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Puerto Maldonado

: email address lat long directions Down River from Puerto Maldonado phone tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Really beautiful. Restaurant and bar overlooking the river. Great activities. *'''Amazon Shelter''', 25 US$ per double room, shared bathroom but including food. This is a very quiet and pleasant place, next to jungle, just outside town, close to Tambopata River. Very hospitable owner who runs this animal shelter, where animals roam free at least once every other day. You get to pet some, enjoy their company and learn about their history. It is on Carretera Tambopata, but most taxi drivers will not have a clue where to go. You need to tell them that the road there is "a continuacion de La Av. Ernesto Rivero, Carretera Isuyama, Circuito Tambopata". Access'''. There are several places in town that offer internet access by the hour (2 soles, a bit less than $1 US per hour). There are two on the north side of the Plaza de Armas. Although Puerto Maldonado now has high speed cable internet, the speeds aren't quite as high as you may be used to. However, a reasonable person can check and send about a half dozen emails in about 15-20 minutes. This is much faster than it used to be. WikiPedia:Puerto Maldonado Commons:Puerto Maldonado


, the "Puppet Theater Festival" has been taking place in town. The participants vary from national to European level. All towns around Lake Ohrid gather for Lake Day in a festival where local delicacies including food and culture are showcased. Transport Pogradec is located about 139 km from Tirana, the capital city of Albania, 40 km from Korça, and 5 km from Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia). Pogradec is the last railway station: Tirana

Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy

are granted hospitality, including food for almost eight days, whilst they make their devotions (roman Catholic devotions); this hospice differs from the abbey's hospital: '' ''", an order

Portage la Prairie

milling, one of the largest oat mills in the world, is also located in the municipality (Rural municipality). McMillan Industrial Park, located on the eastern fringes of Portage, also plays a major role in the city's economy. Numerous industries including food science labs and food processing facilities, construction companies, and manufacturing sectors are located in this expanding industrial area, beneficial for the creation of jobs in the community. The city has developed into a regional

Lower Hutt

mall that had a $150M redevelopment in 2006. It boasts the usual facilities found in shopping malls, including food courts and movie theatres. Like most modern malls, once inside you could be anywhere on the planet where buildings like this are created to extract dollars from your pocket. *A '''vegetable market''' operates at the Riverbank car park on Saturday mornings. This is easily the cheapest place to get your fruit and vegetables. There is plenty of car parking available. The main entrance is off Rutherford St, just north of Countdown Supermarket. *Take a walk along '''Jackson Street''' in '''Petone'''. A once half-derelict shopping street that has revived and reinvented itself in the past ten years. Think of something and you can probably get it new, second hand or have someone make it for you. It's that kind of street. Full of quirky one-off shops (eg a knife shop, a shop that sells nothing but cook books, a South African deli, a shop where kids of all ages can paint to their hearts' content, a noodle factory.) Eat ;Supermarkets: * WikiPedia:Lower Hutt Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Wellington Lower Hutt


* James Speyer, American banker and president of the banking house Speyer & Company, awarded the 2nd Class, Jan 20, 1912 * His Princely Highness Pakubuwono X (1866–1939), the 10th Susuhunan, ruler of the past Surakarta (now in present Surakarta, Indonesia), awarded the Order, 2nd Class, with Star. * James Speyer, American banker and president of the banking house Speyer & Company, awarded the 2nd Class, Jan 20, 1912 * His Princely Highness Pakubuwono X (1866–1939), the 10th Susuhunan, ruler of the past Surakarta (now in present Surakarta, Indonesia), awarded the Order, 2nd Class, with Star. '''Imogiri''' (also '''Imagiri''') is a royal graveyard complex in Yogyakarta, in south-central Java (Java (island)), Indonesia, as well as a modern village located near the graveyard in Bantul regency. Imogiri is a traditional resting place for the royalty of central Java, including many rulers


2000 and 2007. Industry Industry is a key sector in Haiphong including food processing, light industries and heavy industries. Major products include fish sauce, beer, cigarettes, textiles, paper, plastic pipes, cement, iron, pharmaceuticals, electric fans, motorbikes, steel pipes and ships and out-sourcing software implementation. Most of these industries have been growing significantly between 2000 and 2007, with the exceptions of the cigarette

Socialist Republic of Croatia


as the island of Satawal (see map). Historically a tributary system existed between the outer islands and Yap proper. This probably related to the need for goods from the high islands, including food, as well as wood for construction of seagoing vessels. 2000 population was 11,241 in both Colonia and ten other municipalities. The state has a total land area of .


date Sep 2011 Economy thumb Cavendish House (File:Cavendish-house-cheltenham-20081003.jpg) department store on the Promenade. Cheltenham has light industry, including food processing, aerospace, electronics and tourism businesses. The Government's electronic surveillance (Surveillance) operation Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), renowned for its "doughnut-shape" building, is in Cheltenham. Vertex Data Science, GE-Aviation

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