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Greensburg, Kansas

Oklahoma tornado outbreak . The '''Big Well''', in Greensburg, Kansas, USA, is a water well that was designed to provide water for the Santa Fe (Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway) and Rock Island (Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad) railroads. Big Well official homepage It was built in 1887 at a cost of $45,000, and served as the municipal water supply until 1932. The 1998 tornado (Late-May 1998 tornado outbreak and derecho) that hit Spencer, South Dakota, killing 6 people, the 2000 tornado (Pine Lake, Alberta Tornado) that hit a campground (Pine Lake, Alberta), killing 12 people, the 2007 tornado (May 2007 tornado outbreak) that hit Greensburg, Kansas, killing 11 people, the Elie, Manitoba tornado that hit Elie, Manitoba in 2007 with no fatalities, and the 2009 tornado (Southern Ontario Tornado Outbreak of 2009) that hit Durham, Ontario, killing one person, are not listed because none of these tornadoes hit a metropolitan area that had a population higher than 50,000. The Southern Ontario Tornado Outbreak of 2005 that hit Toronto was not confirmed and is therefore not listed.


GAA Cork inter-county football and hurling teams respectively in 1945 and 1946. Healy played local soccer with Ballincollig and then Wilton United. He attended the FAS FAI (Football Association of Ireland) course in Cork run

Moore, Oklahoma

saved many lives. south of Holdenville (Holdenville, Oklahoma). In Cleveland County the river is dammed to form Lake Thunderbird. Downstream of the lake, several sections of the river have been straightened and channelized (River engineering#Channelization). Notable absences The 1985 Barrie Tornado (The "Barrie" Tornado Outbreak of 1985) that struck (1985 United States-Canadian tornado outbreak) Barrie, Ontario would be listed here, had it struck today. It is not listed, however, since the town's population was under 50,000 at the time (May 31, 1985). The tornado that hit Grand Valley, Ontario is not listed for similar reasons. Similarly, the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak that spawned the deadly F5 tornado which struck Moore (Moore, Oklahoma), Midwest City (Midwest City, Oklahoma), and Oklahoma City is not listed, since those cities had under 50,000 in population as well, and did not reach the downtown core of Oklahoma City. But today, Moore and Midwest City have well over 50,000 people. Principal cities in the district include Midwest City (Midwest City, Oklahoma), Norman (Norman, Oklahoma), Moore (Moore, Oklahoma), Ada (Ada, Oklahoma), Duncan (Duncan, Oklahoma), Lawton Ft. Sill (Lawton, Oklahoma), and Ardmore (Ardmore, Oklahoma).

San Sebastián

European Junior Championships San Sebastián, Spain bgcolor "gold" align "center" 1st European Indoor Championships (1977 European Athletics Indoor Championships) San Sebastián, Spain bgcolor "silver" align "center" 2nd thumb right Iñaki Gabilondo (File:Iñaki Gabilondo.jpg) '''José Ignacio Gabilondo Pujol''' (San Sebastián, October 19, 1942) is a Spanish (Spain) journalist, and TV news anchor. Gabilondo started his career at 21 (1963) in Radio Popular (COPE) until 1969, when he became the director of Radio San Sebastián (Cadena SER). Two years later, he directed the news department of Cadena SER Sevilla.


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;. Youth and early career Sajid Mahmood's grandfather, Llal Khan, emigrated from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to England with his family in 1968. The family settled in Halliwell (Halliwell, Greater Manchester), a residential area of Bolton.


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news accessdate 15 March 2011 publisher ''The Independent'' title War in the Balkans url http: news war-in-the-balkans-britain-gears-up-for-groundwar-1096066.html location London first1 Colin last1 Brown first2 Donald last2 MacIntyre first3 Stephen last3 Castle date 27 May 1999 An additional 12,000 troops joined the force of 5,400 already stationed in the Republic of Macedonia. On 6 June, the 5th Airborne Brigade, including the 1st Battalion and other units, were flown to Macedonia.

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