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North Nicosia

; The Nicosia Turkish Municipality is headed by the mayor, Mehmet Harmancı from the Communal Democracy Party (TDP). He came to power in the local elections in 2014 with 38% of the popular vote, defeating the candidates of two major parties who were considered to be candidates with the highest chances

), 6 from the Communal Democracy Party, 1 from the Democratic Party (Democratic Party (Northern Cyprus)) (DP-UG) and 1 from the New Cyprus Party (YKP). Mayors of Nicosia Turkish Municipality Below is a list of mayors of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality since its establishment in 1958:<

;ref * Tahsin Gözmen: 1958–1962 * Cevdet Mirata: 1962–1962 * Fuat Celalettin: 1962–1968 * Ziver Kemal: 1969–1976 * Mustafa Akıncı: 1976–1990 * Burhan Yetkili: 1990–1994 * Şemi Bora: 1994–2002 * Kutlay Erk: 2002–2006 * Cemal Metin Bulutoğluları: 2006–2013 * Kadri Fellahoğlu

Škofja Loka

index.php?id 15 title Member Towns publisher accessdate 2009-10-21 Granville (Granville, Manche), France - 1991 :

association of 24 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

of the other countries and festivals. Discussions regarding membership are also in hand with three further towns ( Agros


29013a.html accessdate March 24, 2014 The city is centered on its main plaza, called Parque Juárez (Juarez Park), which contains gardens and a kiosk from the beginning of the 20th century. The blocks around it conserve

, the image is dressed in new robes and the image is followed by an entourage with candles and fireworks.

; The running of the bulls is more dangerous as the animals are released into the streets from two directions.

Agros, Cyprus Home publisher accessdate 2009-10-21 Bellagio (Italian region) Bellagio

; Discussions regarding membership are also in hand with three further towns (Agros (Agros, Cyprus) in Cyprus, Škofja Loka in Slovenia, and Tryavna

;DouzelageMembers" Discussions regarding membership are also in hand with three further towns (Agros (Agros, Cyprus) in Cyprus, Škofja Loka in Slovenia, and Tryavna in Bulgaria).


made various personal attacks. He also abused his admin tools ''repeatedly'', by blocking the editor he was edit warring withindex.php?title Special%3ALog&type block&user Freestylefrappe&page User%3ABitola, by using his administrative rollback in the edit warindex.php?title Kumanovo&diff prev&oldid 31124011, by threatenting to protect his preferred version index.php?title User_talk:Karmafist

&diff 31139752&oldid 31123906 . To top it off, he came back anonymously to continue editing, and the IP was blocked. Statements like theseindex.php?title User_talk:Karmafist&diff 31146082&oldid 31144066,index.php?title Wikipedia_talk%3ARequests_for_comment%2FFreestylefrappe&diff next&oldid 31655564, and his statement on this page demonstrate serious misunderstandings of how blocks and protection work. Combined

with the other offenses cited above, this reaches the "pattern" threshhold, and I urge arbcom to consider Freestylefrappe's adminship. Dmcdevit (User:Dmcdevit)·t (User talk:Dmcdevit) 20:41, 23 December 2005 (UTC) I first became involved with Freestylefrappe after a post to WP:AN asking for assistance with the dispute. I read through a conversation between Freestylefrappe and SCZenz and decided to talk to Freestylefrappe index.php?title User_talk


index.php?option com_content&view article&id 95%3Atianguis-tradicional&catid 10%3Aarticuloturismo&Itemid 57 title Tianguis Tradicional date September 9, 2009 publisher Government of Tulancingo location Tulancingo language Spanish trans_title Traditional Outdoor Market accessdate July 26, 2010 The Chichimecas came to rule here under Xolotl (Xolotl (Chichimec ruler)) starting around 1120. The city was refounded by these people and the remaining Toltecs

" This was the beginning of the European city, which was initially constructed for the use of Europeans only; no indigenous were allowed to live there. Those indigenous who worked in city were obliged to live outside it on the outskirts at the base of the Cerro del Tezontle. Today this area is known as Colonia Francisco I. Madero and is part of the city proper.

monastery, with a church dedicated to Francis of Asisi. This church was reconstructed in 1788 by Damián Ortiz de Castro, and was dedicated to John the Baptist, who is the city’s patron saint. The cloister of the old Franciscan monastery was left intact.


web url http: emu index.php?page article&cat_id 2&id 11 title Gradsko poglavarstvo accessdate 2008-12-27 work City of Zaprešić language Croatian government_type Mayor-council leader_title

estates owned by low-level members of the nobility. Dozens of simple diocesan curia (curia (religion)) houses serve as a reminder of this nobility. After the First World War (World War I), the oldest meat industry in Croatia, the Industrija mesnih proizvoda, was founded. Zaprešić

of the Medvednica Mountain is fairly lightly inhabited, with no settlements except at the base of the mountain. These include the Bistra (Bistra, Zagreb County) municipality and the Zaprešić settlement of Jablanovec. The Marija Gorica Hills are located mainly in the Marija Gorica municipality between the rivers of Krapina, and Sutla. The third area, the plains, is the area where the Zaprešić itself is located.

Moshi, Tanzania

Republic of Tanzania, 2013 The municipality is in the Kilimanjaro Region and is situated on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano that is the highest mountain in Africa. The municipality covers about and is the smallest municipality in Tanzania by area.index.php 2012-02-16-20-10-58 background Moshi Municipal Council - Background ref>

, accessed 4 November 2014 Moshi attained the status of a town in 1956. In 1988, it became a municipality under Tanzanian law, but as of 31 October 2014, the process for submitting its application to become a city was in its final stages. index.php local-news 37772-moshi-quest-for-city-status-well-underway "Moshi quest for city status well underway", ''Daily News

, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Precision Air Services (Precision Air),index.php?option com_content&view article&id 125&Itemid 34 Airport Arrivals Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways. QATAR Airways to Start Kilimanjaro & Mombasa Service in Jul Aug 2012 Tourism File:Askari Independence monument in Moshi Tanzania.jpg thumb


! Country - Fairbanks (Fairbanks, Alaska) Russia - Székesfehérvár

Hungarian trans_title Partner and Twin Cities List archiveurl http: web 20121208035612 http: index.php?pg page_49881 archivedate 2012-12-08 20px (File:HUN Fejér COA.jpg) Fejér County * index.php?s_id 11&top_id 1

: A situation analysis. Save the Children UK, 2006 Töv Province Töv and Selenge (Selenge Province) provinces, Erdenet, Darkhan (Darkhan (city)), Bulgan (Bulgan (city)), Sharyngol (17.1% of population total)index.php?option com_content&task view&id 40&Itemid 90 Sharyngol city review and Berkh (Berkh, Khentii) cities. class

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