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Wilsonville, Oregon

makes the data available to software developers so they can create customized tools of their own. Incredible Universe The Incredible Universe concept was Tandy's attempt to compete with other electronics giants such as Best Buy and Circuit City (Circuit City (1949–2009 company)); the first two stores, located in Arlington, Texas

and Wilsonville, Oregon, opened in 1992. Each Incredible Universe store stocked more than 85,000 items, and the stores' sales personnel did not work on commission. Sales were below average compared to Tandy's profitable RadioShack line, and by late 1996, the company had decided to sell or close all 17 Incredible Universe stores. Lubbock Online Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Many Incredible Universe

locations for the additional stores and the expense of operating such large facilities, resulted in an overall lack of profitability (Profit (accounting)) for the entire enterprise. Fry's stores The Fry's stores in Tempe (Tempe, Arizona), Arizona; Wilsonville, Oregon; Sacramento (Sacramento, California) and San Diego (San Diego, California), California; Fishers, Indiana, Dallas (Dallas, Texas) (Garland), and Arlington, Texas are all former Incredible Universe


are nice. The pool is big and clean. Breakfasts are good. Suppers were institutional in 2007 but in 2008 the food improved. * *

the hotel food. Especially in Viñales, try and choose a casa with a roof, the view will be absolutely incredible. *

Ottumwa, Iowa

Sioux City - KPTH 44 ''Donkey Kong Jr.'' is regarded as one of the ''Top 100 Video Games'' by the Killer List of Videogames. It was selected to be among five arcade games chosen for history's first official video game world championship, which was filmed at Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa, Iowa by ABC-TV's ''That's Incredible!'' over the weekend of January 8–9, 1983. The game later spawned a cereal which featured fruit-flavored cereal pieces

fullpage.html?res 9C06E5D6143BF937A25751C0A965948260&sec &spon work The New York Times date 14 February 1983 accessdate 2008-08-19 * On February 21, 1983, ''That's Incredible'' unwittingly gained video game immortality by broadcasting the North American Video Game Challenge—an international video game tournament filmed at Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa (Ottumwa, Iowa), Iowa -- which since then has gained recognition as being history's first video game world championship.<

;ref * MAD Magazine produced a feature cartoon in 1981 titled ''That's Real Incredible, People'', mocking the blurred distinction between ''That's Incredible!'' and ''Real People''. A later issue of MAD had "Wanted posters we'd like to see", one featuring a network executive

Huntsville, Ontario

, was filmed at Camp Mini-Yo-We, which is located within the city's boundaries. * The opening sequence of the Walt Disney film ''The Incredible Journey (The Incredible Journey (film))'' showcases the village of Aspdin from the air. In this scene Muskoka's oldest stone church, St. Mary's Anglican, can clearly be seen. * A part of the 1989 film ''Welcome Home'', starring Kris Kristofferson, was shot at Lion's Lookout. Media Radio * FM 94.3 - CBLU (CBLA-FM), CBC


, grocery store onsite. The security here is incredible - K9, car inspections, ID checks, mirrors underneath cars, Saudi National Guard protected, two gates that cars must pass through before entering, camera identification to get into the building. *


cheap. For sure the best option if obliged to sleep in Poipet. USD12 for a big air-con room with hot water shower. The restaurant next door from this hotel sells the most incredible pork, which is cooked on the side of the street. Excellent choice for breakfast when heading off to work hard for the day. *

Port Colborne

article 19 The Port Colborne Lions Club 2013 Carnival Kinnear House (Helen_Alice_Kinnear#Kinnear_House) is a local heritage property associated with the jurist Helen Alice Kinnear, the first woman in Canada to be appointed judge by the federal government, or to appear as counsel before the Supreme Court (Supreme Court of Canada). A curiosity in town is the "incredible shrinking mill" which is an optical illusion produced when viewing the federal grain elevator

. When travelling east on Lakeshore Road, the mill appears to move farther away as one drives closer. City Of Port Colborne - Visiting Here - The Incredible Shrinking Mill Education There are two high schools in Port Colborne, Port Colborne High School (commonly called Port High) and the Lakeshore

Port Klang

, the concession holder of North-South Expressway (North-South Expressway, Malaysia) has upgraded the entire highway to a 6-lane highway with two toll plazas, Batu Tiga and Sungai Rasau. The 6-lane toll highway had begun in operation on 11 May 1993. The highway handles incredible volumes of traffic and one should expect a significant jam at more or less any time of day. The history of the highway started after the separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9 August 1965, when the Malaysian government

. The 6-lane toll highway had begun in operation on 11 May 1993. The highway handles incredible volumes of traffic and one should expect a significant jam at more or less any time of day. - 5.6 - 5.7 Kapar br

Port Dover, Ontario

service from the Lake Erie & Northern Railway, owned by Canadian Pacific Railway. Notable amenities like Ivey's Greenhouses and the incredible Port Dover beaches caused most of the passenger traffic to occur during the summer months.

Springhill, Nova Scotia

a significant hit as it was forced to adjust to a post-industrial service-oriented economy since the closure of the large mines in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Post-industrial adjustment The abrupt end of large-scale industrial coal mining presented incredible economic challenges to the town as the region struggled with massive unemployment in the 1960s. An unexpected legacy and benefit from the abandoned coal mines is being realized in the form of Geothermal exchange heat pump

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