agriculture and tropical pisciculture. A collection of Amazonian vertebrate and invertebrate taxa, and vascular plants are also found in the institute. A prominent ornithologist in Brazil, Sick published more than 200 papers, including his most influential work: ''Ornitologia Brasileira, Uma Introdução'' (1984

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