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Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt

became just another provincial town, known mostly for University of Marburg. It became a virtual backwater for two centuries after the Thirty Years' War, 1618–1648, when it was fought over by Hessen-Darmstadt (Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt) and Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel. The Hessian territory around Marburg lost more than two thirds of its population, which was more than in any later wars (including World War I and World War II) combined. The ducal palace

Hamilton, Bermuda

Gold Cup Official Site a sailing event which is a key stage of the World Match Racing Tour, one of only three sailing championships to be sanctioned by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) International Sailing Federation Site with 'Special Event' status. The Argo Cup brings the world's best match-racing sailors (including world champions and Olympic sailors) to Bermuda for 5 days of one-on-one 'match racing'. Points accrued during the event contribute to the World Match Racing Tour and ultimately a chance to race in the final event, the Monsoon Cup in Malaysia. The winner of that is crowned ISAF World Match Racing Champion. Unlike many water-based sports, which occur to far out to view from shore, 'match racing' is a great spectator sport. The race takes place only 15m from the shore, and spectators can see the heart of the action. The history of the modern Bermuda Gold Cup event dates back to the very beginning of the match racing style of sailing. The first 'match race' in a one-design racing yacht i.e. technically identical boats, was the '''King Edward VII Gold Cup''' '''VSB-TV''' is the NBC television affiliate for Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Bermuda. The station broadcasts on channel 11. In addition to carrying the full NBC network East Coast feed, VSB locally produces a half-hour nightly newscast at 7 p.m., preceding the ''NBC Nightly News'' (which airs at 7:30 p.m. Atlantic Time (Atlantic Standard Time Zone) in Bermuda). The station is owned by DeFontes Group, a Bermuda-based company which also owns and operates radio stations in the island nation. He played in the 2001 ICC Trophy in Ontario and returned to the USA side in 2004 when he played in the ICC 6 Nations Challenge in the United Arab Emirates. He made his first-class (first-class cricket) debut in 2004, playing matches in the ICC Intercontinental Cup against Canada in Fort Lauderdale and against Bermuda (Bermuda national cricket team) in Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda). First-class matches played by Aijaz Ali at CricketArchive In between those two matches, he played in the Americas Championship (ICC Americas Championship) in Bermuda. Other matches played by Aijaz Ali at CricketArchive * Zbigniew Brzezinski — former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter * Gilbert Cooper — former mayor of Hamilton, Bermuda and member of the House of Assembly of Bermuda * David Hackett — boarding school friend of Robert F. Kennedy & organizational father of Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA (Americorps VISTA)), the domestic US Peace Corps program; inspiration for Phineas in John Knowles's 1959 novel A Separate Peace; McGill hockey player and selected for the US Olympic Hockey Team (1952) '''ZBM-TV''' is a television station serving Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda) and the British (United Kingdom) territory of Bermuda. It is owned by Bermuda Broadcasting Company (Bermuda Broadcasting) and is an affiliate of United States television network CBS. The station broadcasts over-the-air on analog (NTSC) channel 9 and is carried on channel 3 on the local cable television system. '''ZFB-TV''' is a television station serving Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda) and the British (United Kingdom) territory of Bermuda. It is owned by Bermuda Broadcasting Company (Bermuda Broadcasting) and is an affiliate of United States television network ABC (American Broadcasting Company) and the British (United Kingdom) global television network BBC World News. The station broadcasts over-the-air on analog (NTSC) channel 7 and is carried on channel 2 on the local cable television system. foundation 1994 location Hamilton, Bermuda London, United Kingdom CME Development Corporation Amsterdam, Netherlands CME Media Enterprises BV Prague, Czech Republic CME Media Services Limited key_people Ronald S. Lauder, Chairman Adrian Sârbu, CEO & President David Sach, CFO landlord location Langton Hill, Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Pembroke (Pembroke Parish, Bermuda) address '''Government House''' is the official residence of the Governor of Bermuda. It is located on Langton Hill, overlooking the North Shore in Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Pembroke (Pembroke Parish, Bermuda). Government House is also the official residence of the Bermudan head of state (currently Queen Elizabeth II) when staying in Bermuda. This was only one of the changes made in the 1960s, largely as a result of the civil rights movement. A constitution was introduced which made Bermuda's parliamentary system more like the Westminster system. Political parties were legalised, and the system of a majority Government, from which a Premier was appointed and the Cabinet Ministers were drawn, and a minority Opposition was adopted. The Senate was created to perform a function akin to that of the House of Lords, in London, although its members were appointed, rather than being hereditary, noble peers. The system of suffrage, by which the members of the lower house were elected, and which, as in Britain, had historically been limited to male landowners, was finally extended to all adults: universal adult suffrage (Universal suffrage). Although non-white males had not been specifically banned from either voting or standing for election, the land-owning requirement had effectively barred all but a few from voting. When the numbers of non-white land owners had increased, a minimum property value was added. The first non-white to stand for election was schoolmaster Augustus Swan, who owned two houses and dry goods stores in Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda) and Flatts (Flatts Village, Bermuda). He was part of a coalition that pledged black support for white candidates Samuel Nash, Ambrose Gosling and RJP Darrell, in exchange for white support of Swan, but the plan failed and none of these candidates won a seat. The first non-white person to actually gain a seat in the House of Assembly was William Henry Thomas Joell, elected MCP for Pembroke (Pembroke Parish, Bermuda) in May, 1883, and who died in 1886 while still holding his seat. He was replaced by John Henry Thomas Jackson, who was also non-white. Bermuda's women were denied the vote, and the ability to stand for election, entirely until 1944. rowspan "2" CARIFTA Games (U-20) (2004 CARIFTA Games) rowspan "2" Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Bermuda bgcolor gold 1st CARIFTA Games Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Bermuda style "background:gold;" 1st Dissatisfaction with the quality of this part-time Constabulary led to the formation of the Bermuda Police Force under the Police Establishment Act, 1879. The new body consisted of ten full time constables under Superintendent J. C. B. Clarke. Three of the constables were based in Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), with Clarke, three in St. George's (St. George's, Bermuda), with Chief Constable H. Dunkley, and two in Somerset (Somerset Village, Bermuda), and there were still twenty-one part-time Parish constables. foundation 1889 location Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda), Bermuda key_people John D. Campbell Q.C., J.P., Chairman Philip M. Butterfield, CEO

French Fifth Republic

(1871–1940) (including World War I), the period of World War II (the German occupation and the Vichy–1944, the provisional French government (1944–1946) the Fourth Republic (French Fourth Republic) (1946–1958) and the Fifth Republic (French Fifth Republic) (1959-). Important historical events for French literature include: the Dreyfus Affair; French colonialism and imperialism in Africa, the Far East (French Indochina) and the Pacific; the Algerian War of Independence (1954–1962


of the colour film, or the city of iron, Ferropolis near Gräfenhainichen. Do * cycle along the Elbe. * cruise the ''Romanesque Road'', a holiday route, which connects more than 80 places of romanesque origin (churches, monasteries, castles), including world class buildings like the Magdeburg or Naumburg cathedrals, but also hardly known village churches. * ride the narrow-gauge steam trains from Wernigerode up the Brocken or in the Selketal. * attend one of the numerous music festivals


of players, including world number two Marat Safin, and top ten ranked Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Roger Federer. Cañas was also the first Argentine to win the Canada Open since Guillermo Vilas in 1976, and also the first to win a Masters Series shield (the Series was created in 1990). ref name "NY

Trinidad and Tobago

; '''Rio Claro''' is the largest town in southeastern Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago. Rio Claro lies east of Princes Town, west of Mayaro (Mayaro, Trinidad) and northwest of Guayaguayare. It serves as the major commercial centre for southeastern Trinidad. It lies in a primarily agricultural (agriculture) area. It is the seat of the Rio Claro-Mayaro Regional Corporation. Many of Trinidad and Tobago's respected citizens come from this small town, including world-renowned


in Afghanistan Antica Babilonia in Iraq anniversaries Role WHCA has played an unremarked, but significant, role in many historical events: including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Panama and Guatemala, Operation Just Cause, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. WHCA was also a key player in documenting the Assassination of John F. Kennedy assassination


; Records All of Horace Lindrum's many achievements, including world record-making . He is the only snooker player to have held the English, Irish (Republic of Ireland), Scottish (Scotland), African, New Zealand, Maltese (Malta), Singapore

Buenos Aires

Philharmonic Orchestra ); he also became principal conductor of the Budapest Opera. He conducted opera at the Vienna Volksoper and at the Salzburg Festival in the late 1940s, including world premieres in Salzburg of operas by Gottfried von Einem ( "Danton's Tod" in 1947) and by Frank Martin ("Zaubertrank" in 1948). The enthusiastic reception of Fricay's work on this international stage led to his being appointed Chief Conductor of the Berlin RIAS Symphony Orchestra and General Music Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, from 1949–1952, performing then in the Theater des Westens. He made his United Kingdom debut at the 1950 Edinburgh Festival, leading the Glyndebourne Opera in Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro. He made his Buenos Aires debut that year with Carmina Burana. In 1951 he made his debuts in Italy and with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. In 1953 he made his debuts in Paris, Milan, Lucerne, and the USA, where he conducted the Boston Symphony Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony. He was appointed musical director of the Houston Symphony in 1954, but resigned halfway through the season over "disagreements on musical policy." Commons:Category:Buenos Aires Wikipedia:Buenos Aires Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina Provinces Buenos Aires City

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