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urbaines and seats Konni is known for its vernacular architecture including traditional granaries (granary) and is regarded as a centre for smuggling between Niger and Nigeria, in which some suburbs of the town are officially located. Birni-N'Konni's contemporary importance rests on the surrounding agricultural lands and its place on the N1 highway (N1 highway (Niger)), the main east-west highway linking Niger's capital Niamey and the nation's main eastern cities


Parade) and ''Boun Bangfai'' (Rocket Festival) are held in Champhone District at the end of April to early May. There are many activities including traditional dancing, artificial elephant and horse riding and men wearing traditional Lao women clothes and cosmetics. Each village prepares a rocket and a rocket competition is held. The village with the highest rocket launch, wins. This competition is held for showing appreciation to the ''Payathan'', deities who give rain for successful agriculture


of Guizhou province, China. While not the most spectacular of Chinese cities, it has much to offer as an introduction to the history, culture and natural splendor of Guizhou and China's southwest. Moreover it is drastically cheaper than the more touristed and developed provinces. It makes an excellent base for exploring mountains, caves, rivers, and minority cultures (including traditional Han Chinese culture lost in many areas) of the province. Get in By air Guiyang is relatively

Cambridge Bay

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appropriately. The service in both places can be painfully slow, especially on weekend evenings but you will be rewarded with good and relatively cheap dinner (around 450 rubles excluding alcohol that is quite affordable as well). For a high-class dinner go to Vechny Zov, Slavyansky Bazar or Parmezan — for a price that starts at around 1360 rubles plus wine you will get a high-standard European or Russian meal including traditional Russian and local delicacies. Chefs are often invited from France, Italy, etc., so European quality is guaranteed — at a European rate. There are also a lot of smaller places offering good meals for relatively low prices — ask whoever reads Russian to browse local Internet or look through the papers. Also, don't expect the restaurant staff to speak anything but Russian (except the most expensive places). Drink ...everywhere! If it is a '''flat or house party''' — go take a couple of large bottles of Nefiltroff — the local non-filtered beer — cheap, tasty and cheerful! Local vodka is also pretty cheap and considerably well-done. Many supermarkets and small shops are open 24 7 so it's never late to go take another one, though be careful not to walk through the city at night if you are intoxicated. But according to the law they can't sell spirit during a night. That's why you will have problem to buy spirit after 11pm ( in some shops after 10pm ). With beer there is not that problem. There are a lot of '''places to go''' in the downtown, from coffeeshops to pubs to night clubs — Teatro, Fakel, Trash&Glam, Siberian Pub, Pivlyandia (Beerland), and U Kruegera (Krueger's) just to name a few. If someone want to drink beer Krueger's (У Крюгера) is the best choice. Most of the bars offer an international set of beers and other drinks for a decent (sometimes really low) price. Nightclubs usually have pretty high entrance fees to screen out the poorest part of the population causing the most unrest, so be ready for outrageous €25-€30 in the most 'fashionable' places to about €6-€7 in the less high profile ones. Sometimes some places take no entrance fees but add €5-€7 to your bill for live music. '''Drinks''' usually start at €2 for a beer or €4 for a cocktail. Vodka's pretty cheap so enjoy your stay. Bartenders and waiters may speak English, especially in places like Siberian Pub where the small expat crowd gathers. The risk of being cheated is scarce, especially in the more respectable places — still take a look at your bill before paying. Just in case — there is '''zero tolerance toward drugs''', even the softest ones — so take extreme care. Sleep There are several of hostels in the city. One of them is Taiga-hostel (Nikitina street, 56) is a cozy place close to the center of Tomsk. It is easy to get from here to all the universities and remarkable sights. There are two beautiful and clean bedrooms — for 6 and for 4 guests — made in 'green nature' style. There are all the facilities in Taiga-hostel — fridge, microwave, wi fi, lock box, dinner delivery, breakfast etc. The price of stay in hotels is usually lower than in bigger cities, except for places like Hotel Magistrat (Lenina square) or hotel Oktyabr'skaya. The other is 8 floor hostel (Dzerzhinsky street, 56). It is a comfortable place just in the historical center of Tomsk. A common room and shared kitchen, different types of rooms including private room for 2 guests and the other 10 bed and two 4 bed rooms are all for the best of its guests. It takes about 5 minutes to get from the hostel to the bus railway station. The hostel is also located close to the Universities, entertainment centers, trade centers, banks and medical institutions. All necessary facilities are included to the price of the places. There are also plenty of decent and clean little private hotels converted from apartments throughout the city but they are hardly accessible for a foreigner who doesn't know Russian, so ask you Russian-speaking friends or colleagues — they can easily find one for you. Do not expect the hotel staff anywhere except the luxiry hotels to speak anything but Russian, and learn some key phrases before staying. Stay safe Tomsk is a pretty safe place in terms of crime, especially if you stay within the downtown, don't look too freaky and don't show off with a lot of cash. Still, there are some useful rules: You are obliged to '''carry your passport''' with you — though cases when you are actually asked for it are ''extremely'' rare. '''Don't take walks outside downtown at night''' — it is better and faster to use a taxi and watch the night city from a car. Also, try to steer clear of intoxicated people wherever you meet them. '''Don't stop private taxis on the street''' — there are plenty of reliable taxi companies in the city that can be easily called. Ask your guide or a Russian speaking friend for a phone number. '''Try not to drink on the streets''' — or at least not to show it to local policemen — they are usually quite tolerant and in most cases will just tell you to stop drinking, still there may be accidents. '''Call your Russian-speaking friends''', your country's representative or your guide immediately if you think you may be in trouble with the police or anyone else. Go next You can buy e-tickets anywhere through the Internet, and you can just pick them up in the airport before your flight, as everywhere else. Also, always '''be in the airport 2 hours before your flight'''. Call a taxi to the airport, the railway or the bus station '''the evening before''' or at least a couple of hours before the departure and agree on the time — the taxi service is extremely popular with the city's inhabitants and there are a couple of times during the day when it is difficult to get one. To get out of the country travel first to Moscow or Novosibirsk and then wherever you like. Wikipedia:Tomsk Commons:Category:Tomsk


football, basketball, and volleyball, is played by Ouagadougou inhabitants. There are sports tournaments and activities organized by the local authorities. There are a number of cultural and art venues, such as the Maison du Peuple and Salle des Banquets, in addition to performances of many genres of music, including traditional folk music, modern music, and rap (Hip hop music). Art and crafts Several international festivals and activities are organized


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to Christchurch that morning to aid in relief efforts. This was followed later in the afternoon by the deployment from Ohakea Air Base of two Iroquois Helicopters who provided aerial reconnaissance and damage assessments. Due to disrupted supplies at Christchurch Airport an RNZAF fuel tanker was also despatched from Ohakea Air Base to supply these aircraft. The concept exists in many societies, including traditional Fijian, Māori (Māori culture), Samoan (Samoa Islands), Rapanui, Tahitian, Hawaiian (Culture of Hawaii), and Tongan cultures – in most cases using a recognisably similar word—but in Rotuman (Rotuman language) term for this concept is "ha'a". To protect the pimenta trade, the plant was guarded against export from Jamaica. Many attempts at growing the pimenta from seeds were reported, but all failed. At one time, the plant was thought to grow nowhere except in Jamaica, where the plant was readily spread by birds. Experiments were then performed using the constituents of bird droppings; however, these were also totally unsuccessful. Eventually, it was realized that passage through the avian (Bird) gut, either the acidity or the elevated temperature, was essential for germinating (Germination) the seeds. Today, ''pimenta'' is spread by birds in Tonga and Hawaii, where it has become naturalized on Kaua Commons:Category:Tonga (Kaua'i) WikiPedia:Tonga Dmoz:Regional Oceania Tonga


Although Beijing locations were originally planned to be open "from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm, to suit the lifestyle of Beijingers", 7-Eleven store debuts in Beijing( February 5, 2004 09:09) (China Daily by Liu Jie) the majority are open 24 hours every day. In terms of urban population, it is the sixth-largest city of the People's Republic of China, and its urban land area (Binhai New Area is not included) ranks fifth in the nation after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Tianjin's urban area is located along the Hai River, which connects to the Yellow (Yellow River) and Yangtze (Yangtze River) Rivers via the Grand Canal (Grand Canal (China)) in Tianjin. Tianjin was once home to foreign concessions (concessions in Tianjin) in the late Qing Dynasty and early Kuomintang (Republic of China) (KMT) era. The municipality incorporates the coastal region of Tanggu (Tanggu District), home to the Binhai New Area and the Tianjin


that are nominally under provinces but are in reality independent of any provinces. China 7-Eleven has been operating in the People's Republic of China in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, since 2008. Some stores were open since 1996. It offers little or no brand name items like Slurpee. However, they offer a rather wide array of warm food, including traditional items like the steamed, filled bun. Also sold are some beverages, alcohol, candy

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