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Villa de Leyva

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Gore, New Zealand

Guitar Awards..."'' It has a sister city relationship with Tamworth, New South Wales, the "Country Music Capital of Australia". Recently Gore has also gained a reputation as a centre for the visual arts in the southern South Island. A major bequest to the town's Eastern Southland Art Gallery by Dr. John Money has left the institution with one of the country's best collections of ethnological art. This is partnered by an impressive collection

Clayton, Missouri

activity and eras of growth. An impressive collection of mid-century Modernist (Modern architecture) low and high rise structures contrast with earlier mansions, stores and flats. Demographics


name Karlskrona Maritime Museum url http: en email address Stumholmen lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content A very large maritime museum on the waterfront with spectacular vistas. Most of the exhibits are in Swedish, so be sure to pick up an audio guide. The exhibits consist principally of a very large and impressive collection of wooden ship models as well as life size interiors of ships that can be walked through


Expressway. From Shenyang, a bus ride takes three hours via the westbound Jingshen Expressway. Get around See * *

Trail, British Columbia

for the Argonne reactor, the first reactor using heavy water and natural uranium, which went critical on 15 May 1944. . '''Nelson''' is a city located in the Selkirk Mountains on the extreme West Arm of Kootenay Lake in the Southern Interior (British Columbia Interior) of British Columbia, Canada. Known as "The Queen City", and acknowledged for its impressive collection of restored


of the city while enjoying a nice well-chilled beer. The beer is exceptionally good in Asmara, aptly called "Asmara Beer". Behind the hotel on a quieter street is the '''National Museum''', with an impressive collection spanning the six millennia of the land's civilization. On Massawa Road near the outskirts of the city, lies the '''Biet Ghiorghis Zoo and Park''' area, famous for its scenery of the eastern escarpment. The Zoo itself is rather sad. Further down the road, one reaches Bar Durfo, a bar and café perched on a cliff overlooking the dramatic precipice of the Asmara - Massawa highway. You will need a car or taxi to get beyond the last stop of the No. 1 bus, Biet Ghiorghis, to Bar Durfo. Another place to see is the dramatic highland landscape on the eastern escarpment. Additionally, one can see a traditional Eritrean highland village in the '''village of Tselot''' (which means 'prayer' and is also famous for being the President's village). Tselot lies about 20 km (12 mi) outside the city center and is served by one of the red city buses departing from a section of the marketplace called "Meda Eritrea". You should leave as early as possible because there are only a couple of buses per day so you have to make sure you have a way to get back. The rural highland lifestyle in Tselot resembles Biblical times: stone houses, small plots, ancient temples (both Christian and Muslim), people farming and herding with traditional means using little technology, transporting their goods (as well as themselves) on mule- and camelback. Within walking distance of the village, is the '''Martyrs National Park''', inaugurated in 2000. It is a mountainous forest and wildlife reserve at the ridge of the highland plateau. The landscape consists of an eerily quiet semi-arid plain in a valley, an extension of the highland plateau, interrupted by the dramatic chasm of the eastern ridge which the village center straddles. The views and scenery are spectacular. The highest viewpoint features chasms, gorges and mountaintops bathed by a sea of clouds, which gives one the impression of standing "above the clouds". Do If you are in Asmara for a short stay, the best thing to do after you're done sightseeing in this city is to head for the outskirts where the scenery is stunning at the very least. Unless you come from a high altitude area yourself, you need a couple of days of strolling in Asmara to get your body used to the thin dry air at 2,600 m (8,530 ft). Bring lots of sunscreen lotion but also a sweater as it can get really chilly not only at night but even when standing in the shade (temperatures can vary greatly on different sides of the same street depending on the position of the sun). The sun shines very bright throughout the day in Africa, especially so in Asmara where clouds are rare, so unless you enjoy squinting, bring UV blocking shades. If you like '''hiking, rock climbing and mountainbiking''', the above mentioned areas outside of town are excellent places to do so, but bring your own gear (including bike) as there are no rental bikes and a very limited supply of safety equipment (shoes, ropes, etc.) in Asmara. However, tents and mosquito nets are readily available at an affordable price in the marketplace downtown. Also '''consult the locals and bring a guide''', because it is good to have someone familiar with the place who speaks the local language in case of an accident or any other eventuality (like what is legal and not legal). For example, '''taking pictures around any government installation or authority (police, airport, ministries etc.) is strictly forbidden''', and your guide can help you get out of such sticky situations. Finally, take time to savor some good food in Asmara. Don't drink any "fresh" fruit juices or eat any ice cream unless you want health issues to mess up your time. Stick to bottled drinks, unpeeled fruits and cooked food. Buy Gold and silver jewellery is cheap in Asmara and is definitely a bargain by world standards. So are frankincense and myrrh (if you have any use for them). Otherwise most of the souvenirs bought by tourists are the local home-spun and gold-thread embroidered cotton garments, traditional goat-skin rugs, olivewood carvings, clay coffee-pots and other traditional knick-knacks - all of which are found at the marketplace. Eat Eritrea is big on Italian food, due to having been an Italian colony between 1890 and 1940. There is a huge range of restaurants in Asmara serving Italian food with '''Albergo Italia''' being the best in quality, closely followed by the outdoor setting of '''Casa Degli Italiani''', '''Alba Bistro''' opposite the post office also offers a quality, wide range, of food not forgetting '''Castello''' behind the Nyala Hotel. '''The Spaghetti and Pizza House''' on Harnet Av. offers a great choice of pizza and pasta dishes as well as its signature Chilli red snapper. Most traditional Eritrean food is quite spicy, and consists generally of very hot meat and or vegetable stews, eaten over the staple called "injera" a kind of sour-dough pancake or flatbread. '''Blue Bird''' and '''Milano''' are generally considered the best places for traditional food. On the up-side, there are many restaurants which make hamburgers using quality organic beef or lamb, such as '''The Mask Restaurant'''. For Indian and Far East cuisine you can visit the '''Rooftop Garden''' or '''The China Star''' For a taste of home and a fantastic steak visit the weekend only restaurant at the '''Asmara Palace Hotel''' although avoid their buffets. '''Drink a lot''' because Asmara will dry you out. Mineral water is there in abundance and that is really the only water you can drink. '''Don't drink the tapwater''' if you value your health. Similarly, there are also a lot of bottled fruit juices, 'Fresh' juices are typically safe to drink in the cleaner bars and restaurants. Eritreans, especially Asmarinos, love their coffee. Like so much else it is imbibed Italian-style and the city's favorite '''coffee drink''' is the '''macchiato''' (makyato) i.e. 'stained' (that is coffee stained with a touch of steamed milk-froth) which is definitely worth a try if you like strong, sweet coffee. Drink Eritrea is not a big wine country, even though it used to have a wine-making tradition during the colonial period. On the other hand Eritrea, is a big beer-drinking country, and the '''Eritrean beer''' is definitely a good one if you like lager, pilsner or dark beer. All three varieties are made by the country's only brewery, which is in Asmara and is aptly called "Asmara Beer". Asmara Beer is great, quenches your thirsty throat and has a good taste. Between early 2008 and May 2009 it was not available, due to a lack of hard currency for buying imported malt. As of June 2009, nationwide distribution was back. Asmara brewers have proven they produce a good Pilsner beer. Most varieties have around 5% alcohol per volume and a nice hop flavour in the well known bottle. Enjoy! Nightlife in Asmara is often considered quieter than most other country capitals, but there are a good range of local bars and also the infamous '''Zara Bar''' near the '''Blue Bird''' restaurant is a popular haunt with expats. Asmara is an extremely safe city, safe enough for a stroll in the middle of the night. Most people are genuinely friendly, without wanting anything in exchange, beggary and "hustling" is not as common as in most other third world countries and neither is tourism. After the '''Zara Bar''' closes there are few choices of night clubs although they do exist. '''Mocambo''' is in a basement in the downtown area and is popular with young locals. The '''Warsai''' is out of the way and a little seedy. The Asmara Palace Hotel boasts '''The Green Pub''' which has disco's on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. In the Expo grounds there is the '''Benifer''' which is a restaurant by day but a busy club by night, and the '''Shamrock''' which used to be popular with UN staff. Word of warning, entry is normally priced at 100 Nacfa + and beer is similarly priced. Prostitution is legal and rife. Sleep * WikiPedia:Asmara Commons:Category:Asmara


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(north of the centre) phone tollfree fax hours price content boasts an impressive collection of warfare made in the city's Motovilikha factories. There, you are looking at tanks, scud launchers and ballistic missiles. *


129.74820 directions phone +7 4112 42-51-74 tollfree fax hours 10AM-5PM daily price Free content The main museum in the city, with an impressive collection of artifacts from various periods in the history of Yakutsk—beginning with the prehistoric and ending with the events of the 1990s. Of especial interest is the rich collection of stuffed wildlife from the North, and one of the world's few complete woolly mammoth skeletons. There are a bunch of smaller museums, which don't have

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