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. Back 500 million years ago, Sahara Desert was under water. On the outskirts of Erfoud you can visit impressive fossil filled marble workshops and other type of fossil varieties such as trilobites and ammonites. *

from police officers to 4X4 drivers to English teachers. Find them out. * *

dunes just 35km away from Erfoud * Rissani - Desert town with a museum, Alaouite King Mausoleum and impressive center market * Merzouga - Village on the edge of Erg Chebbi Dunes * Errachidia - Region's capital with airport and other main government facilities * Nkob - Village with 45 well preserved Kasbahs and surrounded by the Saghrou Mountains and Palm Groves * Ouarzazate - Called the capital of the south, Ouarzazate makes the transition from Oases to Sahara Desert wikipedia:Erfoud


here to commemorate this act of heroism. The impressive marble figure of Hadji Dimiter is outlined against the green background of the pine-trees. Near it, under the venerable beeches, a stone bas relief commemorates another event in Bulgarian history — founding of the Bulgarian Socialist Party on August 2, 1891, after a clandestine congress. Buzludzha with its numerous chalets, rest homes and hotels offers excellent opportunities for the lovers of winter sports and tourism

bust of Seuthes III from the Kosmatka tomb. One of the most impressive monuments of the Thracian civilization in the '''''Valley of the Thracian Kings''''', is the heroon (a temple-tomb of a hero of royal status) of Seuthes III. In the summer of 2004 a team of Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed a large, intact Thracian (Thracians) mausoleum dating back from the 5th century BCE near the Bulgarian town of Shipka, Kazanlak municipality. The temple was buried under the

Bulgarian '''rose oil''' being produced. It is best to visit in May or June, as that's the oil rose harvesting season. Buy Eat Drink Sleep Connect Stay safe There is a large Roma community in the eastern part of the city, in which travellers may feel uncomfortable and non-locals may be unwelcome—it's best to avoid there altogether. Go next * The village of '''Shipka''' to the north, which has an impressive Russian style cathedral built in memory of the Russian


. Get around Taxis are unmetered in Tozeur; you will have to agree on a price before the journey begins. Prices should be around 2 dinar for a short trip (around a kilometer or less), and more accordingly. Another option is in horse drawn 'carriage', though this is more of a tourist experience than a typical means of transportation. Bicycle rental is also common, and an excellent way to explore the impressive palmerie. Test ride the bicycle before paying, and investigate

is an impressive lake, completely dry for most of the year. Few people speficially make an effort to see this, as anybody driving to Douz will drive along a raised causeway over the lake bed. Have your camera handy. Do Camel Tour Go on a camal tour. One reputable operator is Amara Themri (tel +216 97280133 23 131 483). As always, pay for a one-hour tour before you embark on a multi-day tour if you have never ridden a camel before. Hammam Enjoy the Hammam. Hours vary


North-South highway and has comfortable accommodations and is a very typical town in Armenia for those who want an experience outside of Yerevan. Things to see in the area include the Areni wine country, the spectacular canyon and monastery in Noravank, the impressive Smbatabert Fortress Tsakhats Kar Monastery area, the old silk road caravanserai of Selim, sitting on top of the world, lot of other monuments and a number of caves and cavern systems. Get in All transport heading north

of the valley's are impressive and the sheer drop a bit scary. Impossible to imagine this fortress ever being taken by force. *


excavators here, and students from St. Petersburg willing to tell you about their work and finds. The town has another small museum with Soviet memorabilia and stuffed animals as well as impressive finds from the excavations nearby -- wall paintings from the 5th century, with faded colors but recognizable motifs and hunting scenes. You can also do excellent treks in the surrounding Fan Mountains and further up the Zeravshan Valley. Penjikent is usually visited from Samarkand as part of a tour

on goodies on the bustling market in the center of town. Since it got modernized and reorganized, it lost quite a lot of its original charm, but it will still allow an impressive vision of traditional Tadjikistan on a busy day. Note that there is another market (for clothes mainly further east (not far from to the main bus terminal). Products there are fancy and cheap, but of dubious origin and quality. *

Villa de Leyva

, especially for their knowledge of agriculture, pottery and astronomy. The evidence of this is possible to see in the ‘Infiernito’ (the little hell) well known as the Muisca Astronomic Observatory. Get around Villa de Leyva is small enough to be covered on foot. See There are a handful of museums in town. Not all of them are impressive. *

directions phone 732 0214 tollfree fax hours Open : M-Su 9am-6pm price content * *


tickets on arrival or, better yet, when reserving your outbound trip. By bus A daily Viazul bus runs to Santiago (Santiago de Cuba ) via Guantanamo City, taking about 5 hours. The bus also has a few semi-official flag stops along the coast road and La Farola, where it picks up hitchhikers. The bus ride is one of the more beautiful in Cuba, going from arid-semi dessert out of Guantanamo to impressive mountains on La Farola to rainforest lowlands approaching

address Moncada beyond Hotel Castillo lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price $3 content A reconstructed Taino burial ground full of statuettes. While the museum is fascinating, one does end up wondering how heavy-handed the reconstruction was. On the way there, watch for the dilapidated old gas station on Moncada – it's an impressive sight. Further afield *


with 8.5 13, behind Hort. At Bor (Bor, Serbia) 1984, he shared 2nd-4th places with 8.5 13 behind winner Slobodan Martinovic. He won the tournament at Cienfuegos 1985 with 10 13. In the 1991 Yugoslav Championship at Kladovo, he shared 4th-7th places with 9 13. Ivkov shared 2nd-9th places in the 1998 World Senior Championship at Grieskirchen on 8 11 behind champion Vladimir Bagirov. His most impressive late-career feat was a shared 1st-2nd place in the strong Tigran

trips and travel throughout Macedonia and abroad, including airport travel. See *

quarters, a water tank, a bath, a fortification system, with an impressive main gate, and an infrastructure. *

Beit Shemesh

Zilberbod and Tehila Libman announced the nearby discovery of a large compound from the Byzantine period that was most probably a monastery. It comprised a residential area and an industrial area with wine and olive presses.<

;ref name Monastery The remains of buildings with two or three stories and impressive mosaic floors were discovered. The compound ceased to function in the early Muslim period and was subsequently occupied by other residents. Twinning and sister cities Beit Shemesh is a Sister City of: * Lancaster


in afternoon and evening. Plaza Bolivar contains the State Government of Caldas administration buildings, as Manizales city is also the seat of Caldas state. On the other side of the plaza stands the impressive, beautiful Cathedral of Manizales, built by people of the city. It's massive size is impressive and famous for it's elaborate gold canopy and beautiful, large stained-glass windows. The cathedral is also the third tallest in Latin America, at 113 meters. Image:Manizales-panorama.jpg

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