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Contemporary art collection. * Wikipedia:Ráckeve


, as well as botany, paleontology and geology. Churches Most of Aiud's population are Christian, but they also come from a variety of denominations (religious denomination), including Catholicism and Orthodoxism and well as Reformed, Unitarian, Baptist and Evangelical (Evangelicalism) faiths. Therefore, there are places of worship for all these religions. The Orthodox Cathedral is located in the southeast of the city, and is an impressive building


phone +7 (4212) 326 350 tollfree fax hours Tu–Su 10AM–5PM price content Another impressive building from the turn of the 20th century, this one was the state bank up until the 1930s. Weapons galore propped up by medals and other memorabilia. If you are not interested in these sort of things, you can probably give it a miss, but they have a few cool war propaganda posters from the Great Patriotic War and a luxury officers' railway carriage from the twenties in the courtyard, if you need to entertain yourself for a while while any male company goes into boy mode. thumb 350px Map of Khabarovsk (File:Khabarovsk map.png) Tugged away just across the next street behind the military museum, you also find the Archeology Museum on Turgeneva street. * commons:Khabarovsk


acquired an Italian architectural look. One of the first building was the Asmara President's Office: this former "Italian government's palace" was built in 1897 by Ferdinando Martini, the first Italian governor of Eritrea. The Italian government wanted to create in Asmara an impressive building, from where the Italian Governors could show the dedication of the Kingdom of Italy (Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946)) to the "colonia primogenita" (first daughter-colony


The People's Palace, seat of the Congolese parliament thumb Tower of Limete and monument to Lumumba (File:Kinshasa, tour de l'échangeur de Limete - 20090705.jpg) Major areas of the city include the Cité de l'OUA, home to the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, quartier Matonge, known regionally for its nightlife (Nightlife (activity)), L'ONATRA, the impressive building of the Ministry of Transport and the residential area of Gombe (La Gombe (Kinshasa)). Notable features of the city include the Gecamines Commercial Building (formerly SOZACOM) and Hotel Memling skyscrapers, the central market, the Kinshasa Museum and the Kinshasa Fine Arts Academy. The face of Kinshasa is changing as buildings are being built on the Boulvard du 30 Juin: Crown Tower (on Batetela) and Congofutur Tower. The Boulevard du 30 Juin (Boulevard of the 30 June) links the main areas of the central district of the city. Kinshasa is home to the country's national stadium, the Stade des Martyrs (Stadium of the Martyrs). Industries WikiPedia:Kinshasa Commons:Category:Kinshasa


in Hubei Province (Hubei). The most famous and impressive building in the complex is the Arhats Hall, which contains 500 arhat (Buddhist saints) statues. When you enter, from whichever part you choose to begin exploring, you are supposed to count the arhats. When you have counted to your current age, you are then supposed to write down the number above the statue that you stopped on and you can then present it to the small shop outside to purchase a golden card with your fortune, as well as a depiction of that statue. The statues inside are all quite different and intricately designed, so it's well worth the time to thoroughly explore the temple. * WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉


address Kneza Damjana Jude 1 lat long directions phone +385 20 323 459 tollfree fax hours M-Sa 8AM-8PM, Su 11AM-5:30PM price content This impressive building is in the Poljana Marin Držić. Supposedly, the original church was built with money donated by Richard the Lionhearted who survived shipwreck on his way home from the Third Crusade. The current Roman Baroque cathedral dates from the 18th Century. * Commons:Dubrovnik


53.8991 long 27.5551 directions Metro 'Купаловская' 0.5km; or Metro 'Октябрьская' 0.6km or Bus 100 to Stop «Ленина ул.» phone tollfree fax hours price content This impressive building, on the main street of Minsk has a façade that belies what's found within. It is somehow appropriate that in a country like Belarus, the KGB should be located in a landmark building in the centre of the capital. You might be willing to hire a private guide when staying in Minsk or another major Belarusian city. Please note that private guides are licensed by the National Tourism Agency - and you can check the list of their names on the official website of the Agency List of private guides in Russian A licensed guide must always wear a special Badge of a licensed guide in Belarus. Out of town File:Stročycy - 02.jpg thumb 300px Inside one of the houses in Open Air Museum of Rural Architecture and Life * WikiPedia:Minsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus Localities Minsk Commons:Category:Minsk


of each other: In the first group, around 800 metres inland: thumb Woodstore, Museum of Cultural History (Image:This impressive building in the Folk Museum was simply a woodstore.jpg) * WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo


squads detonated a number of the vending boxes and even temporarily shut down a veterans' hospital in response to the apparent "threat". Despite these problems, Paramount and ''The LA Times'' opted to leave the audio players in the boxes until two days after the movie's opening. ) was to be the capital's most important and impressive building in terms of its size and symbolism. Visually it was to have been

'. The impressive building and royal history make the building alone worth a visit. Schiller Theater in Berlin-Charlottenburg. *

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