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to preserve the castle as a reminder of the past and to attract tourists, especially African Americans. Although other slave castles -- especially Gorée in Senegal and Elmina in Ghana -- are more popular attractions for black Americans, those castles are historically connected more to slave descendants of the West Indies than North America. Bunce Island has been called "the most important historic site in Africa for the United States." '''Kakum National Park''' is a 375 square km national park located in the Central Region (Central Region (Ghana)) of Ghana. The park was first established in 1960. It is located 30km north of Cape Coast and Elmina near the small town of Abrafo. The entire area is covered with tropical rainforest. 300px thumb left 16th century map of Western Africa, showing São Jorge da Mina (File:Amina.jpg) (Elmina castle) fortified factory (factory (trading post)) In 1469, Fernão Gomes rented the rights of African exploration for five years. Under his direction, in 1471, the Portuguese reached modern Ghana and settled in La Mina (''the mine''), later renamed Elmina. They had finally reached a country with an abundance of gold, hence the historical name of "Gold Coast (Gold Coast (British colony))" that Elmina would eventually receive. On 18 March 1837, Kwaku Dua signed a contract between him and King William I (William I of the Netherlands) of the Netherlands. He would deliver 1,000 recruits for the Dutch East Indies Army within a year. He received 2,000 guns by way of advance payment, with the promise of 4,000 more to come. Moreover, the Dutch obtained permission to open a recruitment agency in Kumasi which, for the next few years, would be headed by Jacob Huydecoper, a mulatto from Elmina. Witnessing the frequent human sacrifices in Ashanti, the Dutch were convinced that the Asantahene and his court controlled vast amounts of manpower, some of which could be made available to the Dutch army. As recruitment was still supposed to be voluntary, slaves offered to the recruiting agent received an advance payment to purchase their freedom. As part of the deal two young Ashanti princes, Kwasi Boakye and Kwame Poku, accompanied the Dutch back to The Netherlands, where they were to receive a Dutch education. Wikipedia:Elmina Commons:Category:Elmina

Lake View, Chicago

and was authorized by Mayor Joseph Medill to take control of the city under martial law. He was later made commanding general of the U.S. Army by President (President of the United States) Chester A. Arthur. Notable residents Some of the important historic and famous people that have lived in Lake View include: * John Peter Altgeld, the Illinois Governor and significant progressive era politician, at the Brewster Apartments at 500 W. Diversey after leaving the governorship


watercourse blank2_info Nan River blank3_name Chief airport blank3_info Phitsanulok Airport website '''Phitsanulok''' ( Commons:Category:Phitsanulok Province

Veliky Novgorod

The medieval walls of Novgorod (pictured) withstood many sieges State Party Russian Federation (Russia) Type Cultural Criteria ii, iv, vi ID 604 Region European Russia (List of World Heritage Sites in Europe) Year 1992 Session 16th Link http: en list 604 '''Veliky Novgorod''' (also '''Novgorod the Great''') ( 0.86 - 50px (File:1000 Sergy Rad.jpg) Sergius of Radonezh, spiritual leader 50px (File:1000 Filaret.jpg) Filaret (Patriarch Filaret (Feodor Romanov)), Patriarch of Moscow 50px (File:1000 Marfa.jpg) Marfa Boretskaya, Posadnik of Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod) 50px (File:1000 Pushkin.jpg) Alexander Pushkin, poet and writer -


of urban settlement—Take the Lanzhou Valley Basin as an examples'', Springerlink vol.1,no.1 (1991) C.Michael Hogan, ''Silk Road, North China'', the Megalithic Portal, ed. Andy Burnham and also an important historic Yellow River crossing site. To protect the city, the Great Wall of China was extended as far as Yumen (Yumen Pass). After the fall of the Han dynasty, Lanzhou became the capital


and judicial arms of the federal government. A few of the other sites worth seeing in the area are the federal secretariats alongside Shehu Shagari Way, Aso Hill, the Abuja Plant Nursery, Eagle Square (Eagle Square (Abuja)) (which has important historic significance, as it was in this grounds that the present democratic dispensation had its origin on 29 May 1999) and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier across the road facing it. The National Mosque (Abuja National Mosque) and National Church of Nigeria are opposite each other on either side of Independence Avenue.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

WikiPedia:Saint Kitts and Nevis Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Saint Kitts and Nevis Commons:Category:Saint Kitts and Nevis

Guatemala City

, (Centro Histórico), lying in the very heart of the city, the location of many important historic buildings including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace (Guatemala)) (National Palace of Culture), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, the Casa Presidencial (Casa Presidencial (Guatemala)) (Presidential House), the National Library and Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Plaza, old Central Park). Efforts to revitalize this important part of the city have been


''' (Arabic: شندي) is a town in northern Sudan, situated on the east bank of the Nile 150 km northeast of Khartoum. Shandi is also about 45 km southwest of the ancient city of Meroe. Located in the River Nile (River Nile (state)) wilayah, Shandi is the center of the Ja'aliin tribe and an important historic trading center. Its principal suburb on the west bank is Al-Matamma. A major traditional trade route across the Bayuda desert connects Al-Matamma

Toledo, Spain

Toledo's Alcázar (Alcázar of Toledo) (Arabicized Latin word for palace-castle) became renowned in the 19th and 20th centuries as a military academy. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, its garrison was famously besieged (Siege of the Alcázar) by Republican (Second Spanish Republic) forces. Climate Toledo has a semi-arid climate (Köppen: ''BSk'') with the same Mediterranean (Mediterranean climate) characteristics as found across most of Spain. Winters are mild while summers are hot and dry. Precipitation is low and mainly concentrated in winter and early spring. The highest temperature ever recorded in Toledo was 43.1 °C (109.58 °F) on 10 August 2012; the lowest was −9.1 °C (15.6 °F) on 27 January 2005.

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